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Art of Living Happy Releases 12 Tips to Bring Happy Back to The Holidays

Last updated Friday, December 20, 2013 11:20 ET

– Soul Coach Lisa Jones is proud to announce a 12-part video series titled Putting HAPPY Back into Your HAPPY HOLIDAYS After the Loss of a Loved One.

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Soul Coach, happiness expert, and public speaker Lisa Jones, author of Art of Living Happy, is proud to announce a 12-part video series titled Putting HAPPY Back into Your HAPPY HOLIDAYS After the Loss of a Loved One. The series features one short video clip per day for 12 consecutive days, each featuring a tip for regaining happiness during the difficult year after losing a loved one.

Each of the 12 videos shares an insight Lisa gained after losing her husband 10 years ago. Because the holidays can be the most difficult part of the year following the loss of a loved one, she wanted to extend a helping hand to those who might be going through some of those struggles this holiday season.

In a recently televised interview on the CBS show, Better Connecticut, she told host Kara Sundlun, “This was my way of giving back… This year I thought I’d put together 12 tips for the 12 days before Christmas on how to get through the holidays after the loss of a loved one.”

Jones advises people suffering to face and connect with their emotions to be able to let them go saying, “It’s the running away and trying to keep going, putting on that stoic face and not dealing with it… That to me is really what wrecks your holiday.”

The 12 tips offer activities or exercises to help those who have lost a loved one face the pain, enjoy happy memories, and start to be able to enjoy the holiday season even as they navigate the grieving process.

The series began on December 13th, but the videos are available to watch at any time on YouTube.

You can also watch the videos with accompanying blog articles on her website.

About Lisa Jones
Lisa Jones is known for her authentic ability to connect to spirit on a compassionate level. As an inspirational speaker, workshop leader, radio and TV personality, and through her social media following, she inspires thousands around the world. Connecting people to spirit is her life’s passion.

A cum laude graduate of the University of Denver, she has a degree in accounting and a minor in International Studies, and received her Certified Public Accountant designation (and is a proud member of the 300 club) in 1989 while working in the tax department at Price Waterhouse in San Francisco. She also worked in the Environmental Consulting Practice at Ernst & Young while living in Washington D.C.

Later, she became a stay-at-home mom and caregiver to her dying husband, which led her to her spiritual awakening. Under the guidance of Denise Linn in 2008, she became a certified Soul Coach. In 2011, she completed the Hawaiian Shamanic Light of Aloha Mystery School. Most recently, she was ordained by The Sanctuary of the Beloved & The Order of Melchizedek, and became certified in Violet Alchemy® Dowsing after a nine-month course of study. She resides with her family in Connecticut.

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Lisa is available for keynotes, lectures and workshops. To inquire about a public speaking appearance, please contact [email protected].