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Miguels Mobile Car Wash of Anaheim: Celebrating a Traditional Service Business

Last updated Thursday, September 19, 2013 12:04 ET

Celebrating a Traditional Service Orientated Business

09/19/2013 / SubmitMyPR /

As the pace of technological advancement continues to gather momentum, the number of practising, traditional service providers is slowly beginning to diminish. This is only logical, especially when you consider ease with which e-commerce ventures can be established online with minimal overheads and investment. While many will simply suggest that this represents progression and a constantly evolving business world, however, others would say that modern business lack the integrity and courtesy delivered by traditional service providers and family orientated firms.

Miguels Mobile Car Wash of Anaheim bucks this trend, however, as it a locally based and honest company that delivers a simple service to its clients. Not only does it embody the long lost values of honesty, integrity and transparency, but it also aims to serve both recreational and commercial clients in a prompt, efficient and orderly manner. In essence, it has taken a low cost and simple to perform service and turned into an art form, by offering comprehensive cleaning to customers and a host of additional extras including hand washing, odor removal and valeting.

To help achieve this, Miguels Mobile Car Wash of Anaheim has employed a team of honest and dedicated employees, and subsequently created a customer friendly culture that encourages visitors through the door. With the application of hard work and unbroken focus, the team at Miguels Mobile Car Wash of Anaheim will ensure the very best finish for your vehicle, whether they clean your vehicle’s interior, exterior or both. The standard of workmanship will remain unchanged across each individual vehicle, which marks Miguels Mobile Car Wash as the premier car washing service in Anaheim.

With weekly car washes available for as little as $3 to loyal consumers, Miguels Mobile Car Wash of Anaheim has created an honest and fairly priced service that offers benefits to all consumer demographics. To become a part of this and find out more about the firm, visit www.miguelsmobilecarwash.com today or call (714) 425 – 2667 and make your enquiry.