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Tyde Moore sets table for Thanksgiving with a special Praise and Worship single

Last updated Sunday, October 27, 2013 17:00 ET

New Christian music: Tyde Moore releasing Praise and Worship single in the style of '90's Country'.

Concord, USA, 10/27/2013 / SubmitMyPR /

Tuesday, November 26, 2013, Tyde Moore will release a special Praise and Worship single for Thanksgiving. The single is titled, 'Jesus Is Our King (Remix)', featuring Jared Eaves and Lori Hall. The song was remixed by David Moore, with assistance and guidance from Diablo Valley College instructor, Doug Michael (musician/audio technician).

The original mix of this single was released by David Moore in 2011: The remix while available at several places online (unofficially) was never released previously. This is a special Thanksgiving release, (released two days before Thanksgiving) courtesy of SRO Records. This release is dedicated to the founder of SRO Records, Terry Rose (R.I.P.). SRO Records is based in Dallas, Texas and is currently under the ownership of Anthony Bellante Jr.

The single is a Praise and Worship song in a 90's country style. Changes to the remix include: removing the harmonica that a lot of people disliked, turning up the piano to give it a more "Gospel feel," and giving the background vocals a little more "kick". In addition to Jared Eaves and Lori Hall on vocals, Billy Anderson is featured on the keyboard and is also credited with the production. The song is published by Holy Place (also owned by Anthony Bellante Jr.) and will be available everywhere music is sold digitally, on November 26, 2013.

Tyde Moore consists of Christian music writers/husband and wife, Krista and David Moore; Their specialties include Christian Rock, Contemporary Christian Music, Praise and Worship, and Christian Country. Tyde Moore hopes to get some of their praise and worship songs in churches, if your church is interested you can leave a comment on their website www.TydeMoore.com. They landed on Rhapsody's Christian Rock charts in September for their release, "Shine on Boston," which featured Nathan Brumley.

Discuss this release on Facebook and Twitter with the hashtag, "#HeRulesOverAll". Tyde Moore believes that there is power in Praise and Worship music, and they will continue to release songs in the genre.