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Energytods smartDOTs Review – EMF Protection for Cell Phones

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smartDOTs is a product from energydots and is supposed to provide protection against EMF radiation for your cell phone. CHeck out all the details.

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What is smartDOTs?

Many people with sleep problems are first advised to remove all electrical devices such as televisions from the bedroom and also not to leave the cell phone on the bedside table. The reason for this recommendation is due to the EMF radiation emitted by these devices. This radiation is also known as electrosmog. The English company energydots has launched smartDOTs, a product that is supposed to provide protection against EMF radiation. This protection is in the form of stickers, which you directly on:

  • Cell phones
  • computers or
  • routers

routers. With the help of magnets, the smartDOTs stickers are supposed to make electrosmog harmless. Negative consequences such as headaches or concentration problems are supposed to disappear, while it is not necessary to do without the devices that have become a habit in everyday life. (Any/all of the links on this post are affiliate links of which the author receives a small commission from sales of this product/service, but the price is the same to you.) Further info and a discount can be found here on the official website!

Why do I need this EMF protection?

The smartDOTs stickers specifically address people who have an increased sensitivity to the radiation emitted by electrical appliances. According to the manufacturer, symptoms of this hypersensitivity include:

  1. headaches
  2. insomnia
  3. inner restlessness or
  4. concentration disorders.

As a reason energydots gives the increased number of electrical appliances within the own surrounding field. This effect is to be strengthened besides over the wireless data communication. With the smartDOTs stickers electromagnetic radiations of the devices are not to reach the body any longer in the used way. The effect of the stickers is thus primarily shown by a decrease in symptoms.

A second target group that the manufacturer explicitly mentions includes parents who are concerned about their technology-savvy offspring. According to the manufacturer, holding the cell phone up to the head or close to the eyes for a longer period of time exposes children to radiation even more than using a headset, for example. The stickers can also be placed underneath the covers of cell phones and tablets. This way, there is no stress with the son or daughter and the parents find a way to place the sticker inconspicuously on the devices.

smartDOTs rating and recommendation

In summary, smartDOTs is a sticker for protection against electromagnetic radiation. The sticker is supposed to have a magnet for activating the protective function. The manufacturer energydots itself describes the effect of this magnet as rather low. Thus, the functioning of electrical devices is not affected. However, within the magnetic field, the outgoing radiation is supposed to lose the negative effects on the human body. For this reason, the stickers are attached to the devices and not, for example, like a tattoo on the skin. One sticker per device can already be sufficient. The stickers themselves can be attached in a place that does not restrict the use of the display, camera lenses or other functions of the respective devices.

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The adhesion of the smartDOTs stickers on cell phones, laptops and the like can also be described as high quality. The adhesive used has been selected for a longer adhesion. Talking on the phone in the rain should therefore not cause you to lose the sticker unnoticed. However, you should keep in mind that the stickers cannot be repositioned indefinitely. In order not to lose the protective function of the magnets, energydots recommends not to remove and reapply the smartDOTs stickers more than once. However, it is possible to stick the stickers on a cell phone or tablet case and simply reuse them when changing devices.

smartDOTs technical facts

  • Sticker for protection against EMF radiation
  • Uses quantum technology
  • Works like magnets
  • adheres reliably to all smooth surfaces
  • one sticker per device is sufficient

What are the smartDOTs quality features?

It is quite difficult to draw conclusions on the basis of the production location whether the processing of smartDOTs is of high quality or not, because the manufacturer energydots does not provide any information about the production of the stickers with protective function against electromagnetic radiation. The company itself is based in England. Although this is no longer part of the European Union, it can be assumed that the basis for production will not change fundamentally, so that a certain quality standard for products sold to the EU should continue to be given. If you have any questions about the production of smartDOTs stickers, it is advisable to contact energydots customer support.

General smartDOTs reviews

Finding a solution for recurring symptoms such as headaches and insomnia in the form of a sticker sounds like a dream come true at first. In this context, however, it is important to check to what extent the promises made by the manufacturer energydots can really be translated into reality. One point that is easy to check is the promised simple handling. Sticking a sticker on a cell phone, a router or a baby monitor should not cause you or other buyers any major difficulties. The manufacturer promises a high-quality produced adhesive to ensure optimal adhesion. Here, it is important to observe whether this only applies to devices that are rarely picked up, such as routers or even cell phones and tablets. If the stickers start to peel off there, a replacement sticker is quickly required.

A little more difficult to check is the effect on your body. Neither the electromagnetic radiation of the devices nor that of the smartDOTs stickers can be seen with the naked eye. This makes it necessary to listen into your body a little bit to see to what extent the complaints improve significantly or perhaps only a short-term placebo effect occurs. Furthermore, it is also possible that the electrosmog is not the cause of your complaints. At the same time, if you have severe headaches after using a cell phone or computer, it is advisable to consult your family doctor. In some cases, a decrease in vision may also be responsible for the observed symptoms. Visit the official website to see more customer reviews!

Within the opinions on the smartDOTs stickers that can be found on the Internet, there are therefore only unsurprisingly, strongly divergent experiences to be read. Buyers who have experienced the promised effects report accordingly positive about the stickers for less electromagnetic radiation. At the same time, people who have not experienced this effect on their own bodies are correspondingly disappointed and in retrospect see the purchase rather as wasted money. If you are curious and skeptical at the same time, it is advisable to buy only one or a small amount of smartDOTs stickers to get an idea of the product yourself.

Where can I buy smartDOTs?

You can get your own smartDOTs stickers either from online stores or directly from the retailer's website. Making use of the latter option ensures that you get an original product and not a fake. This is difficult to track in some online stores, which also offer third party retailers a platform for sales. At first glance, the stickers can appear identical down to the last detail and still be a copy. Shopping on the manufacturer's website reduces the risk of falling victim to such a scam to practically zero.

smartDOTs is currently available as protection against electrosmog radiation either individually or in attractive set offers. For example, you can buy three stickers and pay for only two. This discount campaign makes it easier to select a sticker for several of the devices frequently used during the day and to affix it in one easy step.

For payment, the provider has the payment methods currently on:

  1. credit card payment as well as
  2. PayPal

limited. In addition to the discount, the manufacturer energydots currently waives shipping fees. If you are not satisfied with smartDOTs, you can make use of your 90-day return policy. This period runs from the date of delivery. You do not necessarily have to pick up the package yourself. The right of return also starts with the acceptance of the delivery by a neighbor.

Who is the provider of the product?

The provider of smartDOTs is: Energydots

The partner company is: The GiddyUp Group, LLC

20 N. Oak St.

Ventura, CA 93001


Homepage: https://getsmartDOTs.io/offer-01/

E-Mail: [email protected]

In addition to the smartDOTs brand, the manufacturer also has other products designed to make the body's energies flow more harmoniously or to protect against harmful influences such as electrosmog. As a company, energydots focuses solely on the development and production of the stickers as protection against EMF radiation. The company has placed the distribution in the hands of the American The GiddyUp Group. This company specializes in the distribution of products and ensures that the ordered goods reach their destination worldwide.

However, energydots is still responsible for advising customers itself. If you still have some specific questions that you would like to ask before buying, you can contact the manufacturer's customer support by e-mail. You can find the address on the product's website. Since the manufacturer is from England, it is helpful to ask in English to prevent your question from being changed by using translation software.

General information about EMF protection

At the beginning of the new millennium, protection against EMF radiation and electrosmog in one's own four walls was hardly a topic to which much importance was attached. At the same time, most people's everyday lives have become increasingly digitalized over the past 20 years. The cell phone is in the immediate vicinity of a large part of the younger generation 24 hours a day. The lack of distance from electrical devices coupled with the increased number of devices within the household, on the other hand, have turned EMF radiation into a topic of interest even to scientists. Studies are looking at, among other things, people who claim to be electrosensitive and experience negative effects such as insomnia and increased stress levels.

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While researchers are still working on the connection between symptoms and electromagnetic radiation, parts of the industry are already working on a solution to this problem. The smartDOTs stickers currently fall into this area of EMF protection. In addition to stickers, special power plugs for shielding as well as covers with integrated radiation protection are also offered. At the moment, this is still a snapshot. The better the interaction of the outgoing radiation in connection with the human body is studied, the more realistic it is to develop a solution that provides effective protection.

FAQ about this product
  • Q: Can smartDOTs also be stuck on the body for protection?
  • A: No, the stickers produced by energydots should be applied only on devices with electromagnetic radiation. Sticking them on the skin does not have the same effect as direct contact with the devices responsible for electrosmog.
  • Q: For which devices are the stickers suitable?
  • A: The smartDOTs stickers are suitable for all devices that are known to cause electromagnetic radiation. These include in addition to:
  • cell phones
  • tablets and
  • laptops
  • routers, televisions or baby monitors. Alternatively, the stickers can be glued to the cell phone cover for protection against radiation. This also makes it easier to use multiple times.
  • Q: Is there any place that is particularly suitable for sticking?
  • A: For sticking smartDOTs against EMF radiation, any place of the devices with a smooth surface is suitable. Ideally, the sticker should not negatively affect the functions of the devices there.
  • Q: Are the smartDOTs stickers suitable for multiple use?
  • A: The manufacturer energydots advises not to remove the stickers more than once and stick them on another place. Multiple removal could damage the magnetic effect and make the sticker ineffective for protection against EMF radiation.
  • Q: Can the effect of the stickers be observed visually?
  • A: The smartDOTs stickers do not change color when in contact with electromagnetic radiation, nor is any other reaction observable to the naked eye. Therefore, the effect of this product is primarily on the absence of complaints such as fatigue, headaches or problems during the sleep phase.
  • Q: Is one smartDOTs sticker enough for the entire room?
  • A: The manufacturer energydots recommends putting a sticker on all wireless devices such as cell phones, tablets or notebooks. The range of a single sticker is not sufficient to ensure that all electromagnetic fields are neutralized before they come into contact with the human body.
  • Q: Do the magnets have a negative effect on the devices?
  • A: The magnets used in the smartDOTs stickers have only a weak effect. Therefore, the functioning of the devices should not be negatively affected. This also applies to the reception as well as the voice quality of calls with the smartphone. Therefore, there should be no risk of a defect for these devices after sticking them on.

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