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Terry's Plumbing Provides Various Replacement & Repair Services

Last updated Monday, October 7, 2013 12:46 ET

The Team at Terry's Plumbing is fully equipped with the expert knowledge and equipment for all plumbing replacement and repair.

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Contemporary bathrooms feature an array of shower and tub designs including shower jets, shower heads, and faucet systems. The Team at Terry's Plumbing is fully equipped with the expert knowledge and equipment for all faucet, toilet, tub, shower replacement and repair. Terry's Plumbing is South Florida's leading plumbing company for bathroom plumbing solutions. Neglected faucet and bathroom leaks will result in wasted water and increased water bills. It's always highly recommended to either repair or replace these fixtures in a timely manner, as it will save you money in the long run and improve the function of your kitchen, bathroom, or laundry water sources.

Many homeowners find that they can repair a leaking hose bib without calling a professional plumber. But in some cases, a hose bib can be damaged beyond repair, making replacement the only option. A hose bib with damaged hard parts – the faucet body, valve stem, packing nut and bonnet nut – may need to be replaced. Because a hose bib's hard parts are not interchangeable between manufacturers, finding parts for a hose bib with damaged hard parts can become difficult. Contacting the manufacturer can be the only option regarding hose bib replacement and repair. Terry's Plumbing suggests you replace the hose to ensure a prolonged usage life.

Water leaks under bathroom sink are a sure sign of drainage problems. The pipes beneath the sink carry its used water into your home's sewer drainage system. The water makes its way to the curved p-trap at the bottom of the drainage system. Some p-traps have seals on them to help keep the connections watertight, but they can disintegrate over time. Replacement for p-traps and seals on the bathroom sink can prevent a lot of future damage.

Our fixture replacement and repair services are praised and appreciated by many of our loyal customers! Terry's Plumbing services include toilet installation and repair. Procrastinating on toilet repairs will lead to disastrous and costly consequences. We offer high efficiency, low flow toilets to help conserve the water. Our Team has the knowledge and experience properly install your sink. Leaks that occur under the sink are a common problem. Terry's Plumbing can install and repair all types of faucets for you, as we are the experts in faucet application and options. Although there are some "do-it-yourself" projects for garbage disposal repairs, most jobs are required to have industry expertise. If your garbage disposal is beyond repair, we will replace it without making a mess and ensure the garbage disposal is functioning properly for years to come.

From locating a gas leak for repair to full gas line replacement, Terry's Plumbing offers complete water, gas, waste, and drain lines replacement and repair service for home owners and businesses. Smell gas and suspect that you have a gas leak? It's VERY important that you call Terry's Plumbing as soon as possible for a solution to your gas line problem! If you have a possible gas leak, Terry's Plumbing has state-of-the-art gas leak detection and repair equipment. Want to have a gas line run to your BBQ or change your electric cook top to gas? We can properly size your gas line in order to meet code requirements, safe practices and the appliance demand of your home's gas needs. Although a reputable plumber can clear your drain lines, a video camera inspection can determine if you need to get your waste lines replaced.

About Terry’s Plumbing
Terry’s Plumbing has been family owned and operated since the early 1900’s. When first of our four generations started doing plumbing in New Orleans, Louisiana, our services were bartered by our local customers with clams. After moving the business to South Florida and three generations later, we are still providing high quality service and reasonable prices. Terry of Terry’s Plumbing has been working in the field since the age of 16, becoming the third generation of the family. You can trust Terry’s Plumbing for all of your residential and commercial plumbing needs. And now with the fourth generation evolving, you can ensure that Terry’s Plumbing will be here for all of your future plumbing concerns.

For more information on Terry’s Plumbing and our various replacement and repair services, please visit www.terrysdrainandsewer.com or call us at 954-399-5611 to get started on your FREE estimate today!