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ThisDiabetic.com Introduces BLOT, a Proper Way to End a Finger Prick for Diabetics

Last updated Tuesday, December 29, 2020 11:17 ET

A Convenient and Safe Alternative to Messy Tissues After Testing Blood Sugar

New York, United States, 12/29/2020 / SubmitMyPR /

29th December 2020 – ThisDiabetic.com is pleased to introduce BLOT, a device that offers a convenient alternative to messy tissues after testing blood sugar levels for discrete cleanup, especially in public settings. BLOT is a patented solution that most diabetics would love because they finally have a solution to where to put their blood after a finger prick. Backed by a doctor-assisted design, BLOT puts an end to licking, swiping, scrunching up bloody tissues, and using unhygienic tissue papers during emergencies. This simple palm-sized device can be carried in a pocket, a purse, or a handbag; and helps people move on with their daily life without diabetes getting in their way.

The blue cylinder rotates smoothly around after capturing the blood. The same cylinder can be used for a minimum of 12 collections with the option of replacing the used cotton pads with newer ones. Available in 2 colors – royal blue and light blue, the device comes with one regular cotton round inside. Customers can now purchase BLOT on ThisDiabetic.com which also features other products such as diabetic apparel, diabetes accessories, and diabetic bags for supplies. It is a known fact that diabetes can lead to severe health ailments. But what often troubles new diabetics most is the lack of information, education, and community that helps newly diagnosed persons make a smooth transition into everyday maintenance with great resources and without uncomfortable stigmas.

ThisDiabetic.com - Blood Sugar Testing Supplies
ThisDiabetic.com - Blood Sugar Testing Supplies

ThisDiabetic.com aims to make life a little easier for diabetics, especially the newly diagnosed individuals who need all the support they can get; to reduce the social anxiety associated with diabetes. With a wide range of diabetic apparel, diabetes accessories, diabetic bags for supplies, and BLOT for blood sugar testing cleanup of diabetic fingers, these individuals can live their life normally and more confidently. Diabetes is a condition that can be controlled with discipline. This store features accessories that can help keep the supplies handy and patients don’t have to miss a thing while they are traveling. Customers can now carry pumps, pods, replacement equipment, BLOTS, insulin, needles, infusion sets, low snacks and supplies, and many more in the attractive mini fanny packs, duffle cases, and backpacks.

“How many times have I been in a fancy restaurant surrounded by people and I open up my blood glucose meter case and sitting there is a bloody Kleenex – how embarrassing! And unsightly and unhygienic. I ordered two BLOTs and I LOVE them. The Blot uses a simple little round cotton pad that you can find in any health and beauty aisle and it lasts through a lot of fingersticks. It lays flat in my meter case so no issues zipping up the case. And there’s no blood to be seen anywhere. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this product. Thank you ThisDiabetic.com”, says Rosemary, a happy customer.

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About ThisDiabetic.com

ThisDiabetic.com was started by Cynthia Katsingris, who is Founder and CEO, as well as a T1D. Cynthia designs products that make the management of a diabetic lifestyle easier thereby empowering the community and spreading awareness. Cynthia created BLOT as a solution for the social embarrassment of having to check blood sugar levels in public. This product has gained immense popularity and diabetics report more confidence to maintenance diabetes without social stigmas, and have nothing but praises for this device. The website now offers diabetic apparel, diabetes accessories, diabetic bags for supplies, and BLOT devices.




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