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The SEO Mastery Summit Took Things Up a Notch with Guest Speaker Craig Campbell at the Event

Last updated Wednesday, December 9, 2020 03:00 ET

Craig Campbell mainly spoke about Click Through Manipulation, a practice often used by professionals like Craig to increase engagement via several proven methods.

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The SEO Mastery Summit takes place annually and is graced by some of the leading names in the SEO industry. One of the names scheduled to speak at the summit was the leading SEO and digital marketer from the UK, Craig Campbell SEO. Craig was scheduled to talk about Click Through Rate manipulation (CTR) a technique of increasing engagement. While CTR was one of the many things that Craig spoke about, he also touched upon other related subjects during the summit.

SEO Mastery Summit
SEO Mastery Summit

Craig Campbell has often talked about Click Through Rate in the past in his blog posts and podcast. In his experience, whether it is a video, podcast or page, getting traffic and engagement helps to boost rankings. Craig revealed several techniques, including paid ads and social media, which he uses to increase engagement post higher click through rates.

While Google does not reveal how its search algorithm works, leading professionals like Craig Campbell rely on experience, testing, and probing to find what works. However, being successful in SEO also boils down to the willingness to continue learning, and the SEO Mastery Summit is one of the best places to learn from some of the leading names in the industry.

Readers can find out more about The SEO Mastery Summit here https://seomasterysummit.com.

Glasgow SEO Expert - Craig Campbell SEO
Glasgow SEO Expert - Craig Campbell SEO

The SEO Mastery Summit is organized and run by none other than Mads Singers, who is also one of the leading names in the SEO community. When talking about having Craig Campbell speak at the summit, he said "Working with Craig at the SEO Mastery Summit was a great experience, he's the type of speaker every event organizer wants to work with. Punctual, flexible, and knowledgeable. He even offered to do a 2nd speech when we were in need of it. His knowledge of SEO was fantastic, and his confidence in sharing actionable insights is Amazing!

Mads added, "I can highly recommend bringing Craig on as a speaker, it will be a great experience!"

When talking about his experience at the SEO Mastery Summit Craig said "It is always a pleasure to give back to the community. We are living in unusual times, and if I can do something to help people, then I'm all for it." When we asked why he chose to talk about Click Through Rates Craig replied: "I get so many questions about it every day from people that I thought it would be great if It were addressed at the summit."

He added "The SEO Mastery Summit gives back to the community. It continues to help so many people which is why I'm so happy to be a part of it. I'll be more than happy to speak at any future event organized by Mads, whom I can't thank enough for the opportunity."

About Craig Campbell SEO

Craig Campbell is one of the leading SEO consultants in the UK and is an 18-year industry veteran. He continues to train and talk about SEO via his website, YouTube channel, and podcast. However, Craig is also a regular speaker at numerous conferences across the world, often sharing actionable tips and nuggets of advice with both newbie and advanced digital marketers.


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