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Nuubu Detox Foot Patches Reviews – Best Detox Patch?

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The Nuubu Detox Foot patches are simply stuck on the foot and, according to the manufacturer, are supposed to draw all toxins out of the organism. Check out our review

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What is Nuubu Detox?

Due to environmental and pollutant substances, the human body is burdened with a wide variety of toxins. Every now and then, it is therefore advisable to remove the toxins from the organism. This works best with a detox patch like Nuubu Detox. The patch is simply stuck on the foot and, according to the manufacturer, is supposed to draw all toxins out of the organism. Nuubu Detox detox patches are a good alternative to conventional detox cures. Click here to discover the current discount!

What are the Nuubu Detox quality features?

There is currently no test on the internet from Ökotest or Stiftung Warentest about Nuubu Detox detox patches. Other seals of approval have not been awarded yet either. However, there are some test reports and tests that provide a lot of important information. Unlike other detox methods, the Nuubu Detox detox patch has the advantage that it is only made from natural ingredients. It consists of a combination of herbs and herbal extracts. According to the manufacturer, no chemical additives were used. The Nuubu Detox manufacturer states that the Nuubu Detox patches were made on the basis of centuries-old Asian knowledge. The recipe for the detox has been passed down through many generations.

Nuubu Detox is based on an ancient Asian tradition. The patch is interesting for all people who have planned a detoxification cure and attach great importance to quality and a gentle procedure. Many cures are not well suited because they cause some side effects. According to the manufacturer, this is not the case with the Nuubu Detox detox patch. The toxins are pulled out of the body through herbs and herbal extracts. The Nuubu Detox patch is said to be suitable for young and old alike. For detoxification, simply stick the patch on each foot. The most common signs of toxin build-up are irritability, skin problems, poor concentration, insomnia, headaches, unpleasant body odour, muscle pain, stubborn weight, exhaustion or constipation. With the detox patch, holistic healing is possible. According to the Nuubu Detox manufacturer, with the practical detox patch you can not only treat the symptoms, but also the cause. The human body is full of waste products and toxins. They can permanently damage blood circulation or cause stress. For this reason, every person should regularly detoxify the body.

Nuubu Detox rating and recommendation

According to the manufacturer, Nuubu Detox is based on a traditional process. The natural ingredients offer you the advantage that they are generally well tolerated and do not cause any side effects. The patches are a cost-effective alternative compared to a conventional detox treatment. You do not have to expect any disadvantages when using the patches. They are simply stuck under your feet and draw many toxins and harmful substances out of your body over the next few hours. In addition, the active ingredients provide you with plenty of vitamin C and other beneficial vitamins and minerals. According to the manufacturer, you will feel much better after using them. When applying the plaster, make sure that you fix it directly on the middle of your foot. Your skin should only have direct contact with the soft side. The second patch should be placed on the other side of the foot or on another part of the body. After six to eight hours, you can remove it.

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Evaluation as a list of points

  • Detoxification of the body through herbs and herbal extracts
  • Easy to use
  • Only natural ingredients
  • No side effects
  • Ingredients have an antibacterial effect and strengthen the organism
  • Promotes the reproduction of health-promoting microorganisms

General information on the topic of detox patches

Many experts agree that the human body has to deal with many pollutants that cannot be eliminated naturally. Detoxification patches should make it quick and easy to detoxify the body. Many products are self-adhesive plasters that are supposed to rid the body of harmful substances at night. This is what is known as slagging.

Detoxification patches have been available for many years. One of the products is Nuubu Detox. These are high-quality patches that are easy to apply. However, the application offers other advantages. The natural ingredients should promote digestion and strengthen the immune system. In some cases, the patches can also help with chronic complaints, organ or joint pain, migraines or inflammation. It is usually sufficient if the patches are placed on the feet overnight. The principle of detoxification comes from Chinese medicine. The plasters give your body a lot of energy and strengthen your defenses. Your body seems to be saying goodbye to all pollutants and toxins overnight.

Every day we ingest a wide variety of harmful substances such as nicotine, alcohol, caffeine, vaccines, drugs or unhealthy foods. Often the harmful substances are absorbed unconsciously. They accumulate in the body and permanently damage our organism. The organs cannot break down the pollutants themselves. Thus they stay in the body for a longer period of time and can cause a lot of damage. The symptoms that are triggered by pollutants can appear physically or mentally. Most often, an accumulation of the pollutants becomes noticeable through constant fatigue, weight gain, general malaise or nervousness. As with Nuubu Detox, the main ingredient in a detox patch is bamboo wood vinegar. This natural active ingredient ensures that the body's own detoxification process is stimulated and the metabolism is optimally supported.

Nuubu Detox Reviews

When you take a closer look at the ingredients of the patches, it becomes clear that they are indeed only natural ingredients. The Nuubu Detox product consists mostly of loquat leaves, bamboo vinegar, dextrin, vitamin C, Houttuynia Cordata, anion and tumalin.

Loquat leaf has an antibacterial effect, provides a good aroma and absorbs bad odours. Bamubus vinegar supports the reproduction of health-promoting microorganisms as well as digestion and promotes oral and intestinal health. Dextrin is a natural fibre supplement. Wood vinegar is used as an antibacterial solution that also removes bad odours and absorbs sweat, moisture and metabolic waste from the pores. Nuubu Detox is enriched with sufficient vitamin C. This strengthens your immune system. The ingredient Houttuynia Cordata also provides you with an antiviral, rejuvenating and anti-adipose effect. According to the manufacturer, all active ingredients are well coordinated, so that you feel much more vital and fit after use. Visit the official website to see more customer reviews!

Opinions from the net

Some opinions of testers and users can be found on the internet. Many buyers are enthusiastic about the results of the plasters. They especially praise the easy handling of the patches. You don't have to worry about your own health or physical deficits when using them. Most buyers got along very well with the patches on their feet. For this reason, they have recommended Nuubu Detox to others. Some buyers wrote in their section that they noticed a change in their body after just a few days. Other users were pleased that the patches work on the basis of an old tradition. Most buyers agree that the patches are very effective and that they felt much better after using them.

Why do I need this detox patch?

The Nuubu Detox Patch is good for both men and women to detoxify the body. For centuries, detox cures have been used by people to get the natural toxins out of the body. There are many different ways to do this. Many methods can be very detrimental to one's metabolism. During these cures, it is not allowed to eat during this time. It is also not advisable to take medication. As a rule, only water or tea should be drunk during the cure. With a patch, detoxification is much gentler and easier. You don't have to do without anything during the detox. You can use the detox patch at any time without medical supervision. In order for it to have its full effect, you should leave it under your feet for six to eight hours. If necessary, you can also attach it to any other part of your body.

The Nuubu Detox Patch is a new way to detoxify. The toxins are pulled out of the body in a natural way. All you have to do is stick the patches on the sole of your foot. Immediately the ingredients start to work. Your body absorbs toxins or harmful substances every day. Often we are not even aware that the harmful substances are working in the body. The substances are either absorbed through food or through the environment, especially in traffic. Some foods are still treated with a wide variety of pollutants today. Many people are not aware of this. These toxins or pollutants cannot be broken down by the body itself. You can only break them down with a special detoxification cure or with special patches. Further info and a discount can be found here on the official website!

Known FAQ about this product

  • Q: How is the detox patch used?
  • A: According to the manufacturer, you should apply the Nuubu Detox patch to your foot before going to bed. Since you don't use and move your feet much at night, there is no chance of the patch slipping or coming off.
  • Q: Can you use the patch during the day?
  • A: Of course you can use the Nuubu Detox product during the day. For this you should choose a day when you are not on your feet so much. For example, on Sundays, if you want to put your feet up and watch your favourite movie, the patch can work to its full potential.
  • Q: How long does it take to deliver an order?
  • A: As a rule, delivery takes up to 21 days. This is mainly because the delivery comes from the Asian region.
  • Q: How can you tell that the patch is working?
  • A: After a while, you will see something black on your soles. But you can only tell when you take the patch off. The darker the sole, the more toxins have been pulled out of your body. According to tests and testimonials, the detox patch is very effective.
  • Q: Is it dangerous for your body to use?
  • A: The toxins in your body are dangerous in the long run and can cause a variety of symptoms. The patch, on the other hand, works in a natural way. According to the manufacturer, it can be used regularly to detoxify your body without harming you. All the substances used in its manufacture have been adequately tested. They have a detoxifying effect on your body.
Where can I buy Nuubu Detox?

You can place your order directly with the manufacturer. This way you are always on the safe side. If you order from a foreign shop, you may be sent a cheap product instead of the Nuubu Detox patches. The manufacturer can make you a good offer on the purchase. They also offer a lot of important information about the product. If you are not satisfied with the patches, you can return them to the manufacturer within 30 days. The manufacturer offers you a guarantee. You don't have to give a reason for returning the product. You will get your money back within a few working days.

The manufacturer of Nuubu Detox currently offers a 50% discount. This means you can save a lot of money compared to the normal price. If you are planning a larger order, you can get even more discount. It is therefore a good idea to ask your work colleagues, family members or friends if they are also interested in the Nuubu Detox detox patches before ordering. This way, you can take advantage of a great price. However, according to the manufacturer, the discount offer is limited. If you want to regularly pull the toxins out of your body, you should buy a small supply of patches.

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Nuubu Detox technical facts
  • High tolerance due to natural ingredients
  • based on a traditional detoxification technique
  • inexpensive alternative
  • no known harmful effects
  • holistic method of treatment
  • detoxification via the foot
Who is the provider of the product?

If necessary, you can contact the manufacturer of the Nuubu Detox detox patches by email, telephone or in writing. The following information was found on the supplier's website.

UAB Ekomlita, Gedimino g. 45-7, LT-44239, Kaunas

Homepage: https://nuubu.com/

Telephone: +1 (914) 559-9997

E-mail: [email protected]


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