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Get Customers Back Using This Growth Marketing Strategy!

Last updated Tuesday, June 4, 2019 08:18 ET , Source: TopNews

Dallas digital marketing company KISS PR discusses how your business will benefit from retargeting visitors to your website.

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Dallas, TX / June 4, 2019 / -- Texas digital marketing services company, KISSPR, shares the reasons your marketing efforts should include retargeting visitors to your company website.

What is Retargeting?

The term “retargeting” may give you the impression that it requires starting over with targeting a prospective customer. But actually, retargeting is a marketing tactic that saves you from having to do just that. It’s the strategy of targeting someone who has already shown some interest in your business, products, or services by visiting your website. Rather than attempting to attract first-time visitors to your website who may or may not end up converting, retargeting’s focus is on reaching out to repeat visitors who are more likely to convert.

The Benefits of Retargeting as a Marketing Strategy

There are many benefits that you will see when using retargeting as part of your marketing efforts. The following are just a few:

  • It will generate more sales – This is obviously the most important benefit of any marketing strategy. With retargeting, because the leads you are reaching out to have already expressed interest by visiting your site and are more likely to buy, you will see an uptick in sales.
  • It reaches interested prospects – Retargeting is almost like a warm hand-off or a referral because you are reaching out to people who are already familiar with your products and services – people who have already found your website and are likely to be interested in your products or services already.
  • It increases brand awareness – Studies have shown that it takes as many as seven impressions by a brand on a potential customer to build up enough trust for him or her to take action. Retargeting shortens that amount of time because brand awareness is already in the process of being built.
  • It provides new insights – Another benefit of retargeting is that it can allow you to understand where the highest percentage of your retargeting conversions are being recaptured after leaving your site. The analytics of your current and previous retargeting campaigns are the roadmaps for your future campaigns to bring more qualified traffic to your website. Over time you can create laser focus for all your digital marketing efforts to maximize results.
  • It is cost effective – Getting the best ROI for every dollar you spend on digital advertising is every business owner’s marketing goal. With retargeting, you are reaching people who have already been to your website at least once and are closer to taking action than trying to target people for the first time with other marketing efforts.

KISS PR Will Help with Your Digital Marketing Needs

Digital growth company, KISS PR, will help you implement methods that are vital for improving your digital marketing efforts, like retargeting website visitors. We have a team of experts who focus on nothing besides marketing, and who can bring their expertise to your company. That means less work for you and more sales for your company’s bottom line.

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