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A Cleaning Service Explains How and Why to Use Essential Oils Throughout Your Home

Last updated Monday, April 29, 2019 07:34 ET

Essential oils are a non-toxic and healthy way to improve your home. With physical and emotional benefits, the natural extracts are a great way to change the mood and cleanliness of your environment.

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Washington DC and Virginia - Many people are looking not only for non-toxic home chemicals, but also healthy ways to improve their environment. Essential oils are one way to make that happen. With both physical and emotional benefits, the natural extracts are a great way to change the mood and cleanliness of your environment.

A Cleaning Service uses natural and effective products to clean your home or office to your specifications. Their reputation for putting the customer first makes them a homecare expert, and essential oils are just one area they are pleased to share with you. Here are some ways you can use essential oils around your home:

As a Mood Enhancer

You may notice essential oils in certain lotions or air fresheners – lavender for its calming effects, and orange peel for energy. Consider using a diffuser to change the mood of a bedroom, home office, or even to freshen a bathroom.

As an Alternative to Chemical Air Fresheners

Some air fresheners use harsh chemicals, but essential oils simply diluted in a spray bottle of water, can be used to freshen any space. Some essential oils can be diffused on a warmer, an air droplet system, or even with wooden sticks or cotton balls.

To Remove Stains

Stain removal is possible with lemon essential oils. Use it on cutting boards, countertops or tile. You may need to let it set for the best results.

To Kill Germs

Lemon, tea tree, eucalyptus, lavender, and orange not only smell good, they have antibacterial, viral, and fungal properties, making them perfect for chemical-free residential cleaning. Spray them inside vents or even on furniture to eliminate odors and germs.

To Eliminate Pests

Some essential oils are a real bother to insects. Consider cinnamon for ants, peppermint oil for spiders, and lemongrass as a general insect repellant.

To Clean Your Produce

Lemon essential oils can be used to clean your fruit and veggies, rather than using a harsh cleaner.

Freshening Fabrics

Try washing and drying laundry with essential oils to infuse them with a great scent. Using lavender on bedding will help create a calmer sleeping experience.

Clean Carpets

Spot clean pet areas or spills by combining baking soda with essential oils and sprinkling it on the carpet, then vacuum it up for a fresh clean smell and stain removal.


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