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VIP Capital Funding, Patience is a virtue for Paycheck Protection Program Round 2

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VIP Capital Funding has been actively helping business owners through the PPP with a hands on dedicated approach that has been successful in getting many small-medium sized business owners funded.

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Joshua Triplett
Owner and Executive Principal Managing Partner of VIP Capital Funding :Joshua Triplett

Joshua Triplett, CEO of VIP Capital Funding and his team of consultants have been prompt in helping small business owners to kick off 2021. The remembrance of the 2020 COVID-19 hit is still fresh on many small business owners' minds that left them stranded and scrambling for working capital to stay afloat for the livelihood of their business and employees. Aid came faster as the Economic Injury Disaster Loan (EIDL), along with the Paycheck Protection Program (PPP) came with haste. Many business owners were insulated but heading into 2021 much of those funds have been exhausted and now business owners have been awaiting additional funding, namely the Paycheck Protection Program 2.0.

Through first hand experience the controversial transition between the Trump and Biden Administration put a halt on the PPP round 2 in January when business owners were expecting and needing it most. VIP Capital Funding has adapted and has helped many business owners get their applications process under their control, but the SBA has remained flushed with millions of applications to process. With that being said Joshua Triplett advises with complete transparency that small to medium size businesses remain patient as the SBA and it’s under-writers get to applicants accordingly. There is great optimism in this month of February that PPP round 2.0 applicants will be streamlined and business owners will once again be insulated. Although COVID-19 has picked up steam through it’s rampant spread through the United States and world wide, Joshua Triplett remains optimistic that vaccines will roll out and herd immunity will take effect over the next 12 months. This should allow business owners to begin to thrive as the stimulus aid will help bring back unemployed workers and the economy will prosper. The backbone of the economy in the United States, in which 99% of businesses are small-medium sized should hold strong, and continue pushing and shoving their products and services.

With complete transparency many small to medium sized business owners have been pending and left confused about the application process of the Paycheck Protection Program Round 2 (PPP 2.0). Joshua Triplett, wants small-medium sized business owners to understand that this time around is a bit different as it is requiring more verification, not saying it is more difficult but the process is more time consuming. Reason being is because businesses must show a 25% reduction in annual revenue and depending on the lender this can be shown through an annual P&L between 2019-2020 or a given quarter between 2019-2020. This requires more time for business owners to gather, and for under-writers to under-write.

VIP Capital Funding has been actively helping small business owners through the PPP with a hands on dedicated approach that has been successful in getting many small-medium sized business owners funded throughout the delay. Joshua Triplett advises many to seek PPP 2.0 aid within his company as his group of highly trained consultants have been working around the clock up to 7 days a week since the start of 2021 to help get the funds that small-medium sized business owners need to stay insulated throughout Q1-Q2 this year.

Joshua Triplett is also optimistic about a new loan product from the Biden Administration over the coming month or two to add additional working capital to businesses to help the livelihoods of millions of hard working U.S. citizens who are eager to get back to work and help our country thrive. VIP Capital Funding a top fin-tech has become a beacon for many small business owners through its modernized and dedicated system where business owners feel a sense of security knowing they are being helped by a dedicated consultant who is working hard to procure capital for the business. VIP Capital Funding’s mission is to help solve the financial problems of as many business owners as they can help through their simplified and effective approach that has left many business owners grateful. While traditional banks have been overwhelmed, VIP Capital Funding has been able to tend to many business owner’s needs and ultimately get the job done in solving financial problems to keep business owners thriving. Cash flow is king and Joshua Triplett and his group of very experienced officers have a deep level of understanding across hundreds of industries which leaves both VIP Capital Funding and their clients more than satisfied when funding is done at a lot faster rate than traditional banks.

Pivoting from the Paycheck Protection Program Round 2 (PPP 2.0), VIP Capital Funding is versatile in procuring working capital for business owners through it’s private lenders and investors. The capital that VIP Capital Funding provides works well for business owners who are not only in a pinch, but for business owners who strategically place bulk orders at 20%-40% discounts to negate the cost of the capital which is tax deductible.

VIP Capital Funding would be more than happy to help your business through these troubling times. If you are in need of PPP 2.0 capital or private lending business capital, we are eager to help.

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