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Gift Store Expands ONLINE presents with LIVE Help Desk

Last updated Friday, August 16, 2013 12:03 ET

Sentimental Greetings and Gifts expands online presents with LIVE Help Desk

Kalamazoo, USA, 08/16/2013 / SubmitMyPR /

Sentimental Greetings and Gifts located out of Kalamazoo, Michigan opens and expands their online Customer Service Center with LIVE chat called their HELP DESK to assist onlookers and buyers with live support. Tom Dockham, co-owner says "It's time to expand our service from greeting cards and a small gift store to a major online retailer slowly growing the presents on the web site with new products listed daily." He goes on to say, "Our Customer Service will be available from 3:00pm to 10:00pm EST, Monday through Friday, except holidays." With over 1,300 products already listed on the website, www.sentimentalgreetings.co and a forwarding web address of www.sgandg.com.

I asked Mr. Dockham why the two web names, he says, "We got feedback from our customers the "sentimental greetings" was just to long for them to type in, to better serve them, our customers, we added a forwarding domain name." I asked him in our phone interview about the certification from the Veterans, he stated, "Our business is a Service Disabled Veteran Owned Small Business certified with the Veterans Affairs Center, and with my eye sight problems, I use a Leader Dog to assist me with my mobility and freedom in everyday life." What kind of products do you sell was my last question for Mr. Dockham which after looking over the website, I could see they put a worthwhile effort and have a product line for the internet shopper, not just a holiday or seasonal shopper. Comparable prices, with low shipping rates. I had to follow up with one more question when I found the "giveaway" page and the free MONDAY REBATE CHECKS.. Mr. Dockham responded, "Any order placed on a MONDAY (for a limited time) will get a rebate check for the amount of their shipping fees to the address they provide, it's our way of promoting cyber Monday's once everything is cleared and shipped."

Stanley Rose, SG&G newsletter editor