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Five Questions to Ask Before Choosing a Press Release Distribution Service

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Online PR & marketing expert Qamar Zaman says there are five key questions customers must ask

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SUMMARY: Online PR & marketing expert Qamar Zaman says there are five key questions customers must ask before choosing a press distributor in order to avoid buyer’s remorse.


As with anything one no longer wants to be green to, trying out press release distribution for business promotion for the first time should not be left to the hands of just any service provider. A company’s first time experience can really be all that they hope it can be if the right research is done beforehand. But what kind of research should go into choosing the best fit for a press release distribution service, especially for someone who is truly green to such promotion efforts? According to Qamar Zaman, digital marketing expert and CEO of Submit 123 PR, “there are five key questions that businesses should ask regarding their own needs and in terms of what a chosen platform can provide before trusting it as their go to resource for getting an important news announcement to the masses.”


These are:


  1. Are the media outlets within the press release distribution network a great match for me? - Press release distribution services work by sending out the releases of customers to a network of affiliates they have built relationships with. In some cases, a service provider’s network is more extensive and useful to a particular company than others. Says Zaman “it is important to consider whether the list of affiliates an online press release distribution network has compiled will be of service for a business’ particular type of message they want disseminated, branding goals, or target market.”

  1. Does the press release distributor offer social media promotion? - Social media is one of the most effective tools for connecting with any business audience today. According to Zaman “without social media many press releases of merit would not have the opportunity to go viral. We have social sharing tools built into our newsrooms so that journalists and other readers can easily connect with our customers’ social media profiles.”

  1. Are there package options available that will meet my unique needs? - Diversity in package options and pricing is an important feature for press release distribution networks to offer so that a wide range of business types can have their needs met. Zaman states, “with services like Submit 123 PR there are packages tailored to virtually every type of business need and marketing budget for ensuring that their press releases are placed in view of our customers’ specific target audience base.”

  1. Does the press release distributor offer tools to help me measure the results of my efforts? - As stated by Zaman, “I have found that the best way to build the trust factor with businesses today is to be fully transparent with the progress of the market efforts you are making on their behalf.” Offering access to analytics that show the reach of one’s press release is in many cases necessary for ensuring that customers return, the digital marketing expert further stresses.

  1. Does the press release distributor offer writing support? - Not all businesses are privy to what makes for a great press release, and many require the assistance of a professional writer to construct one that serves their needs. Says Zaman “our service is one that offers press release writing support so that businesses can obtain a well constructed press release that fits within specific writing guidelines that many news wires require in order to redistribute the announcement.”


More press release marketing tips from Qamar Zaman, as well as information about the press release services offered by Submit 123 PR can be found by visiting http://www.submitpressrelease123.com/.


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