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A New Sound In Gospel Music

Last updated Monday, June 29, 2020 23:42 ET

Music has been know to be trendy but the sound of Gospel just got instrumental

Nashville, USA, 06/29/2020 / SubmitMyPR /

Jenny Trindall, is from South Wales Australia, she is a nurse by day and in her spare time she is all about the music. Milliea Taylor  McKinney, on the other hand is a 'Hall Of Fame' award winning songwriter who lays in the shadows of well known artist who use her gift to make hit songs. Milliea, is know as a Ghostwriter. This just means she sells her songs right out and gives up her rights to those songs she sells. Brandon Dwayne Kold also known as BDKOLD is a soldier for God his music tells stories that inspire influence and praise the Lord. Together this trio has shared their gifts in music to bring you a selection of songs from their album entitled 'Canvas Of Your Grace".

The album offers a combination of trendy yet musical pieces that are created for all audiences. The lyrics are woven together and wrap around the music to create a warm relaxing atmosphere that embraces the spirit of God for worship.

It appears that this trio has  latched on to a new trend in Gospel music. Be inspired, be influenced, be spiritually lifted try on a taste of spiritual music that will take you to a new musical level in praise and worship. 

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