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Glasgow SEO Expert, Craig Campbell Shares Secrets and Advice for Starting a Digital Marketing Agency

Last updated Thursday, October 29, 2020 11:18 ET

Glasgow SEO Expert Provides Insider Look At Digital Marketing Industry

Glasgow, United Kingdom, 10/29/2020 / SubmitMyPR /

October 29, 2020 - Glasgow, Scotland: Craig Campbell, established Glasgow SEO expert, has created a complimentary guide to starting a digital marketing agency. The guide includes a podcast video and written content that will serve to inform and educate anyone interested in being the CEO of their own agency someday.

The guide, which Campbell created and posted on his website, features tips for starting your own digital marketing agency and tricks to identifying when it’s the right time to strike out on your own. For those looking for actionable advice, the guide also includes topics like how to decide if you need an office space and how to hire the right team members.

tips for starting a digital marketing agency
Tips for Starting a Digital Marketing Agency

Podcast fans will be excited to note the inclusion of a 50-minute podcast episode. Campbell interviews Monique Idemudia from Dragon Digital Marketing. Idemudia is based in St. Petersburg, Florida and recently started her own agency which specializes in SEO, web design, email marketing, and content marketing. Idemudia started her agency with just five years of experience in the digital marketing field, so the interview is perfect for others in the SEO field who are looking for something more. The podcast episode is also available in video form on Campbell’s successful YouTube channel, Craig Campbell SEO

Campbell’s guide to starting a digital marketing agency contains useful information about the industry as well as some lessons and tricks Campbell has picked up over the last two decades in the industry. The Scot is a search engine optimization expert who consults with countless businesses in the UK. He gained his expertise on the job, discovering ground-breaking SEO hacks and techniques that have revolutionized his clients’ digital marketing presence.

Campbell was inspired to offer this guide because he recognizes that many marketers start out on their own, without any grand plans of being an agency owner. But before you know it, you’re working with freelancers and other marketing pros and are essentially running an agency without ever meaning to. So whether you’re an accidental CEO or starting an agency from scratch has always been your dream, you can access Campbell’s free guide to starting a digital agency on his website and get started today!

About Craig Campell: Craig Campell is a Glasgow based SEO expert who has been working in SEO for 18 years. Campbell works with a small staff to provide customized SEO solutions for his clients, with whom he works very closely. Campbell is also a sought-after speaker on SEO and Digital Marketing and has spoken at countless conferences on the topics. You can listen to his podcast, Craig Campbell's Digital Marketing Podcast, on Spotify, Google Play, and SoundCloud.