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Introducing Katz Rodriguez

Last updated Sunday, July 21, 2013 10:56 ET

Katz Rodriguez is a in-demand Intuitive,psychic,Reader and Healer.

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As a bruja/witch with some experience under my belt who works with the muertos/dead and has been a solitary witch for 10 years, I can give you my view on it all. witches/brujas are real.

My name is Kat. aka (Katz0411) on YouTube. I am a business owner, Single Mother, and Real Bruja who does practice magic. I worship the Orishas. I honor my ancestors as my ancestors in the past have always done and was handed down to me.

Not In a million years, I never thought I would be publishing my story about my spiritual journey, religion or path. I am a Bruja/WITCH. My mother was a witch and so was her mother. We come from a long line of witches. I don’t get my gifts from my mothers side although. I get them from my fathers side. I am 1/2 Cherokee and 1/2 White. My mothers family name is from England and my fathers last name who I choose not to publish. I grew up in the south with most my childhood in between Dallas Tx, Tennessee and Alabama. At 17, I moved to Alaska where I met my ex husband who was Dominican. I lived in Dominican Republic, I am well Traveled and My background is Vodou/Hoodoo/Palo/Santeria. I have had readings from people from all over. Sometimes I want to look at them and laugh. I feel if your giving me a reading and cant tell I am a Bruja/Witch then your gifts suck. A Lady in California tried to tell me I had 3 kids, and the girl with me was my sister and all lies. She was just watching us on the beach and only one of the kids was mine.

I have always known my path was to work with the dead, muertos and the Orishas. I work hard, give offerings and study everything I can get my hands on. I have always had the gift of sight. I am a dream walker. I can do readings pretty much without any tarot cards. I am a High Priestess by right. I don't need the title but the fact is it’s my birth right. It’s written. I was always a solitary person and people just creeped me out because I am a sensitive.

I can feel energy, bad or positive and read people very easy. When I was a child I had many experiences such as everything electric would break or light bulbs blow when I walked by them. I was moved around from foster home to foster home and I Thank The Goddess that I had the strength not to follow and I refused to listen to them try to change my thoughts or beliefs. When I was younger and my father got out of Prison, His first thing he did was come get me from my mother and take me to my grandmother so I could learn who my family was, learn culture and know that I wasn’t alone. My father didn’t raise me, But in the end we are best friends.

I have so many story’s that can prove the ancestors and dead are there…. My children could tell you stories for days. Its Real.

As a Bruja/Witch I can stand with my head up high and say I am proud to be a Bruja/Witch. I help a lot of people and I am learning culture, the old ways, old religion. I don’t have to sit around and wait for life to come to me. I actually do something about it. If you ever have questions or this story touched you..feel free to ask me questions.

Katz Rodriguez
Business Coach,High Priestess
& Witchy Life Coach
702-825-1051( Leave Message)
[email protected]
Yahoo Chat: Greeneyedwitch0411

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