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Blast Auxiliary AC Reviews - Scam Risks or Blast Desktop Ultra AC Really Works?

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Read Blast Auxiliary Desktop AC Ultra reviews before buying. Is Blast Auxiliary AC legit or are there any negative reviews and customer complaints? More in this Blast Auxiliary review by FitLivings.

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This is the latest and the most updated Blast Auxiliary AC reviews report. This report shares some crucial information every interested Blast Auxiliary AC customer must know before buying.

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How would you know it’s summer already? Some would say the weather gets warm. Others would point out longer days and shorter nights that are typical of the hot season. Still others, those who work hard to put food on the table would say they recognize summer's arrival with the sudden increase in their electricity bills. Truth be told: you can’t live without air conditioning in the hot weather. But the bills can make it difficult to live such a luxury life. The solution? A cost-effective cooling system that goes with the name of Blast Auxiliary AC.

blast auxiliary ac

Blast Auxiliary AC (also known as Blast Auxiliary Ultra Desktop AC) is a personal air cooling unit that’s economically priced, portable, and easy to use. It’s ideal for single users seeking to live a healthy summer lifestyle without having to pay extra in the air conditioning bills.

Blast Auxiliary Desktop AC Ultra doesn’t cost much in maintenance as well as its based on evaporation technique, is easy to use (no special installation required), and you can alter between fan and cooler settings too. There’s an in-built purifier as well. It ensures that the air is dirt and dust free. The best part? The cooler isn’t noisy at all.

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Blast Auxiliary AC Review

Blast Auxiliary AC is a cost efficient portable air cooler that costs less, takes less in maintenance, and doesn’t consume as much electricity as an air conditioner. This means, not only does the air condition keep you cool throughout the warm summers, but it also doesn’t cost you much in terms of the monthly bills.

Using this personal air cooler is super simple and convenient. You can start using it right out of the box, after only setting up a few things such as filling up the ice tray. It’s mostly a plug and work sort of cooler so you don’t need anyone to install it for you as well. Once you charge the batteries, you can use it all through the night without plugging it in.

A few other features that make this air conditioner stand out: it’s portability and air cooling setting. The cooler’s portability means that you can use it anywhere and everywhere including your work space and personal bedroom. On top of that, there’s a fan setting that you can change as per the prevailing temperature.

But that’s not all. The air cooler comes packed with a purifier so not only do you get cool air, but you also are pure, dust and dirt free that makes your entire surrounding pleasant. A cherry on top? The air cooling units are currently up for grabs at a discounted pricing and come with a money back guarantee. This further makes it a no-brainer to invest in this air conditioner alternative.

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How Does The Blast Auxiliary Desktop AC Ultra Work?

The working of Blast Auxiliary Desktop AC is pretty simple. It relies on simple cooling mechanisms such as ice cube trays and cold water to cool the air in your surroundings.

When you unpack the air cooler, you’ll simply need to fill in the ice cube tray to get the ball rolling. The air cooling unit will use these cold sources to blow cool air your way.

The good news? You can choose from different settings to alter the cooling. For example, you can select the fan setting for days when you need air blowing, but no cooling. You can also opt for this setting if a senior person or toddler is using the cooler and they can’t bear the cold air.

For hot days when you just can’t do without cooling, set the coldest setting and you’ll be good to go. This makes it clear: the personal air uses a simple working mechanism that’s easy to understand and use to your benefit.

blast auxiliary desktop ultra ac

The Detailed Parts Involved In The Working of Blast Auxiliary AC

Blast Auxiliary AC is based on three chief components that handle most of the work. These are:

  • The ice tray

This is where you load ice cubes so they can be used to cool the air from the cooler. It helps make it convenient to cool down in the summers as ice’s cooling effects are great for the cooler to blow cool air.

  • Water curtain

The water curtain assists in cooling the air as well. Like the ice tray, you need to fill it up with water. In doing so, when the air blows out of the cooler, you get pleasing, cool air that beats the humid surroundings.

  • Air filter

This air filter ensures that the air that passes through the blower is purified so you can enjoy a clean, dust and dirt free environment.

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A Comparison Between Traditional Air Conditioning and Personal Air Coolers

While air conditioning comes with its own perks, it doesn’t hold a candle to the benefits that the personal air coolers offer. In fact, the latter win at flexibility, cost-effectiveness, as well as ease of installing and maintenance.

Let’s dig into the differences between the two to help you make your choice:

1. Air condition requires specialists for installation, personal cooler doesn’t

    When you get a new air conditioner, even central air conditioning, not only do you have to worry about bringing the heavy unit home, but also call specialists to install it. Thanks to its size, you typically have to book a transport service to get the unit home.

    Once you’re done with that, you have to deal with the headache of calling someone to install it. Using Blast Auxiliary AC isn’t rocket science though. It also doesn’t require any experts for installation. Its portable size means you can bring it home yourself (in fact, get it delivered to your house) and start using it right out of the box.

    2. Maintaining an AC is costly, maintaining Blast Auxiliary AC is not

      If your air conditioning is broken, you come to rely on experts to fix it. Depending on the damage or service charges in your area, this can add a small dent to your pocket.

      This is not the case with Blast Auxiliary AC that is under review. You can simply clean it yourself. You also don’t need specialists that charge service costs for servicing the cooler’s filters. This makes it easy for you to not only use but also maintain the personal cooler.

      3. An air conditioner is fixed but this air cooler is portable

        Fixed positioning means an air conditioner’s cooling is limited to the room it is in. It also means you can’t have your personal space to work or concentrate on something.

        You can carry this personal cooler wherever you go though. From one room to another. Even if you’re moving to a different place for extended time, let’s say, the weekend, you can carry your personal cooler with you to have a pleasant time in the sweltering heat.

        This portability feature also means that you don’t have to be restricted to one room or share your space with another person – better lifestyle at no cost, really.

        4. Air conditioning is expensive, air cooler is not

          Whether it's buying a new air conditioner or using it regularly, both aspects add heavily to your budget.

          For one, air conditioning units are expensive to purchase. This air cooler is the opposite – an economically priced solution that’s even available at discounted prices (these are limited time offers so you’ll need to hurry if you’re convinced you need an air cooler for the weather).

          Secondly, air conditioning is also expensive because it consumes a lot of electricity. Air coolers, on the other end, offer quality cooling at low cost so your electricity bill is mostly a fraction of the sum you have to pay when you use air conditioning. In fact, the Blast Auxiliary Ultra Desktop AC uses evaporation technology to get rid of heat and give cool air.

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          How To Use The Blast Auxiliary AC?

          Essentially, you can start using Blast Auxiliary Ultra Desktop AC without any external help for installation. Simply take it out of the box and you’ll see that it comes in one piece – no major work needed from your end.

          Take out the USB port to charge the device’s batteries. Once fully charged, you can simply start using the air cooler. It’s because of this USB charging feature that the air cooler is portable, making it suitable for use from room to room and place to place.

          In fact, you can get it running without electrical connection. Once the power runs thin, recharge the batteries and you’ll be good to go.

          To make sure you are getting the most of the results from the personal cooler, use it in small spaces for a single person. These cooling units have been called ‘personal’ for this very reason. And, they’re effective for small scale cooling, which best shows their effectiveness.

          The official website also recommends you position the unit near an open window on a flat surface for optimal performance.

          If you tend to move a lot, say you do some work in your office and some of it remote, you can carry the unit with you for personal cooling. You can also choose from your preferred fan/cooling setting. In a nutshell, these coolers are for single users and show their best performance when used in small spaces or rooms for personal cooling.

          How To Maintain Blast Auxiliary AC?

          As mentioned, regular maintenance of Blast Auxiliary AC doesn’t require any professional service. Instead, you can take on the cleaning job yourself. A good timeline to do so is every month or 30 days. If you are using the water curtain, be sure to change it at least every 30 days.

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          Personal Coolers and Remote Work - How Do They Make A Healthy Duo?

          As 2020 saw the rise of remote work, most are observing that remote work is the new normal. Many of us continue to work from home too with only a handful of offices open so far.

          However, for remote work to be effective, it’s essential you have a comfy work space. This doesn’t mean you go out of the way and set up a whole new room. But you definitely need a corner where you are comfortable as you work.

          One way to ensure you are comfortable: optimize your surrounding temperature. Since an air condition can be expensive to purchase, run, and maintain Blast AC can easily help at a budget-friendly price.

          Know that extreme heat can leave you mentally tired and doesn’t contribute as the best working environment. The same is true for cold temperatures. So to improve your productivity, you need a mild temperature – one that the personal air cooler can easily provide.

          In fact, you can even change the fan settings to suit your needs. On days when you feel you don’t need a lot of cooling, simply switch to the fan setting and your cooler can double as a fan too. That's a win-win.

          Blast Auxiliary AC - Where to Buy and Pricing?

          Fortunately, you can pick from packages available on the official website of Blast Auxiliary AC (getblastauxiliary.com). Since many might be interested in getting more than one personal cooler for their house, it makes sense to pick a deal package that gives you a discount on bulk buying.

          Your available options are:

          • One unit of Blast Auxiliary AC for only $89.99 plus $8.9 in shipping charges (originally for $138.45)

          • Two units of the Blast AC for a reduced price of $179.98 plus $9.95 in shipping (originally priced at $276.89)

          • Three units of Blast AC for $202.48 plus $10.96 for shipping (originally priced at $415.34)

          • Four units of Blast AC for $247.47 plus $11.95 shipping (originally for a price tag of $553.78)

          If you hurry and are in luck, you might also get an additional 10% off on the pricing of Blast Auxiliary AC. There’s also a separate 50% off for a limited time on top of the reduced prices that make it absolutely essential to invest in the cooler right away.

          Note that the more units you order, the less you have to pay per unit pricing. So an air cooler that’s originally for $89.99 when you buy Blast Auxiliary Ultra Desktop AC solo is for about $61.8 when you order four units together.

          This way, it makes sense to place a bulk order, specifically, if you have a big family and everyone needs a personal cooler to survive the summers. Your shipping charges also go down as you order units together in a bulk package.

          Bear in mind that stocks are limited and the personal cooler is only available for purchase online on the official website. Be careful not to buy it from a shabby looking site to save yourself from scams.

          Blast Auxiliary Desktop AC Ultra - Money Back Guarantee

          To sweeten the deal further, the discounted deals are backed with a money back guarantee. Hence, if you are not content with Blast Auxiliary Desktop AC, you can have your cash back by returning the unit(s) to the manufacturer. You’ll get the exact amount refunded (minus the shipping cost).

          Simply remember that you need to make up your mind within a month’s time of placing an order for this air cooler. Why? Because that’s how long the money back guarantee lasts.

          For any more questions or queries, you can simply reach out the team behind the product via email at [email protected].

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          Is Blast Auxiliary AC Scam or Legit?

          Blast Auxiliary AC comes from reliable manufacturers that have their spot on the internet with a reliable-looking website. The site gives you all the details including contact information, payment procedures, payment safety steps taken, guaranteed safe checkout, and so on – all adding to the authenticity of the people behind this personal cooler.

          Interestingly, there is also an ample amount of social proof or trust signals from other buyers. These are available in the form of alerts that show who has purchased the personal air cooler and from where. Blast Auxiliary AC is also backed with positive customer reviews on getblastauxiliary.com, speaking in favor of how the cooler has made summers a happy (and bearable) season for them.

          That said, the option of money back guarantee adds to whether you should trust this cooler or not. In case you are not satisfied, you can simply apply for a refund. It’s that simple, confirming the solution’s trustworthiness further.

          With that out of the way, it is important to note that the personal air cooler is a premium quality device as promised by the manufacturers.

          Blast Auxiliary AC Reviews Final Verdict - Should You Buy It?

          To bring this to a close, Blast Auxiliary AC is a personal air cooler that’s way more cost-effective than air conditioning. Not only does it reduce your electricity expenses, but it also doesn’t limit you to a room – thanks to its portability. Not to forget, it’s pretty convenient to use and doesn’t take much in the way of maintenance. Get Blast Auxiliary Ultra Desktop AC today while limited time discounts last.

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