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Storytelling through Press Release Distribution

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Storytelling through press release marketing empowers businesses to build better connections with their target audience says Qamar Zaman of Submit123PR.

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What’s Your Business Story? Three Reasons to Tell it Using a Press Release

Every business has a story. Whether it’s a tale of a long road to developing the right product to brand, or of the many challenges overcome in securing enough financing to cover startup costs, there are elements in getting started that most business owners don’t know make for good PR. In fact, some marketing strategists say that a business’ story may perhaps be their greatest asset.


Paul Smith, Lead With a Story author and former director of market research at Procter & Gamble, previously stated of such matters to Inc. magazine “I'm hard-pressed to think of a company that doesn't have an interesting foundational story… But I suspect there are many that haven't crafted and told theirs. And they're important. People want to be part of something bigger than themselves. A nameless, faceless corporation with no real purpose, no story, is not an inspiring place to be.”


PR marketing expert Qamar Zaman & Founder of Submit 123 PR, agrees with the notion and says that online press release distribution is a key way for businesses to inspire the masses with their unique story. According to Zaman “press releases afford businesses today the opportunity to tell their story, their way, from a journalistic perspective that make for an excellent human interest piece.”


Three Ways Press Releases Help Businesses Tell Their Story


In a recent interview, Zaman outlines three key reasons businesses should consider telling their story through a custom press release. These are:


Press releases are a catalyst for inspiring journalists and bloggers to write about your business - Says the digital marketing expert “journalists and bloggers remain hungry for unique stories to tell, despite what some say about their being too busy to pay attention these days. Well written, compelling pieces will never go out of style or lose their ability to make even the most time pressed journalist tick.”

Press releases disseminated online reach a wide target audience base - Zaman asserts, “Press releases distributed through platforms like Submit 123 PR are not just submitted to a single media outlet. We have an affiliate network of the nation’s top media channels that pick up our releases in addition to our options for social media promotion. Therefore, not only do top journalists get exposure to the exclusive news businesses that use our platform send out, but many members of their core target audience base are also exposed to them.”

Press releases can be custom tailored to include specific targeted messages -“The beauty of press releases is that they are custom written pieces that businesses can plug very specific messages in that they want to be the focal point. This is particularly necessary for those businesses that have their own newsrooms on platforms like Submit 123 PR from which they can share targeted messages in a series of stories.”


About Submit 123 PR


Submit 123 PR offers online access to submitting press release distribution and writing support for businesses that are seeking effective outlets for getting their stories told. More information about the services offered by the Dallas based press release distribution company, or its CEO Qamar Zaman can be found by visiting Submit123PR.  


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About Lead with a Story


Storytelling has come of age in the business world. Today, many of the most successful companies use storytelling as a leadership tool. At Nike, all senior executives are designated "corporate storytellers." 3M banned bullet points years ago and replaced them with a process of writing "strategic narratives." Procter & Gamble hired Hollywood directors to teach its executives storytelling techniques. Some forward-thinking business schools have even added storytelling courses to their management curriculum. The reason for this is simple: stories have the ability to engage an audience the way logic and bullet points alone never could. Whether you are trying to communicate a vision, sell an idea, or inspire commitment, storytelling is a powerful business tool that can mean the difference between mediocre results and phenomenal success. "Lead with a Story" contains both ready-to-use stories and how-to guidance for readers looking to craft their own. Designed for a wide variety of business challenges, the book shows how narrative can help: define culture and values; engender creativity and innovation; foster collaboration and build relationships; provide coaching and feedback; lead change; and more. Whether in a speech or a memo, communicated to one person or a thousand, storytelling is an essential skill for success. Complete with examples from companies like Kellogg's, Merrill-Lynch, Procter & Gamble, National Car Rental, Wal-Mart, Pizza Hut, and more, this practical resource gives readers the guidance they need to deliver stories to stunning effect. Source Amazon


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