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Best VPN To Use In China in 2021 That Reddit Users Love: Details by MoreCyberDeals.com

Last updated Monday, December 21, 2020 21:16 ET

With the growth in demand for VPN's, MoreCyberDeals.com presents the best VPN choices for users.

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If you are in China or planning on spending some time there, then you may already be aware of the fact that China’s stance on the internet is a little bit different than the rest of the world. They are quite a bit more restrictive when it comes to the world wide web than most other major countries in the world, to say the least. Websites like Facebook and YouTube which we all use every single day are not available in China - however, they have their own alternatives to the major websites that we've grown accustomed to. With that being said, you might be the type of individual that would like to gain back your digital freedom and bypass the restrictions in place as many others have done. The best way to do so is through the use of a trusty VPN.

1. NordVPN - Claim Deal Now

This is a VPN that has been around for quite a while, and for good reason. Nord VPN has stood the test of time because it has served its customers remarkably well, especially those who engage in internet browsing in some of the more restrictive countries. It has also become quite popular on Reddit where many individuals discuss what the best VPNs to use are. In terms of pricing, security, variety, and confidentiality, Nord can't be beaten. Some of the prominent features of NordVPN include:

- 5,530+ servers across 59 countries (and growing)

- Military-grade encryption

- CyberSec technology

- A strict no-logs policy

- Blocks annoying ads

- 30-day money-back guarantee

On top of having all of these features included, it is also considered to be one of the most reliable VPN's out there in general, which is very important for those of us that need access at all times of the day. There is virtually no downtime with Nord and speed has always been lightning fast in pretty much all of the regions they offer. The only viable competitor to it would be Surfshark VPN and CyberGhost VPN, which are some pretty decent services on their own.

2. SurfShark VPN - Claim Deal Now

Surfshark is a VPN that is extremely reliable even though it may not yet have the notoriety that something like Nord has. It has proven to be extremely efficient and simple to use. Their 24/7 customer support is arguably some of the best in the business, and it is one of those "hidden gem" services (although it is no longer that hidden). From uptime to support to their encryption - it really does not get much better than what SurfShark has to offer its users.

- Works with Amazon Video, Netflix, and BBCiPlayer

- Compatible with Windows, Linux, Mac, iOS, Android, and some gaming consoles

- No-logs policy

- Automatic kill switch

- CleanWeb feature

- Military-grade encryption

- 30-day money-back guarantee

Why Is Nord The Best VPN To Use In China?

Make no mistake about it; Nord is not the only company in this space. There are dozens of VPN companies out there ranging from big to small with servers all over the world, but most are not worth even mentioning. The thing(s) that put Nord in a different league than the others is the fact that they seemingly do the best job at protecting your privacy while also providing its users with the most options to choose from in terms of server locations, at least when it comes to the big companies. These two reasons alone are enough to put it above the crowd, but there are other factors at play that strengthen its position even further such as great customer support, pricing, and extra features. There have been no server issues whatsoever when using this VPN service in China which is a big factor in and of itself.

Why You Need A VPN in China For 2021 (And Beyond)

This is somewhat of a controversial topic these days, though it really shouldn't be. Some people claim that getting a VPN to use in a restrictive region or country is not necessary since they have done it in the past with no issues, however, this couldn't be further from the truth. Failure to use a VPN in one of these countries could get you in some hot water. Firstly, you won't even be able to access these websites in the first place which is the biggest issue at play. But secondly, even if you somehow managed to get on your favorite website using some other technique, your privacy would be at risk and chances are you won't be getting the same streaming speeds you would with a high-quality VPN.

There is also the issue of privacy. There are no laws restricting you from using a VPN while in China - but regardless of that, a VPN should be used to maintain privacy. Otherwise, your browsing and download history will be in plain sight for your ISP to view (and share) at their convenience and when it is required of them to do so. Using a VPN like Nord assures you that level of privacy that you can't currently get any other way.

Is Torrenting With a VPN Safe?

Using the VPN will keep your web activity private, and that should keep you out of trouble if you should accidentally download something that has copyright attached. It can offer some protection against malware, but you need to be sure your antivirus software is up to date if you are torrenting. Most will agree that when it comes to the internet, there is no such thing as 100% guaranteed safety, however, using a good VPN puts you in a significantly better position than you would otherwise be in. If you are the type of individual that visits these major sites quite frequently, then using a very-private-network becomes a necessity, not a luxury. It's something you will need to avoid potential trouble down the line. Whether you are in the United States, China, or anywhere else, these are some of the major reasons why you should strongly consider using a VPN:

  • Suspicious sites. Sites that have been suspected of enabling illegal downloads have been shut down in the United States. The downside is, as some respectable ones are put out of business, worse ones show up to take their place. These can have a lot of pop-up ads, and worse, they can actually hack users' computers.
  • Throttling of your connection. Torrenting uses a lot of bandwidth, and some providers have limits on how much you can use. Many ISPs will throttle your speed if they see you using too much data.

Countries Where VPN's are Needed The Most

It should come as no surprise to readers that the United States is not going to make the top of our list, but is still a place you might want to consider using a VPN. After that, you would get countries such as Canada, the UK, New Zealand, Australia, and most countries within the EU. Residents of these countries are said to have it slightly better than those in the United States, but they are obviously not completely immune. People from these nations also need to strongly consider using a VPN not only to protect their privacy but to bypass their ISP throttling their connection should they choose to torrent, which generally consumes quite a bit of bandwidth. The main countries where VPN's are absolutely necessary are:

  • China
  • Iran
  • Bahrain
  • Cuba
  • Belarus
  • North Korea
  • Russia
  • Pakistan

Final Thoughts: VPN's Are Necessary in 2021

Aside from using it strictly for avoiding ads, VPN's provide a great value to their users when it comes to privacy and control over what you can and can't see. The internet, unfortunately, isn't as free as it should be and in many countries - major sites like YouTube and Facebook can't even be accessed without using one. According to one source, There are a plethora of reasons as to why someone might want to use a trustworthy VPN, and security for torrenting is as good as any. One must prioritize their own safety and privacy if they are going to be torrenting, and a VPN offers you just that.

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