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The Rise of Online/Digital Marketing Services During Covid-19

Last updated Friday, December 18, 2020 00:00 ET

Noop.com.au Emerges as a Strategic Advisor and Digital Marketing Consultant for Businesses

Myaree, United States, 12/18/2020 / SubmitMyPR /

PERTH, AUSTRALIA - 17th December 2020 – Noop, a creative digital marketing agency based in Perth has emerged as the most sought out digital marketing consultant and strategic advisor during the ongoing pandemic. COVID-19 has sure brought some unexpected things to the table. While some were utterly disappointing and tragic, others were totally surprising. One of which is the rise of online/digital marketing services. Almost every country had witnessed close to 100% growth in online sales. And business leaders and entrepreneurs feel that this shift is the new normal and that it could be more long-term than imagined. COVID-19 has definitely been an unmitigated disaster and there are many businesses that had taken a serious hit. This paved the way for businesses to establish their online presence like never before.

More and more people are taking to the internet to shop for almost everything starting from a daily essential to a luxury item. If the behavior of the consumer changed so drastically then why should businesses continue to operate as normal? The digital marketing industry has witnessed some emerging trends starting with an integrated approach. More and more brands are now aware of the changing needs of their customers. Today, there is more stress on using the most appropriate and relevant keywords to help customers get as close to the brand as possible.

Noop has embraced this massive shift and has also helped several brands emerge as leaders in their respective niches. It is inevitable that businesses or brands must increase their investments so as to build their online presence as well as advertise and market their products and services online. All this because they have to tend to the needs of the sudden influx of people who have preferred to shop online during the pandemic. This is a golden opportunity for brands who want to create their own space and stay ahead of the competition.

Noop believes that in business, timing is important and is everything. As a digital agency, their team studies and strengthens the pulse of organizations through careful market analysis. Supported by unique integrated process improvement and branding approach designed to facilitate innovation. Every business has its own bottlenecks whether it is with productivity, management, reputation, or market perception. Noop and their team of experts revolutionize the way the businesses are conducted and transform them into businesses that they need to be. The importance of strategic marketing cannot be undermined. That is why Noop curates marketing strategies and customizes them as per the business needs and requirements. Noop works with its clients as partners. They see what others do not and have the unique capability to turn market threats into a competitive advantage.

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About Noop

Noop is a digital marketing agency and trusted strategic advisors for online businesses and brands. The agency offers brand consultation, process improvement, and marketing strategies for systematic success. NOOP has gained immense popularity as Perth’s intelligent advertising agency that combines its in-house IQ and EQ to offer the best-in-class services for its clients across Australia.




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