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Aaron School Featured on FoxNews.com For Technology In Special Needs Curriculum

Last updated Wednesday, August 8, 2012 13:41 ET

Aaron School, a special education school in New York City, was featured on FoxNews.com for its use of Microsoft Kinect Sports technology in the classroom.

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Aaron School, a special education school, was recently featured on FoxNews.com for its use of Microsoft Kinect Sports technology in the classroom. Kinect Sports technology enables Aaron School not only to encourage the students to participate in physical education, but to teach them life skills as well.

Using hands-free motion detection peripherals, the Microsoft Kinect technology allows students to virtually “play” games such as bowling, boxing, soccer, etc. with others in an engaging, familiar format.

“Students can benefit from a video sports game curriculum via increased body fitness, improved self-esteem, improved ability to manage stress, healthy body composition, flexibility, strength and endurance, as well as developing the social skills necessary to participate in team sports,” said Barbara Mckeon, Chief Academic Officer at MetSchools, Inc., in a recent piece for the Huffington Post.

John Bracchi, physical education and health teacher at Aaron School, agrees. In an interview with Fox News’ Meg Baker he stated that special needs students are “afraid of competing” for fear of “letting teammates down” and uses Kinect Sports to teach important social and team building skills. He believes that special needs students can learn to be successful “without letting anyone down” by learning both the skills and rules of the game using an engaging system offered by the Kinect technology.

To read more about “High-tech class gets special needs students moving with Microsoft Kinect” at Fox News, visit:
http://www.foxnews.com/tech/2012/08/06/high-tech-phys-ed-class-gets-special-needs-students-moving-prepared-for-life/. For more on Aaron School in New York City, visit http://www.AaronSchool.org.

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About Aaron School
Aaron School opened its doors in 2003 as a nursery and early elementary school for children not ready for mainstream education because of learning, language, attention, social skills, and/or sensory challenges. In response to requests from parents and advocates, Aaron has grown vertically and horizontally over the years. We now occupy two buildings, Located on 45th and 30th Street, respectively, on the East Side of Manhattan.
Aaron School provides integrated academic, enrichment, and therapeutic services to children in grades K?12, with the goal of enabling each student to become a confident and successful learner.

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