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Covid-19 Assessment Points To Rise In Canada, Citizen View

Last updated Monday, March 23, 2020 11:20 ET

In Canada, government announced rise in assessment points in order to deal with Covid-19 and a new website portal developed to help with local efforts in Ottawa.

Ottawa, Canada, 03/23/2020 / SubmitMyPR /

Canada's government in partnership with different provinces and municipalities are screening for Covid-19 at various assessment centres. They are following the World Health Organization's guidelines, and the Canadian Public Health Agency is closely monitoring the health situation in Canada.

Meladul Haq Ahmadzai, founder of Taleam Systems and a Global Health researcher has been working for years trying to help medical professionals with IT and website support. 

Ahmadzai says, "Now with the Covid-19 virus going around at an exponential rate, it is even more important that medical professionals update and make their websites easier for people and patients to access health information."

The government has recently announced that they will increase assessment centres, so that, more people can be screened for Coronavirus.

Health officials suggested that the elderly people above the age 60 are greater risk of contracting Covid-19. Ahmadzai adds, "In my own city that is Ottawa, for example, the municipal government is helping the homeless people who have been diagnosed with the disease." 

The services that are offered by the business includes website design, domain names, SEO, computer troubleshooting, virus removal and more.

A new web portal called OttawaHealthServices.ca was developed by Ahmadzai which can be used as a tool to help citizens learn about the common symptoms of the Coronavirus and to potentially partner up with the provincial government so that they can use the portal to share health information.

To learn more about the new website portal that is still in developing stage, visit OttawaHealthServices.ca