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Announcing MSrelief.com Travel Club

Last updated Monday, October 27, 2014 09:03 ET

MSrelief.com announces MSrelief.com Travel Club, specializing in dream vacations for travelers with disabilities.

Palmer, USA, 10/27/2014 / SubmitMyPR /

Because travel really is INCLUSIVE when you book with Tarita at the MSrelief.com Travel Club!

Have you experienced your dream vacation yet? You know, the one you always thought you’d get to, but since your diagnosis , has been put on the back burner.

Well it’s time to light the stove! Because here at MSrelief.com we’re about to cook up the most delicious accessible travel deals that you ever thought possible. AND we’ve got your every need covered from start to finish.

Tarita Davenock, our newest Associate Partner here at MSrelief.com, and Certified Special Needs Travel Advocate is thrilled to be bringing her worldwide strategic connections to our membership.

Whether it be a safari, cruise, a trip through Israel, Venice, the Pyramids or the great surf in Hawaii, she can arrange all the “tweaking” for you to ensure your vacation is fully accessible.

Tarita says, “I live with MS and know how travel can be daunting; even without a disability. Finding accessible facilities and services in a far-away place seems virtually impossible to most. But I assure you that your comfort, safety and pure joy is my highest priority.”

Call Tarita at 1-888-993-9295 to join

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