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Why It’s Important To Design a Handbag That ‘Works’ For My Business (And For Anyone in General)

Last updated Thursday, July 2, 2020 11:45 ET

Convenience, quality craftsmanship, aesthetic, and transitional functionality are all important factors in considering your needs in a work bag.

Atlanta, United States, 07/02/2020 / SubmitMyPR /

Making good business deals includes the bag you’re carrying, as it can save you time, add efficiency, and overall keep work-related essentials organized and close at hand. Society moves at jet speed, and people need convenience and hassle free everything, especially in a business bag. More than ever people need that convertibility and flexibility in a bag to be able to transition from casual to executive settings, as well as on into the evening. COVID-19 has especially inspired this need to alter one’s workspace, work essentials, and work dynamic in a way that is conducive to a rapidly-changing, eventful, and unpredictable time. Thus, my work came from a strong belief in opportunity, open doors, and the drive to mend a ‘need’. This is why I began my work in publishing; there was a need outside of mainstream and corporate America to foster up-and-coming writers. And at this time, there is yet another need - a new need in totes, camera bags, business bags, crossbody bags, etc.

As it stands, I’ve purchased more bags than I care to admit, simply because the totes/bags I purchased or invested in throughout history were missing elements that would make my life easier - which one might say leads to an overwhelming collection of bags that are subpar, not quite right, and seem to be missing something. It is a prime example of quantity versus quality. Some people (who aren’t growing a company on their own, or who may have different needs) may not see why emphasis is needed on mere tote bags. But I’ll put it this way - if your work was literally carried around ‘in a bag’, you’d want to make sure that bag not only protects your work well, but ensures you have easy access as well as room for everything you might need. There is nothing like the frustration and stress that comes from a zipper that’s stuck, skinning up your nails to reach into a tight pocket, or dumping all of your items in your bag onto the floor because the bag easily flips over, without any security or structure to hold it in place.

When I move around, I like convenience and ease of use. It’s refreshing to access my laptop/iPad, write a story on the fly, interact with a customer on location or in a remote space, and then place my ‘livelihood’ back in its secure space. Yes, laptops/iPads and smartphones are full work tools for a great percentage of Americans and they, in my opinion, need to be stored in respectable places when you’re not home. These instances may seem like small things, but in the end it really is the small things that make a difference and contribute to your efficiency. It’ll save you time, money, and hassle when you invest in something designed to make your life easier from the get-go.

As a business owner, it is vital for me to ensure I have what I need as I board a flight, or sit at a coffee shop to work or take a stroll to collect my thoughts after work. When I do this I need my bag to represent me - whether it’s an anti-theft bag, or ‘middle of the work day’ bag that’s stylish and sleek enough to take on evening ventures. I don’t want to walk into a building with an unstylish, utilitarian bag, or a suitcase, or a school backpack. Trust me, I’ve done it before, and it doesn’t reflect my style, who I am as a person, or my life at this point in time. I want to exude the powerful, elegant, businesswoman I am, so why not have every aspect of my work mirror that? To walk into a place or go straight into business not feeling confident in yourself or having the adequate tools necessary to succeed can really show and affect business deals or work relationships. That too has happened to me; not good.

That being said, it’s a shame that we live in such a superficial world where your car, your shoes, your bag, or whatever can directly affect or impact your success, connections, or image. It is all about how you present yourself. Just as people go into a job interview dressed well - pre COVID-19 and digital era - or send a resume that is formatted properly, the same is true of your bag and what it says about you. Now, you can use this self-centric work world as an opportunity for good - it can be a time for you to reflect on your needs and personal preferences, building your confidence, or just simply investing in tools to make your life and work easier and more efficient, which can set you up for even more success.

But I’ll spare you my speech on ‘looks.’ Back to having to ‘think of everything’ as a businesswoman without a full staff, as I grew in business I was able to hire independent contractors and freelancers to assist with a myriad of tasks. And as my business grew, my responsibilities grew and the way in which I conducted business changed. My needs were evolving. And considering the digital age, as well as the current pandemic, my work dynamic and presence is primarily online, from home, or on-the-go. My workspace constantly changes, and I travel quite often, making the need for a good bag that checks all the boxes absolutely essential. In protecting my ‘jewels’ (a.k.a., my camera, computers, equipment, etc.) I had to attempt to purchase the right bags that could accommodate all these things while at the same time looking refined, sophisticated, and tasteful. And I wanted something versatile that could go from work, to personal everyday essentials, to travel, to gym, to even a night out for drinks if necessary! In the past, however, this often meant I was lugging around a bag for my clothes, a bag for my camera, a bag for my laptop, all while carrying my tripod in my hand. Unacceptable!

I did what I had to do throughout the years, but no more. I am designing ‘real’ bags for ‘real’ working people that have to really get in the thick of things to grow, seal deals, and feel stress-free as they do it - no longer worrying about moving from casual to executive to evening, or being concerned about everything dumping on the floor, having limited access, or having parts of their tote malfunctioning. My objective is to focus on a multifunctional yet streamlined work bag that thinks of everything for you, and can address a variety of needs. It is my sincerest hope that my line of products can be a great help to you as they are for me.