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Venture Funded Application Development Service Launch by Yume Consulting, LLC

Last updated Wednesday, September 11, 2013 06:00 ET

Small businesses have access to custom created SaaS and Big Data solutions with low fixed or retainer-based prices for all their online technology needs

09/11/2013 / SubmitMyPR /

Today Yume Consulting LLC, technology development consultants and providers of end-to-end web and mobile application development services for small businesses, has announced a new focus on bringing start-ups cost-effective digital solutions. By offering customized SaaS software, Yume Consulting allows for true scalability. Their suite of innovative Cloud-based offerings makes practical business sense and allows for nimble movement in the forever changing landscape of venture-funded organizations.

Key to Yume Consulting’s venture focused service is affordable pricing that offers small businesses access to enterprise-class solutions. Clients using Yume Consulting for their digital solutions can expect to pay 15-20% less than the industry average and still receive high-level service with quality execution. The company provides peace-of-mind to cost conscious start-ups who cannot afford to be surprised with a large post-project bill of nickel and dime fees by offering a fixed-fee or retainer model.

“We’re not just another development company – We’re true digital architects that integrate form, function and design in the digital technology space,” says founder Yume Herod. “Start-ups are our passion. We aim to be more than just a vendor, but a true partner that you can count on to help fulfill your business goals and dreams.”

Yume Consulting’s unique approach to digital solutions and extensive experience working with start-up companies provides non-profits, small to mid-sized businesses, those with venture capital backing and newly venture-funded organizations a lifeline to build and promote any application development need.

In a world filled with limitless options for application development, it is vital for small businesses and venture funded start-ups to align themselves with a digital solutions partner who has established an industry track-record. Selecting the wrong custom software developer can cost businesses big – setting them back not only financially but also in precious time.

“At Yume Consulting, we focus on each client’s success and pride ourselves in timely, transparent work,” continues Herod. “Working in collaboration with clients, our multidisciplinary teams immerse themselves into each small business’ industry to fully understand the scope of each project and produce the most relevant SaaS and Big Data solutions, including everything from on demand video streaming to website development.”

Small businesses and start-ups with a need for online technologies such as Cloud-based applications, mobile, Big Data, web video and social media tools that support increased profits for businesses can learn more about Yume Consulting’s cost-effective technology development and service model by visiting their website.

About Yume Consulting LLC

Yume Consulting LLC specializes in cost-effective end-to-end web and mobile application development services to help businesses grow and excel in a demanding market. We love to develop custom online technologies such as Cloud-based applications, mobile, Big Data, web video and social media tools that support increased profits for businesses.

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