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SocialCentiv Trumps Google AdWords with Better Cost per Click

Last updated Wednesday, September 16, 2015 12:39 ET

Twitter marketing tool SocialCentiv outperforming Google AdWords; lower cost per click and a higher return on investment.

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The Marketing Software Company’s Stats Show Superior ROI for Engaging and Selling on Twitter

Lead generation is a multi-billion dollar industry. SocialCentiv, marketing software that helps businesses find new customers on Twitter, announces superior performance on return on investment (ROI) across six vertical industries when compared to Google AdWords. That’s because SocialCentiv’s dynamic platform uses multiple keywords to engage consumers at the exact moment they’re expressing a need for something, which in turn which delivers a lower cost-per-click (CPC) and higher ROI.

Companies are taking notice. SocialCentiv’s managed account services have grown 80 percent over the past 10 months. New features like multiple campaigns, suggested replies and conversion tracking make cost per acquisition easy to determine, and big brands and small businesses alike are adding SocialCentiv as a tool in their lead generation arsenals and noticing an average 34 percent CPC rate.

“In an era when the cost of online marketing is getting out of hand, SocialCentiv is providing a strong alternative for reaching consumers at the moment they are ready to buy,” says Bernard Perrine, the company’s co-founder and CEO. “Our software allows companies to avoid the competitive bidding wars other social platforms put advertisers through and achieve what marketing is supposed to provide: a return on investment.”

Outperforming the digital market

In general, digital marketing makes ROI much easier to calculate. It has proven itself to be less expensive and easier to track as potential customers click through ad messages. Companies can justify the ad spend because they aren’t charged unless a consumer clicked on the ad – the CPC.

From a digital marketing standpoint, Twitter is a strong channel because 1) it’s public in nature and regular users expect replies and reactions to their Tweets; 2) two of the most commonly used phrases are “I want” and “I need,” meaning people are looking for solutions in real time; and 3) Twitter marketing is underutilized and offers unique opportunities for businesses to engage directly and provide consumers with a solution to the “want” or “need” they Tweeted about.

SocialCentiv’s patented software is successful because it provides the chance for businesses to offer a real-time, personalized reply to Tweets filtered out by the platform with keywords and location. SocialCentiv pulls relevant Tweets onto a business’ Tweet Stream so someone can immediately @ reply directly with an offer or discount to win that consumer’s business. Another key benefit of SocialCentiv’s service is that it permits businesses to use the keywords they prefer – without competing in auctions for keywords with artificial prices. Here is how the two stack up:


SocialCentiv CPC

Google AdWords CPC*


Restaurants and dining








Professional services




Health and fitness




Retail shopping








*The Google AdWords cost is presented as an average because data is compiled per single keyword, where SocialCentiv is more dynamic and can use multiple keywords at a time.

“Business owners and chief marketing officers are often skeptical of seeing any return on investment with social media marketing and scoff at Twitter as a lead generator,” Perrine says. “Our customers’ stats tell a very different story. When you engage consumers at the exact time they are looking for a product or service, we can convert them into a customer.”

To make Twitter marketing accessible to all, SocialCentiv has a variety of managed services offerings where a SocialCentiv account executive would manage the account campaigns. Details including keyword optimization, offer strategy, customized campaign management, and geo targeting. Packages start at $349/month.

Pizza chain sees ROI

Needing to boost a traditionally slow quarter, one national pizza chain franchise partnered with SocialCentiv to look for new customers. In short, SocialCentiv created close to $500,000 in revenue with less than a $45,000 media spend. The resulting customer acquisition cost averaged at 86 cents. A campaign snapshot:

  • Duration: 3 month pilot, May – July
  • Keyword examples: bread sticks, Dallas pizza, deep dish, delivery, dinner, hungry, lunch, starving, wings, what to eat, and the brand name of competitors
  • Client cost: $22,500
  • Personalized replies: 5,138
  • Resulting sales: $481,731
  • Booked orders: 31,715
  • Return on single ad spend: $17.57
  • Other engagement: favorited Tweets, 3,520; Retweets, 2,499; and new followers, 920

“When we go in to meet a company for the first time and show them our services and the results we get for our customers, they can’t believe it,” says Jason Dove, SVP sales and marketing. “Many companies are so busy they leave the driving to us, so to speak, knowing that we will efficiently run their campaigns. Our clients always have the confidence that we’ll take care of them. And our results prove them right!”

About SocialCentiv

In August 2014, HipLogiq integrated its portfolio of Twitter marketing applications under a single product line, SocialCentiv. The Twitter-certified, powerful, patented software manages Twitter campaigns that search for keywords in order to reach relevant consumers in real time, with greater precision by targeting local Tweets. The software also boasts Spanish-language capabilities to engage the Hispanic market. Now, businesses can sign up for a managed account or opt to manage the account themselves with the online user-friendly, do-it-yourself tool at www.SocialCentiv.com. You can be part of the most relevant Tweets as they happen, spot opportunities first, and make a name for yourself with SocialCentiv.

Since May 2013, SocialCentiv has received $12 million in two rounds of funding. For more information, go to www.SocialCentiv.com, like us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter.


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