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EXELPrint and Taeltech joined efforts to protect Australian Exporters from counterfeiting in China.

Last updated Friday, April 9, 2021 11:45 ET , Source: Taeltech

EXELPrint and Taeltech have joined efforts to help Australian Exporters to protect their products from counterfeiting while distributing in China.

Shanghai, China, 04/09/2021 / SubmitMyPR /

EXELPrint and Taeltech announced today that they have joined efforts to help Australian Exporters to protect their products from counterfeiting activities while distributing and selling in China.

EXELPrint will incorporate Taeltech anti-counterfeit protection and data services into their security labels. The project also allows EXELPrint and their customers to gain cross-category consumer insights in offline and online retail after scanning EXELPrint labels.

EXELPrint (https://www.exelprint.com.au/) is the leading Australian owned manufacturer that was created with the purpose of making custom printing jobs an easier and simple process, while giving their customers their desired tag and label the exact way they require.

EXELPrint are a fully digital printing facility that specialises in carriable data and variable imaging printing. Utilising the latest technology to generate secure scannable print, EXELPrint complement the winning edge Taeltech solutions for anti-counterfeit solutions.

Taeltech (https://www.taeltech.com/) is a comprehensive agile marketing platform. Based in Shanghai with regional offices in Tokyo, Melbourne, Singapore and focused on China market. Our clients around the world use our B2B services, incl. AI- driven marketing tools, rapid experimental marketplace, anti-counterfeit technologies and brand protection solution Taeltech consumers engage with Taeltech Ecosystem across 500+ cities in China. Taeltech list of partners includes prominent names such as Rakuten and Odakyu Department Store. Taeltech B2B clients are some of the top names in FMCG, Medical devices and services, Consumer Electronics and Retail.

The implementation of Taeltech brand protection and marketing data services will provide Australian brand owners and exporters with a unique opportunity to mitigate forgery activities and enable authentication of the EXELPrint security labels through the entire supply chain. The labels enhancement with Taeltech consumer incentives is critical to boost scan rate and engage with a large proportion of customers in various geo location to make it almost impossible for the counterfeiters to fly under the radar and avoid being detected. In addition, this technology provides protection by applying advanced algorithms to identify unusual scan behaviour and report it to brands.

This technology can be applied to any kind of printed labels with the unique identifiers, e.g. standard serial QR codes, Datamatrix, WeChat Circular codes, NFC, other security fingerprints that can be scanned by consumers using their smartphones.

Alex Busarov, CEO and founder of Taeltech, stated on the joint initiative: "Partnership with EXELPrint opens opportunities to protect millions of consumers with our technologies and to leapfrog growth of Taeltech userbase."

Jason Kiekebosch, Owner and Director of EXELPrint is excited to partner with Taeltech. “I am very excited to be able to showcase our printing technology. We are proudly Australian owned and it is great to be able to assist Australian brands to open up secure channels to promote their products to the world.”

EXELPrint and Taeltech have agreed to work together to pursue a Strategic Partnership relationship further exploring other technologies that can add value to Australian brands and exporters looking to secure their products and supply chains.

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