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The Discarded Baby: Found in a trash pile, he triumphs to tell his story

Last updated Monday, October 28, 2013 16:30 ET

A three-month-old baby, found covered in fire ants in a garbage dump in Liberia, grows into a courageous and inspiring man, eager to share his uplifting story.

Austin, USA, 10/28/2013 / SubmitMyPR /

A three-month-old baby, found covered in fire ants and trash on the side of the road in war-torn Liberia, grows into a determined, courageous and inspiring man, eager to share his true story of what it takes to overcome traumatic childhood and the atrocities of war to succeed in life.

In “Sunuma: Discarded Baby Triumphs to Tell His Story,” Roland Kemokai shares a troubled tale of living on the streets and human horrors; however, the book is also the uplifting story of how a man from discouraging beginnings could make a life filled with learning, creativity, love and peace.

Even with a rocky start in life Roland persevered and found joy in music, books, boys clubs, soccer, and in the simple pleasures of every day beauty. He learned how to see the good in things and in people, and he used that as his inspiration to accelerate his life. Even while living on the streets after his adoptive mother moved out of the country and his adoptive father was murdered by lethal poison, Roland’s passion for learning allowed him to graduate at the top of his class as valedictorian and earn acceptance for higher learning in the United States.

Kemokai, who attended Fruitland College and Gardner-Webb University in North Carolina, said his story is a reminder that one’s past does not dictate their future. “You cannot go back to change the painful events of yesterday, but you can always choose the interpretation you give them and how you move forward from today,” he said.

“Sunuma” has received praise for Kemokai’s humorous take on his struggles. “The story certainly has its dire, depressing moments; however, Kemokai does an excellent job of weaving in positive and even downright funny anecdotes,” an Amazon Book Review said of the book. “Without these moments it would be a very tough read, emotionally, but these moments of levity really help the reader relate to Roland no matter what kind of upbringing they experienced.”

Kemokai said that he hopes the book would awake a sense of determination and inspiration in others, regardless of their personal stories. “Deep inside every one of us, carrying all our hopes and dreams, our passion and power, is a burner,” Kemokai said. “My mission in life is to help people spark a flame and kindle their inner fire! A life on fire is an invincible one, blazing its host and igniting all who come in contact with it.”

Today Roland B. Kemokai lives in Austin, Texas with his wife and two sons, and is a virtuoso that has worked as a high school science teacher, award winning radio show host, has spent 18 years as a public speaker sharing his motivational story of triumph, is a certified Life & Business Coach, is President of Global Empowerment Institute, and is now a published author.

Sunuma: Discarded Baby Triumphs to Tell His Story Volume 1 is available on Amazon in paperback or on your Kindle. This debut release is the first volume of a trilogy. To learn more about Roland B. Kemokai you can visit his website at www.rolandkemokai.com or www.sunuma.com.