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HSI is joined by 5G giants in the field of science and technology, and 5G new finance embraces blockchain

Last updated Tuesday, April 6, 2021 00:35 ET , Source: Holy Shield Imperative ltd.

HSI(Holy Shield Imperative ltd.) signed strategic cooperation agreements with multinational technology giants this year to build a complete ecosystem of HSI.

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The year 2020 is the year of 5G business. Under the global epidemic, 5G network technology, data center and other new construction plates have become a new era. HSI also signed strategic cooperation agreements with multinational technology giants this year to build a complete ecosystem of HSI. New breakthroughs have been made in the application of technology. HSI will invest in a number of investment institutions one after another. In 2021, new partners will join HSI. They will wait and see how we can invest in technology and resources.

The future era is bound to be an era where 5G technology opens wireless connection. With advantages of faster speed, less delay as well as ultra high flow and density, 5G will improve network energy efficiency by over 100 times. As further upgrade of basic communication, 5G is able to further drive artificial intelligence, unmanned driving, Internet of Things and supercomputer, and is possible to become a catalyst for the next generation of technological revolution. At the same time, many countries are participating in 5G basic construction and device development. 5G will also change the world, influencing social production and social life.

The construction of 5G network and its application in communication is inevitable in the future mainly due to its unique advantages: sufficient available broadband (high bandwidth), low latency and so on. However, it shows some disadvantages: centralized bottom centralization, high 5G frequency band, short transmission distance, poor penetration and diffraction ability, low bandwidth utilization, poor network security and stability, isolated data island and so on, which prevent 5G from advancing, thus its development still requires a long time. But the appearance of block chain reverses HSI phenomenon. The decentration, distributed network, data immutability and P2P network of block chain get itself rid of its shortcomings, and then the fusion of 5G technology and block chain technology is born.

Lunched by the technical team of S.Shield Fund United International, HSI explores the fusion and application of blockchain on 5G technology,changes defect of low high bandwidth utilization in centralized 5G technology, and makes users with different Token amount share the application of block chain on 5G technology, including download speed, upload speed and video flow. The more Token the users have, the more benefits they obtain from bandwidth utilization… Under HSI blockchain ecology, 5G fans, block chain fans, researchers, investors, and technology users will all be based on the blockchain super network, so as to build up an application service ecosystem with ultra intelligent 5G technology, and bring more users super experience of new era. With high speed, security, stability and decentration, there is a more clear direction to realize a new ecosystem with freedom of 5G application digital asset.

According to Yahoo Finance, HSI has already signed strategic cooperation agreements with a lot of technology giants all over many countries. Among it, the USA, China, France, Italy, the UK and Japan have responded positively to construct a whole ecosystem of HSI together. It is a notable truth because it is enough for us to promote rapid progress in technology and lay the foundation for future “new finance”. The Internet giants throughout the world will take initiative to participate in it, especially the giants with technology and capital. Top 5G technology giants join HSI, which lays a solid foundation for the development of HSI.

The participation of 5G giants in China's science and technology field and Canaan Inc.has accelerated the completion of the first phase of the 2021 development plan: the ecological pile DAPP has been finished and the beta version has already been online; the parameter and risk settings of technology development have been perfected, as well as the construction of HSI blockchain platform;HSI token was listed on the digital asset trading platform on January 15, and ICO is in progress, attracting global investors. In the following stage, S.Shield Fund will cooperate with more Internet and technology giants to build many HSI node communities worldwide, and promote the application of 5G blockchain ecology. 5G “new finance”, embrace “blockchain” just happens in our time. There are a lot of tasks for HSI, however, the only certainty is that security is our core and focus.

About HSI

HSI, the 5G communication blockchain technology platform independently developed and practiced by the United States St. Shield Fund joint blockchain technology top team,using artificial intelligence, blockchain technology,big data analysis and other advanced computer technology to avoid a single The underlying software on the 5G technology is centralized,the operation stability is poor,the 5G frequency band is high,the transmission distance is short,the penetration and diffraction abilityis poorthe high bandwidth utilization is not high, and the data island phenomenon of various industries and other defects are realized. Decentralized management platform for 5G technology.

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