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Tropical Fruit Tree Found to Have Amazing Health and Healing Properties

Last updated Tuesday, May 27, 2014 08:53 ET

The leaves of a tropic fruit have been successfully used to treat inflammation, diabetes, high cholesterol and even cancer.

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Tropical fruit tree found to have amazing health and healing properties.

Sour sop, also known as graviola and guanabana, is a tropical and sub-tropical fruit that contains high levels of vitamins C, B1 and B2. Its leaves and bark have been used medicinally to successfully treat inflammation, diabetes and even cancer. Sour sop leaves are also used to effectively treat high blood pressure, erectile dysfunction, arthritis, and diabetes. It’s the cinnamon in the signature drink that can lower your cholesterol too.

In 1976, the National Cancer Institute performed its first tests that found sour sop leaves and stems effectively destroyed malignant cancer cells. It was observed to inhibit enzyme processes in the membranes of some cancer cells while leaving healthy cells alone. However, the results of this test were published internally only.

Despite attempts to keep this information private, information about sour sop leaf’s healing powers have become apparent through independent lab tests and personal accounts and testimonials. Dr. Dennis Grant became interested in searching for cures for cancer after he lost his two aunts and his first wife to cancer. Dr. Grant is known for his successful history of social justice activism and philanthropy. This new mission was especially close to his heart.

Yvonne Kirlew’s story came to light when she was able to recover from terminal lymphatic cancer by drinking a drink extracted from the leaves and bark of the sour sop tree daily. Before she had been treating her cancer with chemotherapy, which weakened her so much it was killing her as well. Her husband began giving her a sour sop leaf concoction to drink every day and she has now been cancer-free since 2010.

Kirlew isn’t the only one who has found successful healing through drinking a drink of sour sop leaves. R. Lally reported, “In April of 2011 I was diagnosed with prostate and bladder cancer. My doctor’s recommendation was surgery to remove both organs. He also confirmed that would make me impotent and I would have to wear and external bag for the rest of my life. I chose to bypass the surgery and started my own research to find alternative treatment. In my search I found an article that explained the effects of sour sop on cancer cells. I started a daily regimen of sour sop about two years and low and behold the mass has been steadily shrinking. Today I feel great and more importantly I have no negative effects from drinking sour sop.”

Dr. Grant traveled to meet Yvonne Kirlew in Jamaica to learn more about the healing properties of sour sop leaves. He has since worked to get the word out about drinking sour sop leaf drink and its remarkable healing properties. On a radio show he hosts on WAVS 1170 AM in Florida, a listener called in to share her story about how drinking sour sop cured her arthritis pain and improved her and husband’s sex life.

“I used to have arthritic pain in my leg and since I started using sour sop leaf I am now pain free. My husband who was a big skeptic of herbal remedies refused to take the drink with me but somehow he started drinking my supply and now he has more lead in his pencil. He is now a converted believer in sour sop leaf and our sex life is so much better now,” she told listeners.

On a personal level, when Dr. Grant set out to learn more about the anti-cancer properties of sour sop leaves, he suffered from high cholesterol and high blood pressure. He started taking drinking a drink of sour sop leaves to try to cure himself naturally, and it worked.

“My high cholesterol and high blood pressure ailments are now normal after drinking the Sour Sop Leaf,” Dr. Grant reported. “Since April of 2012 I have not taken any over the counter or prescribed medication for these issues and my doctor is now baffled after attributing my remarkable improvements to the consumption of the
Sour Sop.”

Check out http://amazingsoursop.com/ to learn more about drinking sour sop leaf and its incredible healing potential. You can also contact Dr. Grant directly at [email protected] or 954-968-7335.

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