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Mobile security specialist Movesecure UK enters B2B and B2C markets

Last updated Wednesday, September 11, 2013 09:36 ET

Movesecure has announced a strategic move to enter the UK market with pioneering products and services developed specifically for UK businesses and consumers

London, 09/11/2013 / SubmitMyPR /

Mobile security specialist Movesecure has today announced a strategic move to enter the UK market with pioneering products and services developed specifically for UK businesses and consumers, designed to deliver unrivalled security for mobile devices, and provide exceptional protection for the sensitive data and information they carry.

A trusted provider of scalable end-to-end corporate solutions and user friendly consumer applications, Movesecure’s commitment to the UK market comes at a time when technological advances and mobile device user trends - both corporate and consumer - continue to evolve at pace, outgrowing security systems to threaten valuable resources and sensitive information.

Spearheading the launch of Movesecure products to the UK and heading up a team of industry experts, MD John Hay explained the current state of mobile security in the UK.

“It’s quite simple; the UK in general - including the likes of corporate CIO’s, small business owners, parents and students - is failing to take adequate or, in some cases, even minimal measures to protect themselves, their businesses and mobile devices. We’re using our smartphones and tablets to work, access banking and shopping, carry sensitive corporate data and store identity details for example - without the necessary security - and by doing so, we are a nation at increasing risk of identity theft, fraud and data breaches in the event of loss or theft.”

Formerly part of the industry leading MoveSecure Group - provider of highly intelligent mobile security solutions for businesses, insurance providers and consumers in Africa, South America, Asia and across Europe - Movesecure UK has its sights firmly fixed on becoming the UK leader in the provision of new generation mobile security.

Answering public and private sector business demands for more secure and dynamic mobile device management systems, and recognising the widespread consumer market need for peace-of-mind products for everyone from parents and carers to young people and the elderly, Movesecure has developed a range of services and sophisticated security products for smartphones, mobile devices and tablet computers that can be accessed and operated remotely.

Boasting an advanced industry grade armoury of global location tracker, anti-theft and data protection features - packaged into compelling and intuitive user experiences - Movesecure UK is set to disrupt the market by delivering cost effective solutions and services that enable businesses - from large corporate organisations to SMEs - and individuals to navigate the increasingly mobile, hyper connected world.

“The exciting capabilities of mobile technology are advancing at an astounding pace and as a result, the desirability of such devices is growing at the same rate as our dependence and usage of them, both in our working and home environments. While harnessing the potential and enjoying the benefits of mobile technologies, there needs to be a realisation of the potential risks if in the wrong hands, and appropriate action to be taken to protect them.”

“This is a pivotal moment for Movesecure. It’s incredibly exciting. Drawing on our technical expertise and industry experience in other countries, we’ve come up with a range of dynamic solutions specifically for the UK market and look forward to rolling them out over the coming months,” concluded Hay.

Implementing an ambitious growth strategy, Movesecure is set to launch core products - including Zone Monitor Business, Sentry Black, Sentry Red and Family Zone Monitor - to the UK B2B and B2C markets over the coming year. Seamlessly blending the latest location based technologies and outstanding multi platform software capabilities with exceptional user experience, Movesecure aims to deliver dynamic mobile device security for people and organisations by enabling decisive control over data, equipment and resources.