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Prostate Plus Reviews: Does Prostate Plus Really Work? Prostate Plus by 2021.Reviews

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Prostate Plus by Lifetime Health is a unique blend of potent ingredients designed to help improve prostate health and reduce urination problems and sleepless nights from the comfort of home.

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Prostate Plus is a dietary supplement that aims to improve and target the root causes of prostate enlargement. According to the product claim, Prostate Plus effectively improves prostate enlargement symptoms, lower body aches, urinary health, and other related issues. The best part of the supplement consists of all-around natural ingredients, making it safe for almost anyone. The use of natural ingredients also reduces the risks of side effects due to using this product.

Prostate Plus specifically targets the inhibition of cortisol, which is a natural hormone in the human body. Prostate Plus helps relieve the bladder's pressure due to prostate blockage and helps you enjoy an unhindered night's rest. The official website claims that Prostate Plus is like any other dietary supplement that decreases the prostate gland's swelling.

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A healthy prostate signifies the right level of fertility in men. However, as you age, the prostate becomes enlarged. According to the product claim, taking Prostate Plus will improve your condition and help return your prostate gland to its standard size after some time. While the product may sound and feel like any other supplement in the market, there are two unique factors. It relies on all-natural ingredients and targets the root cause of prostate, which is different from other mainstream supplements available today.

Prostate Plus Review

Prostate Plus is a natural dietary supplement that promises to support men’s health, especially as they grow older. As men age, it presents them with severe real-life challenges like frequent visits to the bathroom, reduced libido, and other related issues. Older men often experience lower body pains, particularly at their lower backs. Ignoring these old age symptoms can lead to further complications to the body and affect the male reproductive health adversely.

Prostate Plus supplement serves as a natural support to the system and provides a natural way of dealing with prostate health issues. It also saves you from the harmful effects of chemical additives that are relative to mainstream supplements. The ingredients claim to be composed of 100% natural ingredients, making it safe for consumption by almost any healthy adult.

The use of Prostate Plus saves you the long hours of trying to prepare a healthy diet or smoothie to support your health. You only need to take Prostate Plus tablets daily in the form of soft gels. It is easy and super simple to keep to dosage. Most of the ingredients in this supplement have a long history of use and effectiveness among natives with proven results. The product manufacturer claims that the ingredients have been included in the required quantity for the best result. All these pointers give credence that this product is a favorable one for people who wish to maintain a healthy prostate as they grow older.

Prostate Plus Supplement Expected Results

According to the product claims, Prostate Plus is a dietary supplement that is manufactured to support men’s prostate health. It helps to lessen the symptoms associated with an enlarged prostate. However, it is essential to keep in mind that this product is not intended to replace prostate cancer's standard treatment. It only supports and reduces the symptoms of an enlarged prostate and not cancer.

It is advisable to head to your doctor if you notice any symptoms of cancer. Clearly stated, the benefits of using the supplement may include:

  • Reduction of lower body pain, especially ache in the lower back
  • Improving men’s reproductive health
  • Boosting the body’s level of testosterone
  • Reducing pains while walking and helps reduce frequent visits to the washroom

One notable feature you can obtain from the product website is that it has positive reviews from customers, proving that the supplement is trustworthy. The composition of the capsule, coupled with the natural ingredients, makes it easy and convenient to use.

What Does Prostate Plus Do?

According to the product claim, the simple objective for Prostate Plus is to inhibit cortisol and shrink back the prostate to its original or at least manageable size. According to the manufacturer of this supplement, it inhibits cortisol by the use of adaptogens. The question is, what does cortisol have to do with prostate enlargement? Well, this is simple, both men and women have estrogen. However, the estrogens remain dormant until the natural hormone cortisol begins to interact with it.

In men, cortisol intensifies the estrogen leading to the enlargement of the prostate. In women, estrogen leads to the enlargement of the uterus. The connection between the two is that, as fetuses, the same cells that form the uterus in women are also responsible for forming the prostate gland in men. With estrogen in man, it becomes problematic later in life for the prostate gland when the estrogen level becomes relatively high. The only way the estrogen goes out of control is the fact that we produce excess cortisol.

There is an accumulation of stress as we age, which leads to an accumulation of cortisol. As children and young adults where the prostate is at normal size, the cortisol is usually deficient. However, as we age, there is a rise in the cortisol level to the point of excess in our bloodstream. The problem with cortisol is that there is no avenue for its expulsion from the body. Therefore, the hormone keeps accumulating in the body when we pass through stress. Thus, the estrogen in men also activates at a very high rate as men grow older, leading to prostate enlargement in men later in life.

Now that we understand the underlying factor that leads to prostate enlargement in men, we can now see why the product is designed to target cortisol. You may be wondering how this is achievable. The product manufacturer mentions that the supplement contains a group of herbs known as adaptogens, which impedes cortisol.

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What Are Adaptogens From Prostate Plus?

Adaptogens are particular types of herbs that can train our body to handle stress better. When the body’s ability to handle stress improves, the body becomes strong enough to handle stress without increasing the body's cortisol level. The production of cortisol helps the body to handle stress better. However, once the job is done, the body does not have any means of expelling cortisol. The presence of the hormone in the body will now constitute a problem in men. The work of adaptogens is to inhibit cortisol making it the perfect anti-stress ingredient that the body can ingest. Remarkably, adaptogens remain one of the main components in Chinese traditional medicines and some other parts of the world. The uses of the herbs were almost forgotten until lately. Adaptogen herbs have seen a remarkable resurgence with their introduction into dietary supplements and other modern uses. Notwithstanding, scientists still have divided opinions about the effectiveness of adaptogens. While the product's positive effect can be experienced in stress reduction, there is still the need for qualitative and quantitative research to solidify the theory about adaptogens.

Prostate Plus Manufacturer

Prostate Plus is a Lifetime Health product and should not be confused with products manufactured by other companies. Many brands today use the name prostate plus. This is why we want to clarify that the product we are talking about is the one from lifetime health. Now, it is difficult to find a physical office bearing the name and logo of Lifetime Health. However, their customer service is based somewhere in the United States, which means that they are legit. However, they are probably operating under an alias for a good reason. We hope that the manufacturer will make their manufacturing plants and location clear in the future to make it easier to keep in touch with them. 

Prostate Plus Ingredients

Prostate Plus consists of active but straightforward ingredients. It comes from a blend of adaptogens mixed with a small amount of lycopene and other active ingredients. The purpose of this Prostate Plus review is to critically look at these adaptogens and review how effective they are in providing support for prostate health. While the company does not explicitly state the adaptogens included in this supplement and the specific dosage, the following herbs belong to the adaptogen family. They are most likely some of the ingredients that make up this supplement.

Prostate Plus ingredients are: 

  • The American Ginseng
  • Astragalus
  • Cordyceps
  • Eleuthero Root
  • The Goji Berry
  • The Holy Basil
  • Jiaogulan
  • Licorice Root
  • Ashwagandha
  • Rhodiola Rosea
  • Schisandra Berry
  • Turmeric

If you have taken dietary supplements in the past, you will be familiar with at least one of these herbs. One thing that is noteworthy about these ingredients is that they contain a high amount of antioxidants. They are very useful for taking care of free radicals that damage the body's cells. Antioxidants help to slow down the aging process and prevent further degeneration of the nervous system as we grow older. We have earlier pointed out that adaptogens help to reduce stress and other factors that lead to stress. The typical stress factors that adaptogens can take care of include anxiety, fatigue, and energy loss. Therefore, taking this supplement will also help improve your energy level over time.

Adaptogens also serve as natural brain boosters. It helps to improve brain function and performance and helps with memory in general. Adaptogen helps to reduce brain-related disorders and improve the brain positively. Some researchers also agree that adaptogen can help with weight loss. You must have read about the effect of stress on your eating. Researches today have found out that cortisol is what is responsible for weight gain. When we consume adaptogens, it helps us reduce stress hormones responsible for stress eating and weight gain. Universally, men face more stress than women, making our bodies more resistant to stress and handling it. Therefore, people must creatively introduce adaptogen to their diets. Lifetime Health has helped to deal with this problem by creating a dietary supplement that contains adaptogens to help improve our lives as we grow older.

The supplement's creative thing is that Saw Palmetto was not a part of its ingredients. People believe that the Saw Palmetto is an effective product against an enlarged prostate for a long time. However, according to recent studies, Saw Palmetto is regarded as a placebo that doesn’t work as initially assumed.

Prostate Plus has taken a different dimension when it comes to dealing with an enlarged prostate creatively. Using adaptogens is a more straightforward and effective way to deal with prostate enlargement. There are many supplements available today with many ingredients in them that do not work as intended. However, Prostate Plus has a few ingredients, and reviews show that it is a useful product. Notwithstanding, the scientific community still has to conduct further researches on the general effectiveness of adaptogens.

While more research is needed to understand this product's effectiveness, it is essential to note that adaptogens will not be a part of Chinese traditional medicine today if they were not effective.

Prostate Plus Official Website

You can find Prostate Plus official website when you visit the following link. When you visit the website, you have the opportunity to watch a short video that identifies the root causes of prostate enlargement and ways to deal with the problem. You will also learn more about Prostate Plus and how to purchase the supplement.

You will also get first-hand testimonies from other users of the supplement. You will also know more about the freebies that come with purchasing the product directly from the official website. The website also contains the details on how to get your money back if you are not satisfied with the product after trying it.

You can also read more about the company’s privacy policy, terms and conditions, disclaimers, and related research. You can also contact the manufacturers of this supplement directly via the official website. If you need clarification or support with buying your supplements, you can contact the U.S based customer service team using the official website's number. Lines are open from Monday to Friday from 9 am to 5 pm PST.

Prostate Plus Cost

Prostate Plus costs are different depending on your package choice. Prostate Plus comes in three packages, the basic package, the premium package, and the standard package. The basic package costs $69 per bottle. The good thing is that when you purchase the basic package, you enjoy free shipping and a 180-day return and refund on the product. The good thing about this dietary supplement is that the higher the quantity you buy, the more the discount you enjoy on the product. You can go for the standard package for a better offer.

The standard package consists of three bottles of the dietary supplement and goes for $59 per bottle. When you purchase the standard package, you get a freebie of the book The Natural Virility Power Guide. The book is an essential guide to a healthy and manly libido. You will also enjoy free delivery of the product if you live in the United States. You can go for the premium package, which is the best offer. When you purchase 6 bottles of Prostate Plus, you get the product at $49 each. The more bottles you buy, the better your chance of saving and cutting down the supplement's cost. You will also enjoy free delivery of your product to your location and get a free copy of The Natural Virility Power Guide to yourself.

Note that you must purchase from the official website to enjoy all the benefits of this dietary supplement. Don’t fall for the temptation of buying this product from a vendor since the manufacturer did not authorize vendors to sell the product on their behalf. Buying from a vendor can also mean buying a product that is fake or below the standard. There are many fraudsters today who pose as vendors for natural products like this to defraud unsuspecting patients. You can buy the product officially when you visit the following link.

How Does Prostate Plus Work?

According to the manufacturer of this dietary supplement, it relies on a simple mechanism to work. When you start taking Prostate Plus, it targets the cortisol. Targeting the cortisol will also target the estrogen, which will cause the prostate gland to shrink in size. The shrink in size will lead to a feeling of relief in the bladder, lowering the number of times you visit the bathroom late at night. The flow of your urine will also improve tremendously.

Since Prostate Plus targets cortisol, it means that you will experience a tremendous change in every part of your body. It can help improve cognitive health, the quality of your life, and the health of your organs. Since cortisol is the body’s stress hormone, taking care of stress with adaptogens is of great importance to the body's general wellbeing.

All you need to do is take two capsules of Prostate Plus soft gel daily for the best result. It is recommended that you do well not to skip any day when you start taking Prostate Plus. The process of using the Prostate Plus supplement is commonly called the prostate protection program. The aim is to target the cause of prostate enlargement. Prostate protection program also aims to take care of other factors that can lead to the reoccurrence of prostate enlargement problems.

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How Long Does it Take Prostate Plus To Work?

Once you start taking this dietary supplement, you can experience changes within one to four weeks. However, results depend mainly on your body type and how well it supports the intake of supplements. Natural supplements usually work faster than their counterparts. Natural products are easily absorbed into the system due to their natural properties. Therefore, you should expect to experience faster results from the use of this supplement. To fully experience this supplement's result, you need to take the supplement consecutively for three months. For total protection of yourself, you need to take the supplement for up to six months.

Prostate Plus Benefits

There are many benefits of Prostate Plus supplements that make them an essential product for every man. The first benefit of taking this supplement is that you enjoy better urination than before using the supplement. As the prostate gland shrinks, it helps your urethra better take urine from the body. Taking Prostate Plus will reduce the pressure on your bladder and reduce the number of times you visit the bathroom late at night. It also improves the quality of your life, which includes your mental health. Like we mentioned earlier, Prostate Plus does not just affect prostate health but also the general wellbeing. Prostate Plus primarily targets stress. Reducing stress helps to take care of physical and mental problems in our life.

Prostate Plus Ingredients Side Effects

When it comes to Prostate Plus side effects, there is nothing much to discuss. Prostate Plus supplement contains 100% natural ingredients, making it very safe for consumption by almost anybody. There are no known or reported side effects of using the product so far. Therefore, it is considered a safe product to take.

Nonetheless, it is essential to take the right dosage. Like any other product, an overdose of Prostate Plus can lead to complications. Adhere to the right dosage of two soft gels per day, and you will be fine. The side effects of the supplement may include mild to severe symptoms. It is advisable to discontinue medication if you experience any form of side effects when taking the supplement. Visit your doctor for advice on the next step to take.

Note that we do not encourage self-medication; therefore, we encourage you to visit your doctor before beginning any new medication. He will be in the best position to determine whether it will be safe for you to introduce a new supplement to your daily life or not. Prostate Plus is not intended for pregnant or nursing mothers. It is also not intended for children under 18 years. Individuals with known medical conditions must also inform a medical doctor about any plans they have to introduce a dietary supplement to their daily life. Even if you are a healthy adult and wish to try out any drug or supplement for the first time, it is right that you inform your medical practitioner first. Ensure to store the bottle correctly after use to preserve its efficacy.

Prostate Plus Pros

Prostate Plus main advantages are:

  • The supplement claims to help reduce cortisol production, a stress-fighting hormone that our body releases during flight-or-fight situations. 
  • Help to improve urination supports the bladder and helps you enjoy a better night's rest.
  • It deals with cortisol overproduction, thereby reducing the estrogens' activation and further slowing down the prostate gland's enlargement.
  • Promises to help return an enlarged prostate to its original size. 
  • Promotes mental and general wellbeing and helps the body to better handle stress. 
  • It contains a high level of antioxidants, which is effective in slowing down the aging process. 
  • It can supply the body with the daily energy requirement via natural means. 
  • It consists of 100% natural herbs and ingredients, which makes the supplement safe for consumption. 
  • The operation mode aims to eradicate the root cause of the prostate enlargement and provide a lasting solution to the problem. 

Prostate Plus Cons

Prostate Plus main drawbacks are:

  • You can buy the supplement only from Prostate Plus's official website, making it challenging to purchase the product. In case of emergency and late purchase, customers may have to wait till the next morning to get their product delivered

As I mentioned earlier, the product has many pros, making it different from other available supplements today. While it may share many similarities with the other supplements for Prostate Plus, it has one unique feature. The product is an all-natural product that does not contain any artificial preservatives and chemicals. There are many shady deals in natural herbal supplements, which makes it harder to find a genuine manufacturer. Many brands simply buy their competitors' products to rebrand them and sell them off for quick cash. Life Health care focuses on its simple technique of using adaptogens to create a health supplement that supports prostate health.

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Prostate Plus Studies

Studies from credible sources like the ones from the National Centre for Biotechnology Information (NCBI) give credibility to the potency of the natural ingredients and herbs contained in Prostate Plus. The supplement’s official website provides a substantial amount of information that shows that the product manufacturers did good research about prostate enlargement before venturing into this supplement's production. Many research studies can be found Prostate Plus website that supports the credibility of the supplement in question. Therefore, even though the product manufacturer may be operating under a false identity, its credibility is not in doubt.

Prostate Plus Afterthought

Prostate Plus is an all-natural herbal product with side effects; trying out this product is not a bad idea. The manufacturer also makes it easy by providing a 180-day iron-shield guarantee on return and refund. Unlike the other supplements, you don’t even have to return the product bottle to get a refund. Therefore, whether it’s your first time or a regular user, you enjoy all the benefits of this product.

The discomfort that people suffering from prostate enlargement have to go through daily is already very much. When you couple this discomfort with the frequency of visiting the toilet up to 40 times a day, anything to remedy the problem is worth the trial. According to the product manufacturer, using Prostate Plus will help reduce the pain you feel from the enlargement of the prostate gland. He also affirms that regular use of the product will help shrink the prostate back to its normal size. Therefore, it helps the urethra resume normal activity and provide you with relief and reduce your bladder pressure.

Again, since the product targets cortisol, a stress hormone, the supplement's benefit exceeds prostate health alone. It also helps to support the general health of the entire body. The rich blend of adaptogens and antioxidants in the product helps the body to maintain good mental health and a youthful look as you grow older.

Inhibiting the stress hormones cortisol will make you feel like a youth once more, even in your 70s. Through our article, we also mentioned that the supplement is good for mental health. As we age, the majority of us suffer from mental degradation. The nerve cells and responses will generally reduce due to the stress we pass through on a daily. With the help of adaptogens, we can reduce age and enjoy better mental health even in our old age. We all are aware that up to 90% of men develop prostate issues in their later years, making sense as to why this product is marketed as a prostate support product. However, this product is far more useful for general health purposes in the real sense.

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