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BarxBuddy Review – Best Anti Bark Dog Training Device

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BarxBuddy is an ultrasound device whose sounds are optimally tuned to the dog's hearing. The device is designed to help dog owners stop and correct unwanted dog behavior.

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What is BarxBuddy?

BarxBuddy is an ultrasound device whose sounds are optimally tuned to the dog's hearing. The device is designed to help dog owners stop and correct unwanted dog behavior. BarxBuddy is advertised primarily as a solution for dog owners who are bothered by their four-legged friend's barking. In fact, according to the provider and reviewers, the device is ideal for dog training in general. In addition to the ultrasonic sounds, which are almost silent for humans, the device has a powerful LED light, which can prove useful especially when walking in the dark. At the same time, it can also be used for visual stimulation of the dog. (Any/all of the links on this post are affiliate links of which the author receives a small commission from sales of this product/service, but the price is the same to you.) Further info and a discount can be found here on the official website!

Why do I need this ultrasound device?

First and foremost, the BarxBuddy is designed for dog owners who want to expand the continuous dog training with their four-legged friend with innovative and interesting gadgets, correct unwanted behavior of their dog or continuously work on their dog's behavior. At the same time, the provider also recommends the BarxBuddy to people who are not dog owners themselves - more precisely, to people who are afraid of dogs or see a danger to themselves in a particular dog in their environment.

Of course, the education of a dog is ultimately always left to the owner of the animal. However, it may be helpful to carry an ultrasound device such as BarxBuddy with you if a strange, off-leash or even aggressive dog approaches you. The high-pitched sounds of the ultrasound machine should briefly distract the dog, ideally keeping it from coming at you. However, especially when using BarxBuddy on strange dogs, caution is also required. You can't 100% estimate if the dog will actually respond to the ultrasonic sounds the way you want it to. In some circumstances, the tones have no effect on the animal's behavior - it continues to bark or remains aggressive.

In this respect, the ultrasound device is especially recommended to dog owners. They can not only briefly distract their quadruped with the ultrasonic sounds in case of undesirable behavior, but also correct the behavior so that it no longer occurs or at least not as strongly after a few training sessions. However, the BarxBuddy can have advantages in dog training even if the four-legged friend is already "well trained". Visit the official website here to find a discounted price!

BarxBuddy rating and recommendation

According to the reviews that the provider has published on its website, BarxBuddy delivers what it promises. Whether this is actually the case for every dog and how well the ultrasound machine will work in dog training your individual four-legged friend can still only be found out.

The BarxBuddy can be used by dog owners and people who are afraid of dogs. With the push of a button, ultrasonic sounds are emitted that are said to be ideally suited to the dog's hearing and entice the dog to pause for a moment as it is said to be distracted by the sounds. This short break should allow dog owners to correct unwanted behavior and give people with a fear of dogs the opportunity to keep the dog at a distance. The integrated LED light can also be used as a flashlight in the dark, but also for visual stimulation of the animal.

According to the supplier, the ultrasonic sounds of the BarxBuddy, as well as the LED light, are harmless to the dog, humans and other living creatures. Due to its compact dimensions, the ultrasound device can be taken almost anywhere. The carrying strap is particularly practical in training situations, as it can be placed around the wrist and thus prevents the BarxBuddy from falling to the ground.

Ultimately, the ultrasound device is particularly suitable for dog owners. After all, it is they who are responsible for the behavior and also for the misbehavior of their four-legged friend. An appropriate education of the animal - for example with the help of the BarxBuddy - is therefore inevitable. Still, no one can be 100 percent sure that the owner of the dog that is walking toward you has actually been "well behaved." For the sake of their own protection, it can therefore be useful for almost everyone who occasionally spends time in places where dogs are walked or even run free to carry an ultrasound device such as the BarxBuddy. However, it can never be said with absolute certainty that every dog will actually respond to the ultrasonic sounds as desired. Click here to discover the current discount!

BarxBuddy technical facts

  • Ultrasonic sounds
  • LED light
  • harmless for animal and human
  • handy and compact
  • With carrying strap

What are the BarxBuddy quality features?

If you decide to purchase a BarxBuddy, you get a 30-day money back guarantee. If you do not like the ultrasound scanner, you can return it to the manufacturer within this period after the order has arrived. However, please note the return conditions of the provider. For an additional charge, it is also possible to take out a lifetime warranty for the BarxBuddy. If the device breaks down at some point, you can send it back to the provider. In this respect, the supplier must be very convinced of the quality of its product.

BarxBuddy reviews

The provider of BarxBuddy publishes numerous reviews on its website from people who have already tested the ultrasound device in detail. Most of the users report that the BarxBuddy has helped them optimally in the education of their four-legged friends. Even large and heavy dogs with a lot of energy had become more obedient through the application. In addition to people who keep dogs themselves, however, people who are afraid of dogs also report on their experiences with the BarxBuddy. Here, too, it is noticeable that the reviews are very positive. For example, in some cases, the ultrasound machine has helped people overcome their fear of dogs. In other cases, he said, the BarxBuddy provided a sense of security. In addition, almost every review reports that the device helped reduce dog barking. Visit the official website to see more customer reviews!

Where can I buy BarxBuddy?

You want to train with your dog and you think BarxBuddy can help you? Then you should take a closer look at the website of the official provider. Here you can not only learn more about the ultrasonic device against dog barking, you can also order it right there. Currently, you can get a 50% discount when you buy a BarxBuddy through the official provider's website.

When ordering, you first decide whether you want one, two, three or four BarxBuddy. Once you decide to buy more than one ultrasound machine, you'll get some sort of volume discount in addition to the 50 percent discount. Once you have decided on your preferred order quantity, enter your first and last name, your email address and your telephone number in the following step. Now you can choose to pay a one-time surcharge, which will then earn you a lifetime warranty on the BarxBuddy you order.

Now, of course, the provider still needs your shipping and billing address. After that you can choose your payment method. The choices are:

  • PayPal
  • Visas
  • MasterCard
  • American Express
  • Discover

Before you pay for your order, you will receive an overview of the costs that you will incur as a result of the order. This also includes the shipping costs. Click here to discover the current discount!

Who is the provider of the product?

Euronte LLC, 4904 S Power Rd Ste 103-223, Mesa, AZ, 85212 USA

Homepage: https://www.barxbuddydevice.com

Email: [email protected]

Phone: 1-213-337-8656 (Monday through Friday, 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.)

General information about the ultrasonic device

Ultrasonic devices for dogs are mainly advertised as a means of dog defense, as well as a tool against dog barking. The latter is especially interesting for dog owners who want to educate their four-legged friends or train away misbehavior, because ultrasonic devices for dogs allow not only to train away dog barking, but also to train away other undesirable behavior. Non-dog owners, on the other hand, use the ultrasound devices for dogs to scare them off. Often this works with one and the same device not only for dogs, but also for other animals.

The function of an ultrasonic device is basically not very complicated. As soon as the button that triggers the ultrasonic sound is pressed, this very sound is heard. It is mostly in the high-frequency range and is therefore barely audible to humans, if at all. Dogs, on the other hand, perceive this sound very well - for them it is unpleasant and therefore increases the attention and at the same time the deterrence of the dog from unwanted behavior. Even if the ultrasonic sound is not necessarily pleasant for the quadruped, the ultrasonic device is a harmless tool for dog training.

Particularly important when buying an ultrasound device for the education of dogs is that it is easy to use, has compact dimensions so that it can be taken anywhere, ideally has a carrying strap so that it does not fall to the ground even in the case of stormy dogs and, of course, emits a high-frequency sound that is appropriately unpleasant for the dog to increase attention and deterrent effect. Furthermore, when buying should pay attention to good reviews. A price comparison can also be useful to avoid spending too much money in the end.

People who want to buy an ultrasonic device to protect themselves from strange dogs and other animals, the deterrent effect of the ultrasonic sound is very beneficial. If a strange quadruped comes running towards you, all you have to do is press the button on the ultrasound device. The ultrasonic sound is already heard. As a result, the dog should not only redirect its attention, but also be deterred by the sound, which is unpleasant for him.

Known FAQ about this product

Q: How is the BarxBuddy used in dog training?

A: First, you need to turn on the device. Then point it at your dog and press the button on the top. You will hear an ultrasonic sound, which you may only hear very softly. Your dog, however, will hear the sound very well and will ideally focus his attention on you or on the ultrasonic sound. You can now use this moment of attention to help your four-legged friend break the habit of unwanted behavior.

Q: Can I take the BarxBuddy with me everywhere?

A: The device is very handy and compact. Therefore, you can easily carry it in any handbag and even in your pants pocket. If the dog training takes place in the park or during a walk, you can also simply hang the strap around your wrist - then the BarxBuddy is always within reach.

Q: How do I get my dog used to barking with the BarxBuddy?

A: When the dog barking starts, it is important to stay calm. Reach for the BarxBuddy and get close to your dog so he can see you. Now point the ultrasound device at your four-legged friend and press the button that triggers the ultrasound sound.

If necessary, you can take a step toward your dog so that he is forced to take a step back or sit down himself. In this way, the effect of the training can be intensified - however, this procedure is highly dependent on the situation.

Q: If your quadruped is very stubborn, it may be necessary to provide an additional visual stimulus with the LED light.

A: Once your dog has calmed down, you can release the sound and/or light button and give him a brief moment of rest. Ideally, the dog barking has now not only stopped - the dog now also no longer starts to bark. In order for your four-legged friend to recognize what behavior you want from him, you confirm the desired behavior with attention, petting, praise or treats.

Q: Using BarxBuddy once will not "turn off" dog barking forever. You will need to train with your four-legged friend over a long period of time. Therefore, it makes sense that you always keep the ultrasound device close to you. As soon as the dog barking starts, you can then intervene immediately.

A: By the way, this approach is useful not only for dog barking, but for any kind of undesirable behavior.

Q: How likely is it that a strange dog will listen to my BarxBuddy?

A: The likelihood that a strange dog will pause when you activate the ultrasonic sound cannot be accurately stated. Here it always depends on the individual animal and the situation. The important thing is that you try to assess the situation correctly. If a strange dog is very aggressive towards you, in most cases it is better to leave the quadruped alone and leave the scene. If you are afraid of particularly dangerous situations with a dog and don't know how to act when in doubt, it may be a good idea to seek advice from a dog trainer. He can give you precise instructions on how to behave towards an aggressive dog in order to avoid harm - BarxBuddy may be able to help, but it is not the only solvent.

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