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Best Background Check Sites and Services: By OnlyBest.Reviews

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Best background check sites and services reviewed by OnlyBest.Reviews. With 100's of online sites for background checks, "OnlyBest.Reviews" brings out the top quality background checking sites.

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Nowadays, it is difficult to trust people, regardless of whether they are new roommates, new colleagues, or babysitters. In case you trust someone and end up facing some substantial deceit, you may face personal problems or financial troubles. So, how can you find out whether someone is trustworthy or not? You can do so by using a background check service online.

Such a service works by revealing the past and present details of a person or an entity, specifically in the U.S. As there are many of them, finding the most reliable service is crucial. Not all are identical in terms of quality and features. So, how will you choose one? This post will help you find one.

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Factors to Consider for Choosing the Best Background Check Service

  • Performance: A good background check site should be able to provide a quick report having clear and accurate details. Such a service is essential for a good rank.
  • User-friendly: There is no point in using an online background check service whose interface is confusing or time-consuming to use. The user interface should be simple enough to navigate yet intuitive enough to sustain the users attention.
  • Customer Support: This is an essential feature of any online service. A background check service is considered reliable when it offers different channels of customer support, such as chat, phone, and e-mail.
  • Value for Money: It is true that some services will charge more than their competitors. What you need to ensure is value for money. For the money you are paying, is the service worth it? One way to find this out is to check customer reviews.

Top 6 Background Check Services

Truthfinder: Best Service in General

With access to both public and private databases, Truthfinder is the choice of many background check service seekers. It offers a variety of checks and has a user-friendly interface. Customers get two plans to choose from namely, monthly and bi-monthly, the latter offering a good discount rate.


  • Detailed reports
  • Different background check options
  • Identity theft protection
  • Family-tree chart


  • No free trial
  • No one-time check option

Features of Truthfinder

The login process is easy; you can even log in to the website through your Facebook account. Once logged in, you can easily navigate the site and initiate a background check instantly by choosing one of the offered check utilities.

Another commendable feature of this background check provider is its access to several documents and other sources to fetch the right details, regardless of how long that particular entity was in the U.S. Thus, you are ensured of a comprehensive report after scanning. An interesting revelation of a family tree allows you to connect a specific person with their relatives.

You can even check your data to know what information of yours is publicly visible. No matter what you look for, all your activities on the portal are secured and confidential. In short, you can easily get the information you need without leaking it to an unknown party online.

Intelius: Ideal for Knowing about New Friends

Intelius can be your best option for finding long-lost relatives, school friends, employees, criminals, and unknown people whom you may have just met. It is famous for revealing criminal histories, educational backgrounds, and employment records.


  • Reverse lookup possible
  • Various background check options
  • Mobile app available


  • Extra cost for additional services

Did you just meet someone online but do not know who is he or she? Is it so that the chat with that person triggered suspicion in you? Well, in that case, you can rely on Intelius to fetch the exact details of that person.

Features of Intelius

You can even check someone’s marital status. The resultant report is the summary of the tracking of the entire background check, including the current residential country and state and federal interactions, if any.

Two more remarkable features of this service provider are reverse address as well as phone number lookup utilities. Through its reverse phone number utility, you can gain information about someone who is trying to call you but the number seems to be suspicious or unknown.

Regarded as a tough competitor of Truthfinder, Intelius has many background check options for its customers. It has its mobile app too. Although accessible on Mac, Windows, and Android operating systems, the service does not work on Linux. It also does not reveal the pricing structure on its official website. Right now, you need to make a request for getting a quotation. Still, these limitations do not stop it from being a reliable service provider.

Instant Checkmate: Ideal for Examining Criminal Background

Not all people honestly reveal their past. If you suspect that there are people around you with some criminal record, Instant Checkmate can be your best digital source to verify it. For almost 10 years, this service provider conducts effective criminal background checks.

It finds and reveals all such facts so that you remain informed about that specific person and stay alert. You can even run a check on the site for educational claims and property titles.


  • Trial period available
  • Criminal and arrest records for all 50 states
  • Prisoner search function


  • Perhaps somewhat pricey
  • A bit time-consuming to get used to its interface for some

Features of Instant Checkmate

Its speed of conducting such a background check is commendable. You only need to enter the name and locality of the concerned person and a detailed report is displayed in just a few minutes. The report reveals the arrest records and sex offender status if any regardless of the residential state in the U.S.

The only limitation of this service provider is that it is not FCRA-compliant. This means that it has no FCRA rating due to which the information you get is limited. In other words, the details of a report are less likely to be comprehensive. Due to this non-compliance, it is wise not to use this service for conducting an employee background check.

Nevertheless, Instant Checkmate is still a reliable option if you are curious to know about someone’s criminal history. This can be your neighbor or any suspected person in your area.

BeenVerified: Great for Locating Lost Relatives or Friends

Since 2007, this service provider has been serving its customers by giving not only precise but also complete information about the person under investigation. Interestingly, for this purpose, it has developed an extensive network of databases, which is a remarkable feat. It specializes in finding lost people including relatives and buddies apart from revealing criminal records if any.

Features of BeenVerified

It is quite simple to use its service. You only need to submit the primary information of the concerned person, such as name, after which the service scans several of its databases to fetch whatever is possible as per the search made. You can expect a quick turnaround time and a subscription-based offer that you can cancel easily.

Other notable features are reverse address lookup, reverse phone lookup, and court runner. You can even access its service by downloading and using its handy app available for both Android and iOS platforms. This is useful if you wish to generate and check reports while traveling.

PeopleLooker: Ideal for Those on Budget

PeopleLooker allows fetching details such as civil records, contact, criminal history, and previous addresses of a specific person. The most remarkable feature of this background check service is its ability to generate an extensive report.

Features of PeopleLooker

Another bonus that you get is unlimited searches. Yes, you can perform any number of searches per day without paying anything extra. Above all, the service is quite affordable.

For the money you pay, the service also reveals social media activities, court judgments, bankruptcy details, and marriage specifics of that particular person.

Unfortunately, PeopleLooker is not FCRA-compliant. Thus, the information fetched is limited. Still, this is not a deal-breaker. The service ensures maximum value for money without compromising the accuracy of the search results.

PeopleFinder: Ideal as the Most Knowledgeable Service

Established in 1999, PeopleFinder is one of the long-standing services to use. This means that it is a more experienced service provider than others on this list. For you as a customer, this is beneficial, as you can trust it for a beyond-satisfactory service.

Features of PeopleFinder

The service helps in finding the details of friends, colleagues, and others with whom you now may have no contact. It provides a lot of useful details, including the marital and bankruptcy status.

A noteworthy mention goes to its handy e-mail lookup function, which helps you to find out about an anonymous sender whose e-mails usually go to the spam folder. There are some more search options as well, which make this service quite versatile.

PeopleFinder is a friendly service for those who are not technically sound. This is because it is easy to browse and sign-in is possible from any browser on the laptop or smartphone.

Unlike many other competitors, PeopleFinder offers a trial period so that the customers can evaluate its service. However, there is an extra fee for canceling the subscription.

Reasons for Opting for a Background Check Website

So, when should you go for a background check site? Following are a couple of reasons for the same:

  • You need to know about a subject of interest.
  • You wish to hire someone to look after your child in your absence.
  • You wish to know what information is available to the public about yourself (rare).
  • You wish to know about an online supplier, seller, or purchaser.
  • You wish to locate lost pals, colleagues, or relatives.
  • You wish to check about new colleagues and buddies.
  • You wish to know about the sender of a spam e-mail or an unknown caller.
  • You intend to hire a new worker.

These reasons justify why a background check website can be an ideal solution. Generally, a background check service is considered illegal if it is not FCRA-compliant for employee checks or does not have permission to reveal the information. To avoid being sued, make sure you fulfill these two requirements.

When You Should Not Go for a Background Check Service?

You are not supposed to use a background check service when you are about to determine who should get promoted or dismissed. You should also not use it for deciding whom to grant a scholarship.

A service for a background check is not meant for fulfilling an unfair reason. If used for the same, it can result in unwanted problems, specifically if the chosen online service is illegitimate although it may seem to be the opposite. To ensure that you get the required information without breaking the legal boundaries, it is essential to choose a legitimate background check service.

All the aforementioned top picks offer different tools and features to help you fetch the required information, and consequently, determine whether that specific person or entity is trustworthy or not.

Before choosing any of those background check sites, ensure to go through customer reviews so that you get the real picture of the services on offer. You should also find out whether customer support is offered and whether you can cancel the subscription or not. It is also good to choose a service that offers trials and timely discounts.

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