Sayches Announces Launch of Social Media Platform with Protected User Privacy

Sayches Announces Launch of Social Media Platform with Protected User Privacy

A new social network platform, developed by British start-up company Sayches, promises to protect users’ privacy from tech industry giants

London, United Kingdom, 01/09/2021 / /

As the digital world grows with the surge of new products and services, user data has become ever more accessible. Steering clear of this easy access to user information, Sayches, a London-based IT company, has announced the launch of its new social media platform for June 2021.

In December 2020, the company announced its presence on its social media accounts, hinting at the idea of creating a new social network service with a privacy ground for users other than the platforms already available in the industry.

The features and the user interface of Sayches are not yet clear, whether it will be just a new alternative version of Facebook or Twitter, for example, or an idea from scratch like TikTok.

However, one thing is already certain: the platform will empower its users to express their thoughts knowing their privacy is protected. “Whether you just want to post a funny one-liner or want to discuss current affairs, Sayches will be the platform to do so”, describes one of the company’s social media account.

Start-up companies such as DuckDuckGo and ProtonMail, providing alternative platforms to conventional search engines and e-mail services from Google, have already established themselves in the industry of privacy by offering user data protection. In that sense, Sayches presents itself with a significant chance to withstand the tech industry’s giants, considering that even Google was unsuccessful with its own social media platform Google+.

Updates on the social network service launch, scheduled for June 2021, and additional information about Sayches can be found by visiting or @SaychesSupport on Twitter.

Sayches is a British IT company based in London, UK. On a mission to make the Internet a better place, the start-up develops new products and services with the fundamental principle to uphold human rights to privacy, anonymity, and transparency without any compromises.

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