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Trade Show Contractor for Hotel Events Will Provide Point-of-Event COVID-19 Testing at Live Events

Last updated Friday, May 1, 2020 10:38 ET

Alliance Nationwide Exposition, The Hotel Show Pros™, will provide on-site COVID-19 testing at live events nationwide. This may allow for live events sooner than expected.

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Trade Show Contractor for Hotel Events, Alliance Nationwide Exposition, Will Provide Point-of-Event COVID-19 Testing at Live Events

Washington, DC—April 27, 2020—Alliance Nationwide Exposition, a nationwide general service contractor focusing exclusively on events at hotels, will provide point-of-event COVID-19 testing at live events nationwide.

As part of the company’s “Together Again” program, point-of-event tests will be administered to all attendees prior to entering an event venue. Results are returned within 10 minutes. Attendees testing negative then get a badge to enter the event venue.

“Short of a vaccine in the coming years, we envision point-of-event testing as a path forward for the live events industry,” said Mark Yuska, founder and president of Alliance Nationwide Exposition, The Hotel Show Pros™. “As stewards of the event industry, it is our obligation to help event participants do business and enjoy themselves in a safe environment.”

COVID-19 point-of-event tests are administered by CLIA Certified Laboratory Technicians, upon authorization by the attendee, and are provided for informational purposes only.

Tests are provided by Global7 Diagnostic Laboratories.

“We listened to our customers and attendees,” Yuska added. “They want to get back to live events as soon as possible, and they wish to do so in a safe and responsible way. Since the only solution is testing, we set out to provide what our customers asked for.”

Additional information on providing testing at live events or venues is available by calling 1-888-528-2011 or email [email protected]. You can also visit Alliance Nationwide Exposition’s website for more information

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