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Blast Auxiliary AC Reviews (2021) Portable Classic Air Conditioner or Real Cooling Unit?

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Blast Portable AC reviews. Does the Blast Auxiliary Classic AC really work to provide cool air or Blast air conditioner has negative reviews? Review by FitLivings.

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Blast Auxiliary AC (also called Blast Auxiliary Portable AC) is a powerful portable cooling unit enclosed in a tiny yet powerful body to help users enjoy the upcoming summer season with ease. As stated on the official website, this unit has been specifically designed for those who are unable to afford full-sized air conditioners and need something smaller and transportable to carry around. Despite being smaller in size, this personal air cooler claims to work in an amazing way to provide maximum comfort to its users.

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Don’t we just all love summertime? The wind is great, the sunshine is plentiful, and there are plenty of outdoor activities to do. However, with time, things can get pretty rough, especially for those who have a lower threshold for the scorching summer sun. Some people start sweating profusely while others even suffer from dangerous conditions like a heat stroke. Moreover, the summer heat can also mess up our minds, decrease productivity, and confine people to their homes.

blast auxiliary ac

To avoid all these problems that the summer brings every year, many people consider installing air conditioners and cooling units. However, these units are often expensive and can also increase your electricity bill by a considerable amount. For such people who wish to install an air conditioner but cannot afford the bills, it comes with, a compact, small-sized AC like the Blast Auxiliary AC can be the perfect option.

To know more about Blast AC, how it works, and why can you easily rely on it, dig into this detailed Blast Auxiliary AC review.

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Blast Auxiliary AC Review

Air conditioners were introduced to the world in the form of a blessing that saved them from the summer heat. With time, these ACs became a standard, and life without them became extremely difficult. Owing to the rising levels of global warming every day, the world is bound to face an increase in the intensity of heat every summer, and for some people, this heat can be a little too much to handle. In such circumstances, installing a cooling unit at home becomes imperative.

However, the typical ACs still remain an inconvenient option for many people who are either not able to purchase them due to high prices. Moreover, such cooling units are typically associated with very high electric bills which not many people can easily fit in their monthly budget. So even when the days get hotter, such people are reluctant to invest in an AC.

For all such people, a new solution has been introduced in the form of Blast Auxiliary Portable AC. This cooling unit is different than the conventional ones, mainly because it is much smaller in size. This makes it easier for the users to place it anywhere in the house, and even carry it around wherever they wish to. In addition to making the air more comfortable, this AC comes with a built-in illuminator that can work as a night lamp for people who do not like sleeping in complete darkness. Moreover, the company has also fitted a filtering unit inside this electric equipment which can clean the air and get rid of any germs.

The company provides the users with rechargeable batteries along with every order. These batteries need to be charged once and can run the Blast Auxiliary Classic AC for up to eight hours.

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How Does Blast Auxiliary AC Work?

Despite the smaller size, the working of Blast Auxiliary AC is pretty much similar to that of a conventional cooling unit. According to Getblastauxiliary.com, it works by sucking in the warm air from every corner of the room and using cold water to cool it down before releasing it back. Therefore, to make sure it works, users need to keep refilling it with cold water.

It is also important to keep an eye on the battery power and recharge the batteries as soon as their energy levels go down. For this purpose, every order of Blast Auxiliary portable AC comes with a USB Type-C charger. All you need to do is plug it in a socket and give it some time to charge the batteries. Once the charging is complete, the Blast AC is expected to work for up to 8 hours.

For best results, the manufacturer advises all users to place the Blast Auxiliary classic AC on a flat surface that is directly in front of them. It is also important to adjust its grills so that it can throw air in the right direction, as per your preference. You can also consider placing it on your side table during the night for a comfortable sleep.

Every Blast Auxiliary portable air conditioner unit comes with a water curtain installed in it that needs maintenance and cleaning every 3 to 6 months, depending on how much you use it.

Different Modes of Blast Auxiliary AC

A great feature of Blast Auxiliary Portable AC is that it does not only act as a cooling unit. The company has described on its official website about the different modes of this AC which are explained below:

  • Fan settings

Blast Auxiliary AC is primarily used for cooling the environment of your room. However, on days when you feel like the weather is rather pleasant and there is no need to sit in front of the chilly air, you can simply switch its mode and convert it to a fan.

  • Filtering unit

As Blast Auxiliary AC works to improve the atmosphere of your room, it also has another job to take care of side by side i.e. to clean the environment of the room. For this purpose, the company has installed a small yet powerful filtering unit inside it. This filter works on sucking in all the germs to reduce the chances of encountering any air-borne disease.

  • Illuminator

Lastly, the Blast air conditioner has a built-in light installed in it which can be turned on when the user requires milder light settings in his room. This setting can be particularly helpful for those who are fond of sleeping under a night bulb.

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Setting Up The Blast Auxiliary AC

According to the manufacturing company, there is no long, complex procedure that you need to follow in order to set up Blast Auxiliary Portable AC at home. Because it is portable and tiny in size, it also does not require any professional help since you do not need to install it up on the wall. The unit comes in an assembled form already and there is very little that users need to do to get it up and running.

The company still provides a detailed instructions manual for users to help them understand Blast Auxiliary AC in a better way. The steps to get it running are outlined below:

  1. Place the cooling unit on an even surface

  2. Remove its top lid and pour cold water into it, keeping in mind that the capacity of this unit is around 300ml

  3. Adjust the water curtain and close the lid

  4. Make sure the batteries are charged

  5. Turn on the unit, adjust its direction of the throw and settle on a fan speed

Is Blast Auxiliary AC Legit? Reasons To Buy It

If you are interested in purchasing this unit but are still not sure if it is the right move to make, the following benefits of Blast Auxiliary classic AC may help you decide.

  • It can be carried anywhere

The Blast Auxiliary transportable air conditioner comes without a cord that you need to place inside a working socket. It, in fact, runs on batteries that can be charged as and when required. This means that if you have sufficiently charged batteries with you, you can essentially carry this unit anywhere, even in areas where you have no access to electric power. So it can be your companion, not only in your bedroom and working space but also on hiking and camping trips.

  • It is easy to maintain

The typical, big-sized air conditioners are not only heavy and huge but need to be fixed on walls and require professional help for cleaning every few months. All this can be extremely expensive in the long run. However, with the Blast Auxiliary classic desktop AC, you may not need to worry about any of these problems, mainly because of its small size. You do not need any professional help to set it up and can keep maintaining it perfectly on your own. Not to forget that the electric bills associated with this equipment are also expected to be considerably lesser.

  • It is noise-less

While designing the Blast Auxiliary compact AC, the company has ensured that it works in complete silence and does not produce any noise that may disturb you. This means that you can easily keep working on your projects or even sleep throughout the night without the constant buzzing sound that other cooling units may produce.

  • It falls within the budget

Because Blast Auxiliary AC is a compact cooling unit that needs limited energy to work, it can be a great budget-friendly option for everyday use. Moreover, its maintenance is easy and with it, you can still enjoy your summers without having to worry about your budget.

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Are There Any Cons of the Blast Auxiliary Portable AC?

While there are a lot of beneficial features that the Blast Portable AC comes with, there are also some limitations to its use that users must familiarize themselves with before investing in it. These limitations are explained below.

  • It works best for closed spaces only

Because of its compact size, Blast Auxiliary classic desktop AC might not be a wise choice to cool down larger rooms. For such purposes, you may still have to use the bigger cooling units.

  • It is only available online

You can get Blast Auxiliary Portable AC from getblastauxiliary.com. It is not available on any other platform including online stores like Amazon physical places like Walmart. This might make things difficult for some users, particularly those who are not fond of online shopping

  • It is available in limited numbers

The company is currently manufacturing and shipping out only a handful of Blast Auxiliary compact AC units. So if you are interested in buying it, hurry up and place an order today before it is not available anymore.

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Where To Buy Blast Auxiliary AC? Discount Price and Packages

Go to Getblastauxiliary.com now to place an order to get your very own Blast Auxiliary portable AC unit. Compared to the full-sized ACs, this seems like a cheaper option, and if you go for buying bulk deals, you can even save a lot more than you can ever expect.

The original price for one Blast Auxiliary AC unit is $138.45; however, the company is giving it out for $89.99 only, but for a limited amount of time. If you still like you cannot afford it, consider buying it in bulk which further cuts down the prices

The information regarding the bulk deals is as follows:

  • Three units of Blast AC available for $202.48

  • Two units of this AC for only $179.98

  • Four units for just $247.47

Additionally, every order you place with the company comes with a money-back guarantee which safeguards your investment and gives you a chance to get back all your money in case you don’t find it useful at all. Remember that this policy is; however, only applicable for 30 days and once this timeline has passed, you cannot apply for a refund.

Make sure you only buy this cooling unit from its official website as other platforms may turn out to be a Blast Auxiliary scam.

Blast Auxiliary Portable AC Reviews - Concluding Thoughts

Blast Auxiliary AC is a small-sized and compact yet extremely powerful air-cooling device. The fact that it is cordless and runs on rechargeable batteries makes it attractive for people who commute a lot and those who wish to save on electric bills while enjoying the summers to the fullest. You can consider using it as a fan, cooling unit, illuminator, and air purifier, all at the same price.

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Blast Auxiliary Classic AC Reviews & Frequently Asked Questions

  • When should I change the water curtains of Blast Auxiliary AC?

The water curtains inside Blast Auxiliary Classic AC must be changed every 3 to 6 months. The exact duration depends on how much you use this unit. If you are a frequent user, don’t forget to do it in 3 months. Occasional users; however, may postpone this activity for up to 6 months.

  • Will Blast Auxiliary Classic AC disturb me during sleep?

The company has taken care to manufacture this equipment in such a way that it keeps doing its job without making any noise. This means that users can expect to enjoy its cool air without getting disturbed as they work or sleep.

  • Is Blast Auxiliary Classic AC available at Amazon?

The company is yet to distribute the selling rights of this transportable AC to any platform. Hence, there are least chances of you finding any Blast Auxiliary AC Amazon listings. Moreover, its presence on Walmart or any other third-party shop is also unlikely.

  • Can I install Blast Auxiliary Classic AC on my own?

According to the official website, one of the best features of the Blast Auxiliary compact AC is that it is shipped to its customers in an assembled form which only requires very basic and minor modifications. This means that you can easily set it up on your own and do not need to hire any professional help which saves you money.

  • How many people can use Blast Auxiliary AC?

Because of the size, the Blast Auxiliary Desktop AC unit is ideally meant to entertain one person at a time. It can work reasonably for up to two people provided they are in close proximity to the device. However, for more people, it is better to have a separate unit of their own for maximum effects.

  • Where can I use Blast Auxiliary AC?

You will need a flat surface to place Blast Auxiliary AC. It can be anywhere; your working station, your nightshade, or even any table that is close to you. As long as there are no slopes, the unit tends to work fine without the risk of slipping and breaking.

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