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ÉLEVER LIFE Announces Fastest 3-Day Delivery on Holiday Orders for NEATLY Shoe Organizers

Last updated Sunday, December 13, 2020 14:57 ET

Sturdy, Stylish, Stackable Shoe Boxes that make the most thoughtful Holiday Gifts

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ÉLEVER is pleased to announce the fastest 3-day delivery on all orders for NEATLY stackable shoe boxes and organizers. These shoe organizers make the best holiday gifts and customers might want to hurry as Christmas is fast approaching and the gifts need to reach on time.

NEATLY shoe organizers don’t need a special introduction as they have become extremely popular for the most functional and inexpensive way to store footwear. The stackable shoe boxes can be placed in a closet or entryway. These boxes can also be used in the home office for storing stationery, files, and essential documents. However, these are much better when used for storing shoes, sandals, and sneakers.

NEATLY shoe organizers
NEATLY shoe organizers

A set of 6 boxes in medium-size costs just $35.45 and an X-Large that is suitable for all sized shoes is priced at $49.89 for a set of 6. One of the most attractive features of these boxes is that they are transparent. And they have a ventilation system at the back of every box. This allows breathability and lets air pass through the box thereby keeping the shoes smelling fresh. It also prevents buildup of mold, odor, moisture, and dust. This is probably the best way to store expensive shoes and sandals, and preserve their natural sheen and charm for a longer time.

The other advantage of using these stackable shoeboxes is that of easy accessibility. Soon, events and activities will be back on the calendar, finding a perfect pair of shoes just before the party could be quite stressful especially when they are not organized, polished, or don’t look wearable. These boxes keep the shoes in prime condition and they are ready to use straight out of the box. The shoes can also be easily accessed because of the transparent feature. And the best thing is that every shoe gets a designated space. That is the beauty of stackable shoe organizers. It is not just shoes but these boxes can also be used to store clothing, towels, sweaters, baby clothing and shoes, books, toys, and other small items. The intuitive door opening also makes it a no-fuss box.

Customers who have purchased these elegant cube organizers have praised the design for its functionality and look. “I’m always looking for ways to organize my house better. I love this shoe organizer and it was easy to put together. This keeps my shoes protected and has air circulation holes so that there isn’t any moisture leading to the growth of things. This has also helped organize my closet much better”, says Traci C, a happy customer. Store these boxes under the bed, under the closet, in the cabinet, or anywhere feasible. These make the most thoughtful gifts for the upcoming gifting season. Customers might want to place an order today and avail of the 3-day fast delivery across the country.

To place an order today visit https://www.amazon.com/SHOE-ORGANI...ES/dp/B07TYJ5ZQ1?th=1 or browser the new website.


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