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Pelvic Floor Strong Reviews - Do Alex Miller Exercises Work? 2021 Review

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Pelvic Floor Strong is an informational package being marketed to help women improve the strength of their pelvic floor.

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Pelvic Floor Strong is a fitness program that teaches women that want to eliminate the weakness that often occurs in their pelvic floor caused by childbirth, age, and other hormonal changes. Incontinence now plagues 200 million people, with 25 million of these individuals are Americans, and almost 80% of this number are women.

The Pelvic Floor Strong program is led by a Women’s Health Specialist and Fitness Instructor Alex Miller. Alex is now an expert in pre and postnatal fitness, meditation, weight training, and functional movement.

Bladder leakage is an exceedingly embarrassing issue. We get it. People often don’t want to talk about this problem, but it’s far from uncommon. Over twenty-five million people in the United States suffer from bladder leakage of some kind. Of this amount, a staggering 75% of sufferers are women. This amounts to about one in four women struggling with unplanned urination issues. This can be embarrassing, and it only gets worse with age. Some bladder leakage in women might be the result of an existing medical condition.

However, another potential cause of bladder leakage has less to do with a medical condition and more to do with something called the pelvic floor. As women age, the pelvic floor can begin to lose its strength. This part of the urinary system is what we ‘flex’ when we’re trying to hold urine in and avoid going to the bathroom. A weakening pelvic floor can happen at any age; young and elderly women alike can suffer from uncontrollable urination as a result of a weak pelvic floor.

There isn’t much the traditional medical industry can do for urinary problems caused by the pelvic floor. If you go to a doctor about this issue, their response will almost always be the same. The main prescription for a weak pelvic floor is to exercise that part of the body. The pelvic floor is a muscle. Like any other muscle, it can be strengthened through consistent exercise.

Pelvic Floor Strong is an informational package being marketed to help women improve the strength of their pelvic floor. The company behind Pelvic Floor Strong is currently offering an extreme promotion; customers can get four weight loss and workout manuals/videos for the price of one. It’s unlikely that this kind of deal will be around for long. That’s why we rushed to bring you our comprehensive review of Pelvic Floor Strong.

Is this workout program legit? Aside from strengthening the pelvic floor, what benefits can it provide? Is the program difficult to follow? We’re here to answer all these questions—and more. Keep reading to learn everything you need to know about Pelvic Floor Strong.

What is Pelvic Floor Strong?

Accidental leakage isn’t something that any person wants. However, as the body changes and gets older, one of the most common ways leakage can occur is during pregnancy and childbirth. While people that have not experienced these changes could still suffer from leakage, everyone needs a solution. That's where Pelvic Floor Strong comes in.

Pelvic Floor Strong helps eradicate the idea that leakage is a common problem that doesn't indicate any real health problems. In reality, the pelvic floor weakens over time, but that doesn't mean it is normal. Admittedly, the fact that 25 million people in the United States alone suffer from a weak pelvic floor and urinary incontinence makes the problem common, but there are solutions.

Alex Miller, the creator of Pelvic Floor Strong, educated thousands of people in many different studios to learn the best ways to strengthen their bodies. Most people think the key to improving the pelvic floor has to do with Kegels, but there is an entirely different set of muscles that directly affect this issue. As users go through this guide, they will learn fitness techniques elaborately described to help bridge the gap they need to overcome incontinence.

What’s Wrong with the Pelvic Floor?

Before diving too deeply into what this program can do, let's discuss what exactly could be going on with the pelvic floor. The pelvic floor is made up of muscles, and the role of the muscles is to contain the uterus, bladder, and bowels, relaxing when the individual eliminates urine. To stop urination, it tightens and contracts. This is also the part of the body that allows users to resist passing gas.

The reason that pelvic muscles become weak is due to damage and imbalance in their core muscles. The easiest way to damage these muscles is during pregnancy due to the high amount of pressure placed on this area of the body and other ways to damage the pelvic floor.

Once it is damaged, even a seemingly innocent cough or sneeze is enough to release the contracted muscles and allow the bladder to leak. Rather than continuing to run to the bathroom when there's a tickle in the throat, Pelvic Floor Strong can help.

How Can Users Benefit From Pelvic Floor Strong?

One of the key benefits of going through this program is that it starts by explaining how the pelvic area's damage has occurred, causing the leaking. In fact, they will discuss the Layer syndrome, which is the leading cause of the leakage and lower back pain, hip pain, and other areas of discomfort in this part of the body. Once users understand the cause behind their problems, they will go over the easy corrections they need to make.

The main technique users will learn is a three-step movement, alleviating the need for adult diapers and pads. By strengthening the walls, users do not have to undergo incredibly risky surgeries associated with repairing pelvic floor damages. The movement is perfectly described in multiple video demonstrations and written directions. Three signs your body gives off if you have an unbalanced core are,

  • Pelvic organ prolapse, or a distinct bulging at the vagina opening
  • Protruding belly
  • Leaking of urine

Along with all of the positive changes that users can make for their bodies, they will also learn about the major mistakes most women make at their doctor's recommendation. In fact, the exercises being recommended by doctors could have a weakening effect on the muscles instead, potentially impacting the pleasure of sexual intercourse.

What Guides Are Included with Pelvic Floor Strong?

To ensure that users completely understand every step of the process that Alex explains, they are provided with multiple guides, video sessions, and more. Each one of these components is necessary to heal the pelvic floor successfully.

Pelvic Floor Strong: Informational Video

The information of the video specifically focuses on teaching users the movements that can stop diastasis recti. The entire program is based on scientific evidence to support the changes that occur with the pelvic floor, and the video is broken down into chapters.

For instance, the second chapter focuses on retraining the user to perform Kegels to strengthen their muscles properly. The next chapter will explain how users can engage the muscles in their abdomen to reduce leaking risk. By chapter 4, users will learn what they need to do to activate muscles they normally don't use. By simply using more of these muscles, users will find that they can burn more weight and stay in better shape.

By the 6th chapter, users will finally learn the movements they need to do to engage their pelvic floor and core muscles. This exercise will reduce heaviness and heal the weak muscles that cause leakage.

Pelvic Floor Strong: Informational Manual

This informational manual describes the Total Core & Pelvic Floor Repair Method. The information is mostly the same as what users will find in the video, except that it is written out in an easy guide that can be taken anywhere. Users will learn exactly what they need to do to strengthen their pelvic floor, and they will understand how big of a role that posture plays in healing.

Flat Belly Fast: 10 Minute Quick Start Video

The quick start video only takes about 10 minutes to follow, and it includes all of the abdominals exercises that users will need to do to see impressive results. The routine is meant to work with individuals with separation in their abdominal muscles from pregnancy, though each one is also helpful in establishing a flatter stomach.

Though most of the program is already explained within the first 2 parts of the program, users can further exaggerate their improved muscles by engaging in this video's fast routine.

Flat Belly Fast: Exercise Manual

The exercise manual is a bonus gift offered to the user for free (despite the typical price tag of $17.00). Very little information is provided in this guide, but it may explain how users need to make a difference in their bodies.

Diastasis Recti Improvement Checklist

The improvement checklist offered to users does not take them along on certain milestones or direct them to specific movements they need to make each day. Instead, it helps users track the presence at the rate that they are already going. They will have a physical document that allows them to see how quickly they are making changes in their body, giving them a little perspective on their progress.

Purchasing Access to Pelvic Floor Strong

All of Pelvic Floor Strong content is available digitally, and users will only need to pay $37.00. The content is only available through the official website since everything is emailed directly to the user after the purchase is made.

If the user decides that this program is not the right fit for them, they have up to 60 days to request a refund from the creators. They will no longer access the content, so users should make the most of the program before making the decision ticket a refund.

Frequently Asked Questions About Pelvic Floor Strong

What is diastasis recti?

Diastasis recti occur when the left and right abdominal muscles widen to allow room for excess fat. However, many people call it a “pooch.” Most women have this type of stomach issue after being pregnant, but that is not the only cause. This widening will often heal within approximately 3 months of giving birth, but many people continue to have this issue after that time frame.

The only way to correct this muscle issue is to improve the body's core muscles from the inside.

Does this program work with a busy schedule?

Absolutely. While it is easy to get one of the 10-minute workouts before work or in the middle of the day, the entire program is meant to be rather fast. Users don't have to worry about disrupting their entire routine for the sake of improving their pelvic floor. It can easily be worked into working women or women who stay at home.

What age group will benefit the most from using Pelvic Floor Strong?

The program is specifically designed for women who are at least 40 years old. While it can be effective for younger individuals, it focuses on the lower metabolism and muscle tone changes that occur with age.

What if the user is not currently at a healthy weight?

That is not a problem. This program is rather gentle without sacrificing effectiveness. The movements are easy to do, but users can not participate in the too strenuous movement. There are also modifications that users can make to reduce the difficulty if necessary.

Will the program work if the user has not given birth in the last 15 years?

Yes. In fact, this program is specifically made to accommodate people who have allowed their muscles to heal from pregnancy and childbirth trauma. Individuals that have waited a long time to correct their pelvic floor issues will actually benefit the most. This healing time makes the program more effective in healing diastasis recti and preventing leakage.

Will Pelvic Floor Strong be effective if the user had a C-section?

Yes. Since the pelvic floor can weaken with time, surgical changes to the muscles can also leave the pelvic floor week. The pressure of carrying a baby during pregnancy is enough to separate those muscles. Even though the damage source is slightly different, this program can restore strength and prevent leakage.

What if the user has never given birth at all?

Pelvic floor weakness can occur in anyone, even if they have never given birth. The entire point of this program is to help users improve their bodies and eliminate urinary leakage embarrassment. It can also greatly benefit individuals that want to tone their stomachs.

Do users need to sign up for a subscription to continue to have access to Pelvic Floor Strong?

No. This program only requires a one-time payment to get access to all of the materials. There are no other charges associated with it, though users can request a refund within 60 days.

The customer service team can address any other concerns that the user may have via phone call (1-800-390-6035) or email ([email protected]).

Final Verdict About Alex Miller's Core Repair Method

Pelvic Floor Strong helps consumers restore their core muscles and abdomen strength, saving them from leakage and accidents with every move or sneeze. The program focuses entirely on exercise, explaining users may not be doing the right thing for their pelvic wall’s strength. Users can spend just a few minutes a day to find effective changes in their body, even if their muscle weakness has nothing to do with pregnancy or childbirth.

There’s no sketchy dietary supplement or suspect ‘extreme weight loss’ routine here. The Pelvic Floor strong package comes with five distinct guides. These include the Pelvic Floor Strong informational video, the Pelvic Floor Strong informational manual, the Flat Belly Fast “quick start video,” the Flat Belly Fast exercise manual, and the Diastasis Recti Improvement Checklist. Together, these tools provide a comprehensive health and wellness guide to consumers. This isn’t just about strengthening the pelvic floor, either. Several of these free manuals included with initial purchase can help users to lose weight and improve their overall health in the process.

Do we recommend Pelvic Floor Strong? It’s hard to say whether or not this supplement will help you to lose weight and improve the strength of your pelvic floor. However, the sheer amount of helpful workout and exercise information available with this $37 purchase makes it hard for us to resist giving it our most hearty recommendation. Visit the official website to learn more about the Pelvic Floor Strong program.

Official Website: https://www.pelvicfloorstrong.com

Contact Details: Pelvic Floor Strong

[email protected]

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