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Kibo Code Quantum Review 2021: The Kibo Code “Quantumania” Is Real! Reviewed By Steve Coleman

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Kibo Code Quantum Review - No. 1 make money online course by Aidan and Steve is relaunching in 2021 with more content and fresh opportunities! Kibo Code Quantum program reviewed by a student.

New York, 12/28/2020 / SubmitMyPR /

For those of you who don’t know me already, my name is Steve Coleman. I am an affiliate marketer who has been in the industry for more than a decade now.

But it is only recently that my name started making waves in the community, and that is all thanks to the Kibo Code Program. I am glad to say that I was one of the lucky few who could participate in the first version of the program early last year.

Having already attended the 2020 version of the program, you can trust me when I say that, this new iteration, the Kibo Code Quantum is an opportunity you don’t want to miss.

Due to the 8-week training that I received from the Kibo Code program and all the resources and tools that the program made available to me, I went from earning around $1000 A WEEK to earning $1000 A DAY!

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Course Title

The Kibo Code Quantum

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Premium e-commerce Business Training Course


Aidan Booth & Steve Clayton

Course Modules

8 Modules

Course Duration

8 Weeks

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Payment Modes

PayPal, Bank Transfer

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I had been in affiliate marketing for quite some time before I came across the Kibo Code. But despite my exhaustive list of contacts in the industry, I had never been made aware of the particular traffic source being taught in the Kibo Code training program.

It surprised me to no extent! And I’m sure that Kibo Code QUANTUM will have something similar that will surprise me. That’s why I’ve decided that I’ll be one of the first to jump on the bandwagon despite having already attended the 2020 version.

The pre-launch of this new and much-improved version of the Kibo Code program begins on the 20th of January 2021. During this period, you’ll be able to join their free webinar session and book your seat before the official launch of Kibo Code QUANTUM.

In this Kibo Code QUANTUM review I will give you a sneak peek into all I have learned so far about this unique training program so that you are up to speed and ready to dive in when the official launch finally happens.

What is Kibo Code QUANTUM?

Kibo Code QUANTUM is the latest iteration of the immensely popular eCommerce business training program created by eCommerce experts Aidan Booth and Steven Clayton and launched in January 2020.

The first version, the Kibo Code, is a training program that teaches aspiring online-entrepreneurs to build and scale online stores using a unique, profitable business model.

In layman’s terms, it is a training course that shows you “how to make money easily” using an untapped traffic source that hasn’t been discussed in such detail ever before.

According to the creators, this new version isn’t a “reboot” or “relaunch” of the original program, but rather an “upgraded” version. And that’s what got me excited!

The success of the first version, and the experience they have gained over the past year, prompted Aidan & Steven to spend more time, effort, and money on their product, and Kibo Code QUANTUM results from those efforts.

The creators say they were able to identify all the pain-points in the first version and solve every single one of them. They have spent hundreds of thousands of dollars to build software, which will make running with this business model much easier and much faster.

So that means those subscribing to Kibo Code QUANTUM are really in for a treat!

Kibo Code QUANTUM Course modules: What’s inside the course?

When I joined the first version of the Kibo Code in early 2020, it featured a detailed 8-week long training program that teaches you to successfully run an eCommerce business. The course consisted of seven modules that give you the strategies you need to adopt while running an e-commerce store and to fast-track you to the expert level.

  1. CENTRAL INTELLIGENCE - This module gives you classified training revealing every step of the Kibo Code system. It is essentially your introduction to eCommerce.
  2. STORESTORM - The most important module of the Kibo Code program, this tool helps you build your eCommerce store. It is the super-app that builds your site in 60 minutes or less.
  3. HAND-PICKED PRODUCTS - This module tells you about five exclusive products to fast-track your success.
  4. PROFIT VAULT - This module gives you exclusive access to some done-for-you products from Kibo Code’s secret repository.
  5. TRAFFIC BLACK BOX - This module introduces you to some unique traffic generation methods which will bring instant visitors to your website from untapped sources.
  6. ORACLE X - This module focuses on teaching you the art of product bidding or product research with the use of proprietary software that will help accelerate your profits.
  7. KIBO ACADEMY - Kibo Academy is the 24/7 support system operated by Kibo Code’s team of experts. This academy's sole purpose is to help Kibo graduates clarify their doubts and optimize their performance.

I expect Kibo Code QUANTUM to follow this same detailed structure. However, the creators have already confirmed that the training will be entirely new, meaning that even those who have already reaped the benefits of Kibo Code, like me, can also join the program to maximize success, which is exactly what I intend to do.

Also, this time around, the training will be done LIVE, so any claims of experience with Kibo Code QUANTUM is false and should not be believed. The earliest information you can expect to get about Kibo Code QUANTUM is through the free pre-launch webinar session, just like last time, which you can join from the 20th January 2021.

Any new information regarding the modules in this course will be promptly updated here. So, keep an eye on this link for regular updates.

How does Kibo Code QUANTUM work?

Kibo Code QUANTUM offers to help aspiring online entrepreneurs by providing them with expert knowledge about running an e-commerce store. Through the program, you receive exclusive mentorship from the creators Aidan Booth and Steve Clayton, first hand. And although the training will be entirely new, the structure should be the same as the original Kibo Code program.

For those unaware of how the Kibo Code program works, here’s how:

  1. Using the tools that the Kibo Code program provides you; you will first have to buy a first-rate generic domain.
  2. You will then set up a store with one of the preloaded store-themes using the newly bought domain.
  3. You then Add products for sale to the store website.
  4. Once products are added, you then use the unique traffic generation methods taught in the program to drive instant traffic to the website.
  5. When a sale is made, a USA-based supplier will drop-ship the product directly to the customer.
  6. Finally, optimize your website by selecting the most profitable products and eliminating the ones that aren’t. Repeat the process over and over to scale up your business.

From my experience, the whole system takes about one or two days to set up and revolves around these six steps. This is only the basic process. But nonetheless, you can clearly see how easy it is to follow.

I had to attend 8 live weekly training sessions as part of the program with bonuses and additional training after completing the course. I was also given exclusive access to the Kibo Code Training Area. I got the latest members updates, help, and service from a 24/7 support desk, a library of resources, and members-only tools, software, and services.

Now, let me break it down to you, how the Kibo Code training program really works.

In the first week of the training, you will have to decide on your unique store name, obtain your store’s domain, and also create a logo. You will also set up your store’s contact info and payment gateway. In the second week of the training, you will join the Kibo Accountability Program and the Kibo Kickstart.

By the third week, you will start earning money. You will by now have set up a theme for your store and also begin selling two products so that you gain some experience.

In the fourth week, you’ll learn about Google ad optimization, Microsoft Shopping, and traffic scaling and in week five, you will access videos that will help guide you to optimize Microsoft ads, and also find three to five new products.

In week six you’ll learn about remarketing and start Facebook retargeting ads and in week seven training will revolve around Klaviyo, Wheelio, and email marketing.

In the final week, you’ll be introduced to an automated bidding strategy, target ROAS for shopping campaigns. By the time you are done with the training, you will have learned enough to earn a substantial amount daily. In essence, anyone can become an expert.

But it doesn’t end there. Even after the completion of the eight-week training program, you’ll be provided with more training and support in the form of webinars and expansion modules discussing topics like copywriting, content marketing, youtube, partnership, outsourcing, and much more.

Now, obviously, this is not exactly what you will be learning in the Kibo Code QUANTUM program. And no one can give you the exact nature of the training program, because the creators have until now kept it a tightly guarded secret. The only way you will get early access to the details of the new upgraded version is through the free pre-launch webinar. Coincidentally, I remember that I became convinced about the original Kibo Code program after I attended the pre-launch webinar in 2020!

About the creators Aidan Booth & Steven Clayton

Now, if you haven’t already heard about Aidan and Steven, let me tell you a little bit about them. Both are expert e-commerce entrepreneurs who come from humble beginnings. They worked hard for years and years, learning more and more about online marketing and finding new and affordable ways to start an eCommerce store.

Aidan’s first venture into online marketing was in 2005, during his time in Argentina. Steven Clayton on the other hand comes from a business background and is a former CFO of a Fortune 500 business. Aidan has also been part of many successful ventures including Parallel Profit, 7 Figure Cycle, and 100k factory. The two joined forces in October 2013 and haven’t turned back since then. Together they have more than 15 years of experience in online marketing.

Today they are worth millions. Just in the past couple of years, they have made millions of dollars, before deciding to share their secrets with passionate entrepreneurs. For both of them, a passion to succeed is key!

What are the Pros and Cons of Kibo Code QUANTUM business model?


  • Easy to learn: The best part about the Kibo Code business model is that it is easy to learn. You can be sure that Kibo Code QUANTUM will be no different. You do not be an e-commerce student or need prior knowledge to follow the course.
  • Does not require investment: The most difficult part of running an eCommerce business is having to spend large sums of money on inventory. The Kibo Code business model bypasses this problem by using its own eCommerce store.
  • Trusted creators: The Kibo Code program is created by two trusted names in Aidan and Steven, who have years and years of experience in e-commerce. They have seen the ups and downs in managing an online e-commerce business and have come up with a business model we can trust without second thoughts.
  • Value for money: Kibo Code offers you the best advice regarding e-commerce that is available anywhere on the internet. Such information doesn’t come cheap. Naturally, you will have to pay a premium price to subscribe to this course. But it is worth every single penny. Besides, you can earn back the money you spent


  • Premium price: The only drawback about Kibo Code is that it comes at a premium price and might not be affordable for everyone. However, you can overcome this obstacle if you are determined. With minimal effort, you will be able to reclaim the amount spent on this program within weeks of its completion, if only you can find a way to finance the initial investment. No risk, no reward.

How does the Kibo Code QUANTUM make you earn?

Aidan Booth & Steve Clayton declare that they have hundreds of customer testimonials from people who are earning thousands of dollars every day, some of them earning over $50k each day.

Now, $50k is probably one of the highest figures, and not everyone will be able to replicate that success. But earning even a fraction of that amount would still be incredible. Imagine the stuff you could do even if you earn $1000 a day like I do! I assure you it will relieve you a lot of stress at the very least!

To help you earn money, the training program first lets you set up a store to sell products. You will then add good products to this store and make it professional-looking using a platform like Shopify, which has many pre-existing themes. In the Kibo Code program, Aidan and Steven will give you the same themes that brought them success.

Now you don’t have to buy any products and store or ship them. All of that will be taken care of externally. All you have to do is get traffic to your website and make some sales and the Kibo Code system will help you on that end.

What they do is, they help you utilize the traffic source of the most popular search engines and find prospective customers who might be interested in the products you are selling. Once your store is connected to the traffic source, it will be featured in a sponsored search result with the corresponding product, whenever a customer searches for the product online. If a customer buys a from your store, you will offer them a similar product to increase your sales - a method known as upselling.

The most crucial part, according to me, is finding the most suitable suppliers for the products, because that will determine the profit you make. Adian and Steven have a huge database of millions of products and suppliers. The Kibo Code program will help you find trusted products and suppliers that are approved by Aidan and Steve. Finding the right suppliers will help you optimize and scale your store and help you make more and more money.

What makes Kibo Code QUANTUM unique?

From my perspective, what makes Kibo Code QUANTUM unique is that unlike other “make money online” methods, this method is much easier for people to learn and help them reap the benefits much faster.

During the free webinar sessions in the last launch, one of the questions that Aidan and Steven were frequently asked was “how much money would need to be spent on traffic.”

Kibo Code QUANTUM, will, however, put a major focus on FREE TRAFFIC. From what I know, users will have a choice, if they wish to stick to free traffic.

Aidan and Steve have been working on multiple strategies that can be used, that includes driving in free website visitors from various social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and many others, which will further boost your sales.

Who is Kibo Code QUANTUM for?

Kibo Code Quantum is for anyone who wants to dive into the vast and stormy sea that is the marketing business. You don’t need to have any prior knowledge about e-commerce as the first module of the program will cover all the marketing basics that a beginner would need to know. The training program will take you through a step-by-step process during an 8-week schedule.

I wish I had something like the Kibo Code when I was starting out in the industry. But I’m glad that Aidan and Steven have come up with this program, because I’m sure that it will help many of you out there who have no idea about eCommerce affiliate marketing, easily venture into the industry and make a lot of money!

What are the Bonuses of Kibo Code QUANTUM?

The first version of the Kibo Code program was not limited to just training. I had also received some bonuses that helped me immensely.

  • The Secret Mastermind - Advanced workshops with additional tactics, formulas, and strategies which are worth a total of $4997.
  • Kibo Code live recordings - The full recordings of Kibo Code live events with guest speakers and inner circle secrets worth a total of $3997.
  • 7-figure Scaling Secrets - Exclusive training revealing how to scale your business to a 7-figure run rate, worth a total of $4497.

You can expect similar bonuses with Kibo Code QUANTUM, if not more!

How much will Kibo Code QUANTUM cost?

Details about the upgraded Kibo Code QUANTUM pricing will only be revealed during the official launch on 26th January 2021.

The first version came for $3497 for the whole package, which was also payable in three or four installments. Since Kibo Code QUANTUM is an upgraded and perfected version of the Kibo Code, the price could be higher. However, you can be sure that it is worth each penny!

Kibo Code QUANTUM Review Verdict

If we are to believe the creators and third-party opinions, Kibo Code QUANTUM is the next-big-thing in online eCommerce training.

The huge success of the Kibo Code and the hundreds of testimonials from people earning thousands of dollars each day, almost warrant the success of Kibo Code QUANTUM as it is an upgraded, or rather, perfected version of the same.

The only thing left to do is to wait and see just how good the program is. Or instead of waiting, you can just Join The Kibo Code QUANTUM Free Webinar like I did last time around.

Being a former student, I can tell you from personal experience, that it is the best way to clearly understand how the new Kibo Code QUANTUM is going to work. I will be one of the first in line to join, and I suggest you should too - after all the webinar is absolutely free!

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