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Peace of mind for parents: Movesecure launches Family Zone Monitor app

Last updated Wednesday, September 11, 2013 10:17 ET

Mobile security specialist Movesecure UK has launched its peace-of-mind product Family Zone Monitor to provide unrivalled security for families’ mobile devices.

London, United Kingdom, 09/11/2013 / SubmitMyPR /

Mobile security specialist Movesecure UK has launched its peace-of-mind product Family Zone Monitor to provide UK customers with unrivalled security for their families’ mobile devices.

Aiming to resolve parents’ concerns regarding the safety and wellbeing of children and teenagers carrying around mobile phones and tablets, Family Zone Monitor protects the mobile device and the information it holds in the event of loss or theft, while enabling parents to locate the mobile device - and thus the young person - at any time, anywhere in the world.

Using the latest mobile technologies, Family Zone Monitor - available for download on Android, BlackBerry and Symbian operated devices - locates and monitors the location of the mobile device, making the information available via desktop computer. With the ability to set safe boundary areas for the mobile device - around schools, homes, play areas for instance - parents using Family Zone Monitor will only be notified if the mobile device moves outside specified areas, otherwise sitting undetected on the device. Designed to improve the safety of children should they become vulnerable - i.e stray outside trusted locations - Family Zone Monitor enables parents to take an active role in ensuring they are safe and secure.

“Our Family Zone Monitor is not just for parents. Our team made sure that we thought about how young people use their mobile devices at each stage of the design process so that the Family Zone Monitor app adds to their experience and gives them more responsibility by involving them in the ownership of the mobile device and managing its security, without isolating them,” explained John Hay, MD at Movesecure UK.

Responding to the proliferation of mobile devices in the UK - a trend that will see the use of smartphones among UK teenagers rise to as much as 96% in 2017 according to eMarketer - Movesecure UK has developed an application that provides parents with peace of mind, enabling them to manage the security of the device and its contents, while offering a range of user friendly features designed to enhance the young person’s experience of using their smartphone.

For young people using the mobile phone, Family Zone Monitor offers a host of fun and user friendly features that gives them added control over their phone, most notably when the mobile phone is not in their hands. With the integration of an armoury of functions that can be carried out remotely via text message from any other mobile phone, Family Zone Monitor offers simple and easy to use management of mobile devices.

With built-in locking system, remote alarm, call back and face shot features, the application - which sits undetected within the mobile device - ensures that lost or stolen mobile phones are secured, giving parents and young people a number of opportunities to locate the phone, unnerve or identify the thief if theft has occurred and ensure that the information and data they hold are kept from prying eyes.

Resolving that all-too-common tactic in bullying among young people to steal and misuse a person’s mobile phone to make calls, texts or access their social networks, Family Zone Monitor enables the legal user to lock the phone rendering it unusable, to trigger an alarm, and to take a photo of the perpetrator using the mobile phone’s own camera, all carried out remotely via text message command.

“Mobile phones are now ubiquitous among our young people and as such they are an extension of the person. To secure the device and its sensitive data, thus empowering the young person is a very positive and powerful thing. As parents, we need to understand the role that mobile phones play in our children’s lives, keeping up with the technologies and networks they are using, and make sure we understand what we can do to protect them.”

“With mobile device theft on the rise - it’s estimated that over 10,000 devices are stolen each month in London alone - and mobile phones being increasingly used in bullying, current guidelines and initiatives are out of date and quite simply do not go far enough to secure the device and sensitive information it holds, rendering our young people vulnerable when there is no need for them to be put in this position,” concluded Hay.

Industry leading Movesecure UK develops technical solutions that secure multiple devices with one easy-to-use application to ensure simple, cost effective mobile security for customers on the go.