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Beware of Scammers online in Santeria, Palo Monte and Palo Mayombe

Last updated Thursday, November 7, 2013 23:14 ET

There is a correct way to go about things in this religion. You can not receive certain initiation in the mail.

Las Vegas, USA, 11/07/2013 / SubmitMyPR /

You must be careful who you deal with on the internet. There are a lot of people that will give you false spells or information. If you do not see a phone number, email address or verified PayPal then they are not for you. When checking websites you should look at many factors, such as the ownership details, location, popularity and other sites relating to reviews, threats, etc. Although a site may have a high trust rate, It is better to check who is involved in these sites.You can not receive warriors, eleggua, ilekes, initiations, guerreros, Mano de Orula, Santos, and certain spiritual cleansing in the mail.

The internet is populated with many fake and scam sites - with many being created daily purely to look genuine. Even many review sites are tainted with fake reviews making it almost impossible for somebody to detect a safe site from a scam. A great site to check that does not scam others is www.greeneyedwitch.com this site dedicates many hours out of the day to help others. Witchcraft is always given a negative light but Katz Rodriguez has a YouTube channel and many testimonials to prove she is real. Katz has been practicing bujeria/witchcraft for over 16 years, bloodline witch, has Mano de Orula and is in the process to become scratched into Palo Monte in January in California with a well respected Tata from Cuba to become a Gangulera (Yaya). If you are or have been practicing this religion and would like to join Katz Rodriguez getting services. Please visit her website www.greeneyedwitch.com for a reading and consultation. If you have been in the religion and have any questions feel free to contact us.

Now if you are unsure what Palo Monte/Mayombe is practiced in many different countries, but Palo is one of four African-derived religions still practiced in Cuba. The other three are Santeria, Abakua, and Arara. This explores the sacrifices and offerings of blood and life offered to the dead and the deities. To contact them spilling the blood of any animal on earth. Which inhabits the spirit of the dead, who will give the solution to the problems; in this practice we have the belief that there are two positive and negative forces, the balance between the two spirits help us whether to promote loving bonds, have fertility, success in business, money, health or to protect us from our enemy. How the initiation works; the rayamiento or scratching is the gate of change, light, happiness, salvation, and to achieve all your desires. Those who follow the guidance of the godparent are those that reach, Prosperity, and HAPPINESS. Members of Palo Monte are united by a sacred bond inherited from their African ancestors. To be initiated in Palo the scratching is like dying and rising to new life with a new code name and above all with supernatural powers. The ceremony purges all the evil from small cuts made on the body. These special marks are then sealed against all evil. You do not have to practice Palo to get scratched in the religion. Getting scratched gives you the advantage to strengthen your spiritual frame and mind.

Now your making a pact to the creator. The Living and the Dead, (spirits living in the cauldron and members of the House). Oaths taken are of Loyalty, Brotherhood and Fraternity. From now on, the scratched person is under the protection of the Creator, his Mpungo, the Nganga Nkisis that governs the course of his Godfather, and also, of all members of the family, which now belongs. After rayamiento, in the time you want, you can get your other powers, as the Nganga, Nkuyo, Ngurunfinda. Also, after initiation, beginning Secret Teachings of Religion and instructions, these lessons are only for the initiated in this house. For both, should be initiated here. Then be completing their studies and training to become Tata, Yaya, or Gangulera (yaya with a nganga) . The practice of Palo is a secret society. If you practice witchcraft you will have protection and it will make you stronger. Getting scratched into Palo helps your intuitive and psychic abilities in most people.

If you are interested and/or want to know if you are able to get initiated into this beautiful practice of Palo Monte or get Santo. Please go to www.greeneyedwitch.com or call 702-825-1051 to get a reading from Katz Rodriguez. She does not use Tarot cards because she is a MEDIUM (not a psychic) she will need your name, birth date and once you have paid for a consultation and reading you will receive a call back within 48 hours. For all initiations call Katz Rodriguez for a price quote and there is a $500 deposit to hold your deposit.