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The Leveraged Tax Free Retirement Plan from NoMoreIncomeTaxes.com

Last updated Wednesday, July 31, 2013 18:30 ET

Now available the most significant Retirement Plan for Business owners...

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Now available the most significant Retirement Plan for Business owners, it is beyond tax sheltering or any other Wealth Creation or Preservation program to date. It combines leveraging with what is considered the best financial instrument available today to generate a tax free retirement. The sweet spot for this kind of planning is for the successful business owner who would like to pay fewer taxes and have a tax free Roth like retirement but much better. With the leveraged retirement planning the net results will be 300 to 500% more income during retirement, this will assure the business owner that all the hard work he or she has done over a lifetime will pay off in the end. Traditional Retirement planning on paper sounds nice when you get a tax deduction on what you put away and hopefully are in a lower tax bracket when you retire. In addition the money is invested in stock and bond funds that in the past offered great growth potential but lately we have seen unprecedented volatility along with substantially lower returns. For many it is not worth the risk to place a large amount of retirement assets in the market now that there are other options with much less risk.

This graph shows the power of using an Index Strategy over being invested in the market.

With the Index Strategy you participate in most of the upside while avoiding the market losses, this will allow you to outperform a volatile stock market. The safety of this concept allows certain financial vehicle to be used as collateral for a loan; there are lenders that will loan $500,000 to several million to fund this kind of instrument for retirement. Having a million dollar head start makes a big difference than putting $30,000 to $50,000 a year away for retirement. Also to be able to put away that $30,000 to $50,000 dollars on a pretax basis you have all kinds of IRS guidelines, administration charge, management fees and employee contributions to deal with. With the leveraged plan there are no IRS guidelines, compliance testing or fiduciary requirements and the business owner can do a plan for themselves, family or key employees. Typically an employer with 10 to 50 employees will spend $10,000 to $20,000 in fees and employee contributions to make their plan compliant with IRS rules and regulations. With the leverage plan that is not necessary and the amount you have to spend on the leverage plan is flexible and much lower than a traditional retirement plan.

A comparison of a traditional retirement plan verses the leveraged plan; both have the business owner putting away $50,000 for 20 years in both plans. With the traditional plan there should be $2,000,000 (7% return) after 20 years and with current planning it would be recommended to take out 5% of the account balance which would be $100,000 and after paying 30% in taxes it would net $70,000. With the leveraged plan there should be a similar amount of cash value that could generate $200,000 to $300,000 tax free income. Also with the leveraged plan you can access funds before age 59 ½ without any taxes or penalties, no need for actuaries, discrimination testing, or other inconveniences associated with Qualified Plans.

The bottom line for the business owner is; less fees and regulations, more net after tax income along with more flexibility. For more information on The Leveraged Tax Free Retirement Plan, call 800-81Notax (800-816-6819) or visit www.NoMoreIncomeTaxes.com.