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Teeth Whitening Brand Ghost White Introduces New Social Media Challenge: The Ghost Squad

Last updated Wednesday, August 19, 2020 10:53 ET

Users Can Tag Brand On Instagram To Be Featured on Website

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August 19, 2020

The makers of the best-selling Ghost White Teeth Whitening System have recently launched a new opportunity for fans to be featured on their website, www.GhostWhite.com. The brand’s followers are encouraged to post a photo of themselves using or holding the Ghost White Teeth Whitening System and tag the company’s social profiles in order to join “The Ghost Squad.” Members of the Ghost Squad have the opportunity to have their image shared on Ghost White’s social media profiles and website.

The Ghost Squad is a new addition to the brand’s online social media presence on both Facebook and Social Media. However, featuring user-generated content has long been a part of Ghost White’s social media strategy. It serves two purposes: delighting their fans and showing off the impressive results from their product!

According to the teeth-whitening brand, the Ghost Squad was created to help people gain confidence in their smile and appearance. Ghost White’s founder and CEO, Chris Delgado said, “Many of our team members have struggled with lifelong confidence issues owing to poor dental health — in other words, we know what it's like not to enjoy your own smile." In offering the Ghost White Teeth Whitening System, the brand hopes to help people all over the country feel confident and attractive. To take it one step further, the Ghost Squad was created to help fans show off their new look and get positive feedback from the brand’s supportive community.

People interested in joining the Ghost Squad can post before and after pictures, photos of them using the glowing LED mouthpiece, or simply posing with two main props: the Ghost White Teeth Whitening System and their pearly whites. Then, simply post the images on Facebook or Instagram and tag the company. That’s all there is to it! Members of the Ghost Squad will be featured on the company’s website on a rotating basis.

To get started, order the revolutionary Ghost White Teeth Whitening System today. Created using cutting edge LED technology and an enamel-safe whitening gel, the Ghost White system is guaranteed to get you professional-level results in just 30 days! Utilizing enamel-safe ingredients, Ghost White has created a system that whitens and brightens without damaging. It’s a one-way ticket to a better smile and a more confident you.

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About Ghost White: Ghost White is a US-based company committed to helping people brighten and whiten their smiles without damaging any enamel. You can find Ghost White being sold across the nation in Walmart and featured on the Boston Herald, The CW, and the Daily Herald. Learn more about their best-selling Ghost White Teeth Whitening System at www.ghostwhite.com

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