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Children & Young Adults Author Kristia Watson Among Bundles of Books Donors

Last updated Monday, July 22, 2013 11:34 ET

Inspired by her young sons, working mother's book with positive message, colorful illustrations among more than 2000 books donated to Miller Children’s Hospital

07/22/2013 / SubmitMyPR /

When Kristia (Tia) Watson heard about the Bundles of Books program, she wanted to support their efforts. A California-based nonprofit whose mission is to provide books and other resources to needy children throughout the world, Bundles of Books organized a Books for Kids Day for Miller Children’s Hospital earlier this summer. This special day included book reading, literacy activities, canine companion visits and book distribution for all the patients and their siblings at this event.

Watson contributed 100 books to the more than 2500 new books, backpacks and art materials Bundles of Books distributed by more than 30 volunteers. “I created The Miracle Is Me" with the intent to help the reader, and the person being read to, take a moment to think about how special they are and how that contributes to what makes our world so rich,” says Watson. “To be able to give the gift of books and share this message to the amazing patients and families of Miller Children’s is one simple thing I can do to help a terrific organization like Bundles of Books. It makes my heart smile."

For more information about Bundles of Books' Donated Books, visit them online. (http://www.bundlesofbooks.net/)

About Kristia Watson, Children's Author:
Kristia Watson is a full-time mother of two boys, balancing the miracle of parenting and a career in the technology sector. Once her youngest son began sleeping through the night, Watson tapped into her creative interests to develop a book for the “special times of day” when children are at their most tender, transitioning from sleep to wakefulness and vice versa. She plans to continue writing a series of Miracle-inspired books for young children and their parents to empower families to live mindfully and in touch with the love they share.


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