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Kibo Eclipse - The HIGHLY Anticipated Ecommerce Mentorship Program Already Launched 2022

Last updated Thursday, January 20, 2022 13:00 ET , Source: Kibo Eclipse

The awaited Kibo Eclipse program has been launched by eCommerce mentors Steve Clayton & Aidan Booth.

Kingston, USA, 01/20/2022 / SubmitMyPR /

Steve Clayton and Aidan Booth, founders of The Kibo Eclipse Mentorship Program, have announced the release date of their popular e-Commerce program, starting enrollments on the 25th of January 2022 and closing on the 3rd of February, or prior if full to capacity.

After witnessing the massive success of hundreds of students from the 2021 edition, plenty of aspiring entrepreneurs wanted to verify if this program was still reliable in 2022.

More genuine information can be found at the Kibo Eclipse Analysis’ Website.

Course Title

The Kibo Eclipse Program

Course Content

E-commerce Mentorship Program and Training Course

Course Packages

Mentorship Pricing

8 Modules with Full-on Mentorship

$3,497 Full Payment or 4 Payments of $997


Steven Clayton and Aidan Booth

The founders exclusively reported that the Kibo Eclipse program provides entrepreneurs with dedicated mentorship and an intense training on building, automating, and scaling profitable products on large online US-based marketplaces.

After a period of research and development, the founders will equip new Kibo Eclipse students with newly developed infrastructure, experience, and expertise with the aim to give all new Kibo participants a massive head start in 2022.

According to Kibo Eclipse Co-Founder Aidan Booth: I believe the reason behind our students’ massive success is that we flat-out challenge them to use the Kibo Eclipse system and platform, complete the core training modules with us, go through the step-by-step videos, all the strategy manuals, the software, tune in for all our live weekly training sessions with us and connect the dots with a few simple actions, and if for whatever reason they aren’t satisfied or seeing amazing results within 30 days, we refund every penny of their small investment.

Independent studies have shown that new Kibo Eclipse students see rapid results, translating to generating thousands of dollars per week in relatively short periods of time. This has been communicated here by a plethora of Previous Kibo Eclipse Students.

The makers of the program disclose a refund policy for Kibo Eclipse participants who don’t see any profits within 30 days. The Kibo Eclipse ecommerce methods have been described by industry experts as efficient and quick to set up, with guarantees announced inside the kibo eclipse system that it will be easy to know if this works for any new user within the initial 30 days.

Aidan Booth and Steve Clayton emphasize that taking action is the most important step, made easy by following Kibo Eclipse’s 3 Core principles. First, even if one is short on time, it has been disclosed that the instructions are simple to follow, making it easier to earn considerable amounts of money in the early phases of the mentorship.

Second, it’s also been reported that since the training is available indefinitely, each step can be implemented at ease. Third, all questions are cleared by the mentors in live sessions with extended Kibo Eclipse support and focused Q&A sessions. They reiterate that the program has been made in such a way that even busy individuals can still reap the financial benefits, provided every step is followed precisely.

Studies by several third parties also revealed that the most important aspects of the Kibo Eclipse training program are its differences from traditional eCommerce training programs. With free updated traffic strategies, making it easy to directly sell and market products to clients that need them.

Further, Kibo Eclipse leverages US-based suppliers, eliminating any communication issues. Costs related to inventory management are eliminated in this business model, as products are only bought upon first being sold. Also, results can be rapidly generated by primarily testing the fastest-selling products on ecommerce marketplaces.

More reliable information is available at Kibo Eclipse Legal.

Key features of Kibo Eclipse include: 8-week program, detailed training modules, hundreds of videos, strategy manuals, process-maps, live training workshops, software tools and AI-based software will be available. Along with all the available resources, the Kibo Eclipse bonuses that come with the training, and the mentorship one needs to run this business, customized products are also provided by the Kibo Eclipse Inventors.

Kibo Eclipse members will also get a free all-access ticket to the 2-Day live KIBO ECLIPSE 2022 event, with shark-tank guest speakers and inner-circle secrets.

To date, it was reported that unlike other e-Commerce programs, The Kibo Eclipse has no hidden startup investment, meaning none of the inventory cost, private labeling, paid software, monthly advertising budgets, or dealing with overseas suppliers.

In order to celebrate this event, from January 25 to February 3, 2022, Kibo Eclipse participants will gain free access to a private eCommerce platform named KIBO HQ that benefited from over $250,000 in development investment in late 2021. Several media outlets announced that the sole aim of this platform is to manage and automate all the moving parts of the eCommerce business, making scaling much faster and easier for new Kibo students.

Founders Steve Clayton and Aidan Booth have decided to mentor and pass along their secrets and shortcuts in the program at a price point of $3,497, which includes an exclusive $491 Discount if the program is paid upfront. However, interested parties can also opt for 4 Installment Payments Of $997.

Interested parties who are interested about building a strong source of income in a short period of time are encouraged by mentors Steve Clayton and Aidan Booth to enroll in the Kibo Eclipse Mentorship Program. The founders have also stated that 2022 Kibo Eclipse students will be greeted with several bonuses that are worth 5-figures in total value, more can be found at the Kibo Eclipse’s Network.

For further clarifications, aspiring Kibo Eclipse participants who have questions about the mentorship or the overall program can get in touch with The Kibo Eclipse support team at [email protected].

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