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VIP Capital Funding, Preparedness is Key for Small Business-Mid Sized businesses in the Uncertain Economy

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VIP Capital Funding has triumphantly assisted and consulted clients with anywhere from 1 to over 100 entities each through their reconsideration requests.

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Joshua Triplett
Owner and Executive Principal Managing Partner of VIP Capital Funding :Joshua Triplett

Joshua Triplett Owner and Executive Principal Managing Partner of VIP Capital Funding, a top 10 Fin-Tech lender in the country says “Our main focus is to accomplish smart, effective and fast funding for any and all small to medium sized businesses across the country. VIP Capital Funding has a core belief system based on strategy and opportunity potential that has allowed our clients to prosper and remain insulated during these uncertain times. The approach we take to short-mid term lending among the rest of our financial products has benefited every range of businesses needing funding amounts anywhere from $50k to multi million dollars, the concept and strategy mostly remains the same.”

VIP Capital Funding is stressing a sense of urgency in obtaining funds now due to the uncertainty coming from the current and upcoming political climate, fear of another and ongoing shutdowns and not to mention the current and ongoing effects of COVID-19. The Main Street Lending Program (MSLP) being paused has also been a blow to the hopes of millions of business owners who were counting on having access to the $450B in Federal Reserve funds set aside to help them sustain and adjust to the post pandemic economy.

Optimistic Future for Small Businesses in 2021 With Plans To Participate In the Additional Government Stimulus of $500BB For Small Businesses

Joshua Triplett, Owner and Executive Principal Managing Partner strongly advises small and medium sized businesses to have the foresight in taking heed of insulation with working capital/business funding to stay protected during the forecasted shutdown over the coming months. History doesn’t always repeat itself but there is almost always a foreseeable pattern, around February 2020-March 2020 many small businesses were left stranded and scrambling for working capital. The stimulus package came delayed and many business owners were forced to shut down.This year is forecasted to be very similar but through the preparedness of VIP Capital Funding many business owners will be protected through the working capital obtained through them.

$500BB has been printed out by the federal reserve but funding is unlikely to take place until the new Presidential Administration. Joshua Triplett is enthusiastically throwing the javelin to small and medium sized business owners to wake up and understand that the capital that VIP Capital Funding has to offer will be tremendously beneficial in case of another shut down among other opportunity based reasons. VIP Capital Funding is a highly reviewed company that is very versatile in the verticals of products that are offered, as VIP Capital Funding doesn’t target just one product but an array of products to set business owners on a program of financial prosperity that will lead to definite growth. This is one of the reasons why VIP Capital Funding has risen to be a top 10 lender in the country according to bestcompany.com due to their robust and effective strategy in solving massive financial problems for small and medium sized business owners.

What we have to offer, Short-Mid Term Covid Relief Funding up to $1MM | $400k annual revenue required:

  • With EIDL and PPP funds exhausted and the 2nd round of stimulus being uncertain or further delayed we strongly recommend small and medium sized business owners to take short-mid term COVID-19 relief capital while it is still here through our pvt lenders and investors. It is a win, win as the investors have more to lose than any business owner and if another shutdown comes, you will have the option to stop or slow payment and you will be left insulated.

  • Segway to this, when the 2nd round of stimulus does come the short term-mid term COVID--19 relief funding will serve as a bridge and be bought out with more in amount, longer terms, and lower interest rates. But business owners need to be pro-active as this could come later rather than sooner.

VIP Capital Funding’s Reconsideration Request Service:

Time is running out!

You only have six months from the date on the official Decline Letter to submit a “Reconsideration Request” and secure your EIDL funding. If you are interested in discussing how VIP Capital Funding can prepare your SBA Economic Injury Disaster Loan “Reconsideration Request” please contact Senior Vice President, Carlos Hernandez at [email protected] or call his office 919-300-0203.

With hundreds of thousands of American business owners getting decline letters after applying for the Economic Injury Disaster Loan (EIDL) VIP Capital Funding has experienced an immense calling to assist business owners who are having difficulties navigating the potentially brutal and lengthy reconsideration process. We have had the pleasure and honor of working with countless successful EIDL’s and have learned the preferred formatting and methods of effectively communicating with the SBA and its Reconsideration Team.

In the case you have received the dreadful “Decline Letter” regarding your SBA Economic Injury Disaster Loan and feel like you have no idea where to even start or have been anxiously waiting for a reply from the SBA, worry no more. VIP Capital Funding’s one stop shop approach to all of our reconsideration submissions would most likely be the best solution for your situation.

We will review your decline letter and schedule a short interview to discuss the individual circumstances of your reconsideration. We have had great success in all reasons provided by the SBA to decline applications and feel very confident in our process yet we regularly advise clients to not use our services if we deem you to be an "automatic decline".

The process is very hands-on for both parties (You and VIP Capital Funding) for the first hour or two. After we retrieve & sign the documents required to execute a proper reconsideration, it will take us about 1-2 days to package and create the perfect reconsideration letter providing the proper information formatting and documentation.

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