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Type A Training, In-Home Personal Training Company Announces “LIVE Virtual Recovery Classes”

Last updated Sunday, December 20, 2020 22:56 ET

Classes Designed for Recovery, Personal Therapy, De-Stressing and Relaxation

New York, United States, 12/20/2020 / SubmitMyPR /

MANHATTAN, NEW YORK - 21st December 2020 – Type A Training, a leading In-Home Personal Training Company is pleased to announce “LIVE Virtual Recovery Classes” for anyone who wants to de-stress, reduce the tensions, be calmer, and are looking for a great way to relax their body and mind. The Live Classes are going to be held with a smaller group of not more than 12 members per session. This helps the instructors give personalized attention to each person taking the classes. With the ongoing pandemic, it has been quite stressful for parents, employees, students, and children as well. And staying at home has proved to be very hard on both the body and mind. Not to forget the screen time, back-to-back online meetings, binge-watching TV shows on streaming platforms, and as usual the family drama that starts and never ends.

Individuals are going through a lot of stress. And the most common way of getting rid of that stress on a normal day is to go out for dinner, meet friends, watch a movie or go on a weekend camping trip. And since all these are not possible on a regular basis, the best way is to do something that brings peace to the inner mind and body. Type A Training understands the stress that people are going through right now and are doing their bit to make it a little bit easier for them. For the first time ever, the In-Home Personal Training Company has added virtual classes and some of the top NYC fitness instructors and certified trainers are going to lead the virtual fitness classes and recovery classes.

Meditation, Pilates, and Yoga are all fused into each of the classes. The virtual recovery classes are designed to make the participants feel calmer, focused, and rejuvenated after each and every session. Backed by three fundamental principles, these classes will help the body recover from intense workouts as well as the daily stress from life. The classes also intend to improve the mindset, realign the body from head to toe, and improve productivity. The benefits of attending the virtual recovery classes are increased workout performance, restoring the body’s balance, improved sleep quality, and increased energy. The best thing is that the exercises can be modified to varying degrees of ability, fitness levels, mobility limitations, etc. to suit the personal fitness needs and goals of the participants.

To learn more about virtual fitness classes visit https://www.typeatraining.com/live-virtual-classes

About Type A Training

Type A Training is a fitness company specializing in in-home personal training with 30 to 45 minute full body circuit workouts. The personal trainers at Type A Training have been serving Manhattan for more than two decades. The team consists of over 25 insured, certified, and personally vetted trainers who cater to the fitness training needs of their clients irrespective of age, gender, location, level of fitness, and personal fitness goals. The institute is now offering virtual fitness classes and virtual personal training in Manhattan.



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