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King Marketing is Growing

Last updated Tuesday, November 5, 2013 11:29 ET

Just returning from their trip to Jamaica, King Marketing has several new announcements.

Houston, United States, 11/05/2013 / SubmitMyPR /

Houston - King Marketing, one of the top marketing and advertising firms in Houston, TX, is going into the fourth quarter strong. Working with clients in the home entertainment, satellite television, and consumer electronics industries, King Marketing has had an unbelievable year in 2013 so far. With its newest announcement of expansion, their projections for the fourth quarter of the year only look better.

Just returning from their trip to Jamaica, King Marketing has several new announcements. Spending four days in Jamaica, their managers were able to network with other managers in the country, enjoy Dunn River falls, ride horses in the water and just relax at the resort. One of King Marketing’s managers, Jason received an award for Consistency Manager of the Year. King Marketing was able to take nine of their managers on this trip in reward for a great year. With opportunities to network with some of the best managers in the country in an exotic setting, King Marketing’s managers returned to Houston refreshed and motivated to finish 2013 strong.

With so many expansions so far this year, King Marketing is projected to expand into one more market this year and ten throughout 2014. With such large clients, King Marketing is growing quickly and needs new managers to help manage the branches. “Our management training program here at King Marketing is designed to give young, ambitious, career oriented individuals the opportunity to climb up the corporate ladder at a very fast rate regardless of experience or background.” States Malik, Manager of King Marketing’s Houston, TX location. Their newest expansion took place in Boston with manager Ty on August 18th. Chris, King Marketing’s Assistant Manager is looking to expand into Houston, TX by the end of the year.

King Marketing’s MIT program trains its top employees into upper level manager positions within the company. They are cross trained in leadership skills, conflict resolution, human resources, client management and customer acquisitions. Partnered up with the largest clients in the retail world, King Marketing is constantly looking for their best and brightest to move into management positions to help meet the needs of their clients.