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5 Myths About Non-Surgical Hair Replacement Report by Folicure Hair Replacement Dallas

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In this article, Folicure Dallas addresses myths about nonsurgical hair replacement.

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According to a Dallas Folicure Hair Replacement report, before you embark on a non-surgical hair replacement program, you should be aware of some of the myths surrounding the process and learn what the facts are.

Non Surgical Hair Replacement for Men Dallas, TX

Non-surgical hair replacement is gaining popularity among hair loss sufferers. This process produces a customized, realistic-looking hairpiece that does not require surgery of any kind. Non surgical hair replacement Dallas TX does not assist in growth; however, it replaces the missing areas with a customized natural-looking hairpiece.

Myths about non-surgical hair replacement methods exist and are most likely due to the overwhelming desire to have a simple hair loss solution. Thus before you get a non-surgical replacement system, you must know some of the myths and learn what the facts are:

Myth #1 Non-surgical hair looks fake

One of the primary concerns of hair loss sufferers when seeking non-surgical hair restoration is that the unit might look conspicuous or fake. However, with the advancement in technology, some synthetic fibers have been developed in such a way that they look like real hair. Such fibers can be used in any way as they can absorb moisture, withstand heated appliances and even harsh weather elements.

Myth #2 Color choice is restricted to black only

With advanced hair color technology, hairpieces can now be designed according to an individual’s desired colors. Several ready-to-wear hairpieces are available with rooted color choices and darker roots to emulate color hair growth. Also, you can easily get gradient colors, with root color blended with another color to offer depth and richness. Experts from a reputed hair clinic can recommend an appropriate color blend to suit your age and choice.

Myth #3 Hair replacement units fall off easily

Non-surgical hairpieces are designed and created to the exact measurements which ensure a perfect fit. The hairpiece is attached to the head where the follicles are previously located. A hypoallergenic medical-grade adhesive is used in non-surgical restoration systems to ensure they won’t come off.

If you opt for a non-surgical hair unit, you should look for Dallas hair clinic experts who can assess and design hair density, which differs across the crown, sides, and back of the head. In other words, you can have the natural style you like! There is nothing to worry about as the specialists who perform grafts have years of experience, and they use the recent technology to ensure that it looks and feels as natural as possible.

Myth #4 Non-surgical treatments aren’t as effective

The surgical procedure is a legitimate alternative to male pattern baldness. Many people undergo such procedures every year and achieve a thicker, fuller mane and a more defined outline. However, surgical ways do not suit every type of baldness. This is especially true for individuals who are suffering from excessive hair thinning or those who have Type A alopecia, where cutting small pieces of skin does not affect overall strand density. In such cases, non-surgical grafts are equally or more effective than a surgical process.

Myth #5 Non-surgical hair systems irritate the scalp

Human hair restoration systems do not cause any discomfort unless an individual is allergic to the ingredients in adhesives, which is rare. Non-surgical hair replacement Plano has a new technique for making your hair appear natural compared to previously existing methods. This new procedure in replacing the lost hair enables the individual to feel more comfortable with it. You will be able to wear the hairpieces comfortably and perform activities such as playing different kinds of sports or swimming.

This method bonds the membrane, such as the monofilament, the lace, and the polyurethane to your scalp with a transparent or translucent bonding agent. Once attached to the scalp, it can never be broken down or removed by water or by your sweat. It simply looks naturally on your scalp and makes you feel comfortable with it.

Now you know better than to believe these non-surgical hair replacement myths.

Many types of balding or alopecia cannot be addressed with today’s knowledge and technology. However, non-surgical hair restore Dallas has been proven effective even to those who suffer from severe medical conditions.

If you are looking for a non-surgical hair restoration solution, there are many options for you. Folicure hair systems Dallas Replacement offers customized and personalized solutions to help people suffering from hair loss. We are not surgeons; however, our team can offer the best hair replacement ideas in Dallas.

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